Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Texas Thanksgiving

Today we got back from a great Thanksgiving vaca in Texas with our friends the Zimmers. We had so much fun I don't even have the words to express how grateful we were to be able to fly down and bug them for a few days!! We stayed pretty busy and had lots of fun.
We flew down Tues night and got in at almost 11 at night, the kids did amazing the whole time Malia didn't fall asleep until we got to their house but thankfully went right down!
The next morning we all got ready to go to Galveston to hang out and get family pictures. It was so pretty I had no idea that Texas was so pretty.. there are so many trees its just gorgeous and then when we got to the beach I was in heaven and so were the kids! We got lots of pics and thanks to Tami for being our photographer she did a great job!! There were so many cool places to take photos it was really cool!
After we were done with family pics we ate picnic lunch and let the kids play around.. then we were attacked by about 100 crazy birds.. I'm not a fan of birds they scare the crap out of me and there were huge groups of them that would come and fly over you within touching distance to try to get food, I did a lot of girlie screams! Malia was a total turd, she hated the sand at first and was freaking out actually she was a complete turd the whole time, I don't know if it was her cold or being somewhere new but the girl was nonstop crying it was... annoying! Anyways enjoy some pics from our day at the beach!

Malia wasnt to happy here but I love these pics of me with my girls!

Dang we are cute!

Eventually she got over her fear of the sand and started having fun but still would look up for pictures! TURD!
Jude LOVED the beach he was on the go nonstop he is so dang cute!

This couple came towards us with a couple of pugs and Malia was chasing them all over and boy was she ticked when I pulled her away.. she made her way down the beach fast trying to get them though.

Shooting on the beach was kinda tricky.. Ive never done it before but man I love so many of these photos!
Here Maddie is running from the dang birds.. in full scream!
The boys werent scared they kept throwing them food.. OMGOSH SCARY!!

Here Kaden is posing by a dead fish YUCK.. I edited that sucker out!

She is to cute!

K there is this awesome cement wall with graphics on it.. these are some of my favorite shots!

The sun was pretty bright but all the kids were troopers!

Enjoying the sand and a stick

I LOVE how our couple photos turned out!! Thanks Tami!!

Still before Malia was happy with the sand

Ive always wanted this shot!!

OOO You crazy birds

And now we are onto Thanksgiving. Tami bought the kids lots of Thanksgiving crafts and they loved them! Lots of fun!

Malias happy place... boys and books!

Im pretty sure Maddie and Silas were in heaven being together again!!

Throughout the week the games played in their game room and watched movies in the theater room.. did I mention their house is amazing... no well it is its AMAZING!! I cant believe I didnt get better pics of it.. and the backyard not one photo!! DANG IT!

They also belong to this awesome club house located in their neighborhood so we went and played one morning.. it was so fun. Boys played some b-ball we took the little ones to the park then we all had a game of kick ball kids vs. adults.. ya we kicked their trash!!!

And Malia cried some more.. it was a common theme

Malia loves the swing.. after putting her in and pushing her from the front I came around back to see that here behind was hanging out.. it was really cute!!

YES a smile!

Cool how the bars framed them!

My buddy Silas.. O I miss you already buddy!


Even a small one for the small ones!

Jude is such a big boy.. this boy has some serious skilz

OOO yes so last night us ladies went out to watch the NutCracker.. or the crackernut as Maddie still says! It was amazing I am always moved and amazed at how amazing these men and women and kids are.. and the music was awesome too.. I kept finding myself watching them play rather than the dancing!
Tami had us picked up in a car!

Maddie was pretty excited and feeling sassy!

So then this morning we woke up at 3:30 to get ready to head to the airport.. was nice to fly without a crowded airport but man am I tired! Again the kids all did really great! Malia even fell asleep for about an hour of our flight! We got lots of comments on how cute and well behaved our kids were!! YEAH!!

So ya I was just a little bit tired and not wanting a camera in my face.. but here ya go Rich!
Now we are home laundry is just about done kids are bathed and already went and watched a movie. I worked on our photos and got them all ordered.. I cant wait to see how they turned out!! Thanks Zimmers for a really great vaca we felt like total squaters not being able to help with dinners or anything!! Greatest hosts ever!!

And somehow these jumped to the bottom