Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a fun fun Halloween, being on a Saturday we decided to hold off our pumpkin carving until Saturday to help pass the time.. I knew the kids would go nuts waiting for it to be time! Its so nice when they get to an age where you dont have to de-gut all of the pumpkins! Sadly a few of our pumpkins got icky from the snow even though I had brought them in the night after our storm came.. Owell less clean up for me!! Malia wasnt sure what to think of the pumpkins especially after dad drew a scary face! So then on the other side he drew a nice face and she told him that meaning that one.. instead of the scary one! So funny!

Maddie was pretty grossed out with her guts but was a big girl and dug it all out and then even carved out her face, she did a great job! Kaden also did his all by himself even the top.. kinda sad to not have to help but like I said pretty dang nice too!!

Working hard!

Scary side.. she really didnt like that!

She was ok with that happy side!

even decided it was worthy of a kiss

Malia kept telling them ewww

Finally when it came time to get ready, and thankfully we ended up having a pretty decent night weather wise, I start making everyone up! Kinda was in a flurry since I had to do all 3 of them with makeup! I could not believe how well Malia did sitting through her makeup she was a trooper and was even laughing.. the pictures look like she was tortured but she was really loving it I promise! And I think they all turned out pretty dang cute.. or cool!

I promise I am not squishing this baby!

This was her first look at herself.. she took about 1 minute of checking herself out and then she started smiling at herself like OO YA!! She loved it!

How cute is she I mean for real!

Heres my crew, Malia was freaked by the fog machine.

K for real I have some cute kids!

Ya shes a stunner SO CUTE!!

She obviously got over the fog.. Kaden was making her laugh for me!

Miss Maddie was the cutest Pirate ever!!

We even knocked out some teeth to make it more realistic. lol

The Im ready for candy dance

Kaden my boy you look good with eyeliner!! He was Trey Cool for Green Day we dressed him up and did his makeup and I realized he actually looked like someone so I googled rock bands until I found the right one LOL kids at school even recognized who he was! HAHA

Rich was a gorilla so he could scare some kids it was so funny! Malia wasnt to found of it at first!

On our way! Malia again did awesome she got into it and caught on pretty quick.. the best part for her were the houses with dogs! She got really good at saying trick or TREAT! And of course she was so cute that people were giving her extra candy! Same with Maddie!

Her first house.. then it clicked CANDY!!

All done and ready to eat! She was so happy she pee'd her pants while she was sitting there.. for real.. I wasnt so happy to find that!

But man is she cute

Candy high

Maddie spent most the night out with Rich scaring our trick or treaters.. so fun!! And then I put Malia to bed!

We let Kaden host a party since they are getting a little to old to be out, we did let them trick or treat but they came back after about 45 minutes.. WHAT!! So then they hung out down stairs until 10 when I called it a night! They had lots of fun though!

They were tasting Harry Potter Jelly beans and we kept hearing OOOO EWWWW GROSS

Here is 1 example of how Rich scared some kids.. he tried not to scare the smaller kids.. he would sit with the bucket of candy with his hand moving like a fake one and people would act pretty cautious.. OR the dumb boy teeners would act like they didnt care..but then still jump LOL!! We sure had a lot of fun making fun of them! The teener girls would just sit there and try to get the other one to go first it was pretty funny!


Tirsa said...

Your kids all looked great! Did you make the girls' tutus? And yes, Kaden looks great in eyeliner and black nail polish!

Erica said...

I love all Malia's make-up! What a doll. And your other kids- great costumes!!!

Haley L said...

I guess Malia and I have something in common from that night cuz Rich scared the pee out of me! Still can't believe I didn't see him. Loved your kids' costumes, too!

Melissa said...

They look like they had a blast! Love all the face make-up!

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carrie said...

Wow! Your kids look so cute! I love Malia's face painting, she looks adorable, great job!

Norah said...

They all looked AWESOME! And I cracked up about Malia being so happy she peed her pants...hehehe.

Becki said...

The kids look so cute! Can you believe we didn't even do pumpkins this year! Did you all sit out on the porch with Rich?