Monday, May 31, 2010

148/365 Bolder Boulder

YEAH!! I have officially ran a 10K!!! I am so excited to have accomplished this. Running has NEVER been something I have ever thought I would do, didnt like it, didnt know how to do it and now just about 7 months of running and only really a couple months of doing more than a couple miles at a time I finished a 10k wut wut!!!
I ran with Haley and we ran the whole way! We finished in 1:10:some odd seconds. We usually are faster than that but it was really hard having to slow down dodging people all the time. Especially when the water tables came up, people would just dodge in front of you and I would almost have to do a complete stop!
I was bummed about not seeing as many crazy people as I had heard stories of but there were definitely a few crazies out there. The music and the people just made it really fun!
After we were done we met up with some friends who ran it to and took some pictures and watched some other runners come in. I think the best part was watching some of the Military come in, in their full BDU's wearing their packs, they are amazing!
We also got to run and take pics with Rocky from the Nuggets, that was really cool too!
I came home and treated myself to a veggie nacho and pigged out, after not eating junk for the last week I felt I deserved it! Then I tried to sleep.. did not happen but after only sleeping about 4 hours last night I sure tried, so an early bed time for me tonight!
Rich got the big slide out for the kids and they spent the whole afternoon out there freezing and having fun! When Malia woke up she wasnt so sure about the cold water, but ended up going down with Kaden a couple times!!
So a good Memorial Day!!

Kaden inked him and Maddie up in support of me! They had mom rocks and go mom on them!! SO CUTE!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Happy lazy Sunday!!! We did the church thing and that was about it today! This is the first Sunday in a long time that 1 or 2 of the kids didnt have something so I was just happy to veg! Plus Im running the bolder boulder in the morning so I used that as an excuse to be lazy.. Im resting up!!
Im so over my blog. I just feel like its so dang boring. I gotta figure something out to change it up.. any ideas?
Ok Im off to bed, Ive got an early call time!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Now that we are able to be outside and take gorgeous green photos I have realized just how depressing it was to take indoor crappy photos during the winter! I was really in a slump the last few months. I have NEEDED this good weather!
I absolutely love what natural light does to a photo. The eyes and skin come alive. Something that you just cant recreate with fake light. So I am once again in love with picture taking!!

On day 3 of summer, Kaden is apparently bored out of his mind. He came out of the garage channeling his inner grandpa and I was laughing my umm head off! It was freaking funny!!! This boy knows how to crack us up!!
I had a few more people that needed head shots today so I had Maddie be my test subject after setting up.. do you think she minded?

Friday, May 28, 2010


I am sooo itchy right now!! Im about to scream! We've been working in the yard all evening and OMG the rain can now stop because I have NEVER seen so many weeds! YUCK!!
We put Kaden on the mower and Maddie on Malia play watch so Rich and I could pull weeds, spray and edge. And now my allergies are killing me and I know the kids are going to be horrible.
BUT now the yard looks AMAZING.. every where you look there are green bushes and green trees and we have all of our flowers blooming, even the pond flowers are about to bloom!! YEAH!!
We had a parent meeting at Maddies dance place... there are going to be a lot of changes in how things are ran. Its going to be a lot more time and commitment than even before so we have a lot of juggling to do! YIKES

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Day 1 of summer break!! We just chilled today, it was so nice!! I had a nice long run this morning and then came home and we were just relaxing and vegging in front of the tv!! It was a great start to the summer!
Last night Malia was looking in the mirror while I was getting her jammies on and she touched her Mongolian spot and said "thats my stamp!" OMG I about died it was so stinking cute!! I have pointed it out to her a lot, it looks like a bruise on her arm and Ive always been worried that when she gets older it will be something that she is self conscious about so I always tell her how pretty it is. She not only has that one she has dark spots on her shoulders, wrists and ankles and of course over her touchie! SO I just thought it was adorable that she called it HER Stamp.. love it!!
Here she is pointing it out lol!

Gorgeous girl!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

143/365 End of the year AND Gala

It was a big day for the kids! Kaden had his last day of 6th grade! I cant believe he is a 7th grader.. yikes! He finished the year really strong, Im proud of him for a great year!
And Maddie had her last day of 1st grade! She is now a 2nd grader.. what the! We got to go have lunch with her and then brought her home. Malia had lots of fun hanging out with her and her friends!
Then we were off to her Gala (Recital) Im just so stinking proud of her!! She has worked so hard these last few months to get these dances learned. She comes home from dance only to practice her dances some more. She probably puts 30-60 extra minutes a day into practice, and it showed! She really did amazing tonight! Its always so fun to hear parents we dont even know tell us how great she did!!! YEAH MAD AND KADEN!!
Here comes summer!

Maddie cried last night at the thought of missing her teacher this summer.. she was AMAZING and we will miss her!

Maddie and her bestie Abby
All ready for her 1st dance, waiting back stage!
On to hip hop
During intermission we took the time to get some pics!

Showing so sisterly love!

LOVE how cute they are together, Kaden was the proud big brother!
Kinley will be joining Showstoppers this summer!! Maddie is SO excited!
The last dance! PHEW it was a LONG night.. 3 hours of dancing and waiting! It was really awesome getting to be backstage and help! All the company dancers did AMAZING and watching all the cute little dancers was so so fun!!
Daddy always delivers the flowers.. she always loves them!
Proud papa!
Well Im exhausted and ready to see who won AI! YEAH SUMMER!!!! I really hope the kids sleep in!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Golly shes cute! Weve had horrible wind the last couple of days and we were super crazy this morning so Malia has been stuck inside and she decided jumping on the bed could cure her indoor blues!

Maddie had her dress rehearsal today it lasted about 4 hours, it was insane and she was such a trooper while waiting for her dances! She danced amazing, really she is so cute and good and loves every second of it! She had 4 dances which meant 4 costume changes and even 4 different hair changes.. ya it was crazy!! I took these crappy photos, they might suck but you get the feel and her tude in some of them!! Love her confidence when shes dancing, she just shines!

While we were at dance Kaden had a baseball scrimmage and I was so excited to get a text from Rich that said they started him at pitcher and he struck out 2! Then when we got home he was beaming because he was MVP of the game, he had some great plays and did a great job as pitcher!! WOOHOO!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school and Maddies recital. Its going to be nuts! I couldnt get a sitter for Malia so Im hoping she has a very nice long nap because its going to be a LONG night! Im excited for Maddie, she has worked very hard on these dances! OH hello summer, please treat us right!!