Friday, January 1, 2010

1/365 WOOHOO

First off, I am thankful for new starts. Im excited for this 365 challenge and Im really hoping I dont fail. I know that if I put effort into it not only will it keep me motivated and help my photograghy, but reminding myself what I am thankful of and having to think of things will be really good for my mind and spirit!!
We had a lot of fun last night celebrating the New Year!! It was just us but we partied like Rock Stars. We watched Long Shots then moved on to some Wii games, with about 30 minutes left I was shocked that we were all pretty wide awake, so we started a new board game Rich's sis/mom sent us for XMAS, it was lots of fun thanks guys! Then with 1 minute left we pulled out our poppers and kazoos and counted down, it was a lot of fun!
Malia LOVES popcorn and after she spilled it she cleaned it right up.. except for the piece that hung out in her hair for awhile! She loves running around in the theater room and dancing, SO CUTE!!
Maddie joined in in some dancing!

We rocked out Rock Band style!
Rich got fancy

Not sure what this is called but its fun!
3, 2, 1!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR.. see the clock!! We didnt even wake up Malia, and we got loud!

They are so hard to blow!

We are looking forward to the New Year! We dont do New Years resolutions.. I dont like setting myself up for failure, but we do like to make goals!

Rockin out!
Today we had a lot of fun, Rich had the day off which was so nice!! He took the kids sledding early this morning and after about an hour I bundled up Malia and we headed out.. her first trip down she giggled the whole way and was hooked!! She was talking to Rich the whole way back up the hill, it was to cute!
Dang shes cute.. busted lip and all!
She LOVED getting a ride back up the hill!
Maddie is fearless.. which Kaden hates.. he kept yelling at her to be careful and when she could go and not.. he kept trying to talk her into just going with him, so sweet! But she wasnt having it!
At the bottom she would turn and lean into it spraying snow it was so funny seeing this tiny girl handling herself so athletically.
Loving it!
You gotta click on these to see that big smile she had!

Kaden is so cautious and was shocked when I sugested they go sledding because of his cast.. he has been so careful not to get it wet, but we bundled that are right up with garbage bags and socks!

Malia wouldnt look at me she just wanted to get moving!
Maddie and Kaden.. they spun the whole way down and I was pretty worried Maddie would be freaked out...
She wasnt they were both cracking up! So sad that they are old enough to handle themselves so well!
On the way up she would just lay down and enjoy the ride giggling the whole way it was so cute!

Maddie decided to go for the hill with the jump...
She got some air and landed it nicely.. and laughed!
Nicely done!

Kaden went for the jump too!
Not as much air but still lots of fun!
A lot of people started showing up after we had had the hill to ourselves for quite awhile so I decided to take Malia once and then head home because people were starting to hit into each other... seriously the carelessness of some of the parents was a bit disturbing.. laughing when your kid gets knocked off.. not funny people!

So there you have it, day 1 of my 365 challenge. It was a fun one with lots of pics! I am excited for 2010, though it usually takes me a few months to remember to write the new year! Thank goodness I dont have to write checks very often!

I hope you all had wonderful celebrations and I hope your new year will be as amazing as you hope it will be!


tamiz said...

The boys were all seriously jealous of the sledding pix! Love Malia's coat and hat!