Wednesday, May 5, 2010

122/365 1 year!!

We have realized we have a bunch of important dates related to Malia. A major one is today! It is our 1st anniversary of our court date saying we are officially a family! Honestly that day seems like a million years ago. But Im so excited to hit another mile stone! I also feel so blessed to have this sweet girl in our lives. It has been 2 years now since we first saw her face and began our desperate prayers and pleading to get her into our lives. We are so lucky! Its also days like today and with Mothers Day approaching that I really start feeling a heavy weight of guilt thinking of Malias birth mother. I hope shes happy and I always hope that there is some way that she can keep track of Malia and see how happy, healthy, and fun she is! HEY who knows I get visitors from Korea a lot on here!
We were so so busy today so we didnt really do any celebrating. We will also be celebrating our sealing this week to so we are hoping to celebrate this weekend!
Today is also Koreas Children's Day! They buy gifts and really treat the children to a fun day. I took Malia to her dance class... does that count? Rich has tomorrow off so we are planning on spoiling her a bit tomorrow! I have to say I LOVE her pics from today!

I also love Maddies! Love her eyes!

And Kaden was of course gone all evening at sports so heres a sweaty tired boy.


tamiz said...

Love Malia's bow! Where did you take her pix? Are the white flowers at your house? I have some sweet memories of this 1 yr. anni!

Norah said...