Sunday, January 3, 2010

3/365 Sunday's

I am grateful for Sunday mornings! Aww Sunday mornings.. everyone wakes up and finds their way to our room and snuggles under the covers and just hangs out! I LOVE it! Love it that everyone giggles and just has a good good time! I love that we all know that we can just relax, Rich doesnt have to rush off to work there is no school we can just take time to enjoy each other.. to love on each other and give each other dutch ovens... yes that does occure! LOL
Our church time changed today because of the new year so instead of our church being from 11-2 it is now from 1-4.. not my ideal! We have to head out the door the time I usually am putting Malia down for her nap! Im not even lying when I say I was terrified of my own daughter today.. I was so scared that a melt down would be inevitable that I was seriously kissing her butt the whole 1st hour! She did really well though, there were some whiny moments but she stayed pretty happy and even did pretty good for the 2 hours in nursery!
I did tell Rich we might need to move to the ward that has the 9 O'clock time.. and then just keep moving!!
Malia LOVES playing on our bed.. she was laughing here.. when she saw this pic she said sleeping Mema (Mema = Malia) so cute!
Still got some sleep on that cute face!

Caught him haha
Snuggled up tight but ready for some food!
After not getting her normal 3 1/2 hour nap we came home from church and I made dinner, after eating about 1/2 of her plate Mema fell asleep on her plate. It was pretty dang funny so I of course grabbed not only my camera but also my flip!
When I picked her up to take her to bed she grabbed on to me real tight! So I took her to the couch and snuggled her while she slept for about 45 minutes, then took her to bed. She ended up waking up at 7:30 YIKES I was afraid she would think she was hot crap staying up really late but she went back down at 9!! Love that sleepy head!
Sorry I couldnt resist.. as soon as I turned off the camera she face planted right into her plate which flipped onto her.. soo funny!


Kelly said...

Your doing great!

tamiz said...

Good for you. I will blog once a week for my goal... maybe! Dutch ovens??? same as covered wagons???