Sunday, February 28, 2010


Good crap that girl is cute!! When I said it was picture time we couldnt find Malia all of a sudden.. then Kaden said OH shes on the new chair. She was waiting for pictures DUH!! So all the kids sat down had their 1 minute of fame and were off! Maddie posed like a champ and gave me some sweet faces! I just love that girl!
I am so thankful for comfort food! I needed after church today, while I love nursery and really love serving the sweet little kids, I am exhausted after. We have so many little boys in that class that it just really ends up being more of a referee hour for the last hour. YIKES So I came home and made my Chicken Noodle Soup.. homemade, it is the best soup EVER!! It really hit the spot! Actually I want more now just thinking about it!
Im going to be going to a work out class tomorrow, Im so scared because last week my friend went and the next day I thought she had broke a foot or something because she could barely walk.. why am I going??


Saturday, February 27, 2010


We had a pretty busy day of running around. We had lots of things on our list today and we got them all checked off! We started out with a Costco run.. with ALL of us, then we split up, girls to Pier1 and boys to Dicks Sporting. I found a cute wicker chair that I think will be fun for some shoots. Im always on the look out for cool chairs and Im so THANKFUL for this cute little find! I think it will be great for boys and girls!!
Malia loved it and decided she was ok hanging out in it while I snapped away!

This is here distracted fake smile, cracks me up!

Man she looks so sweet in this... you'd never know that after this she refused to nap but really needed one so we fought for about 2 1/2 hrs OMG I about lost my mind!

While I was at home fighting with Malia over nap time, Rich took the kids to a movie.. then we went on the hunt for a new big girl bed for little miss!! We found a matching bed to her armour which I love!! I think she likes it!!
Actually Maddie likes it a lot too!

We bought a mattress that we thought would be hard for her to jump on... she figured out how to make that fun anyways!
And Kaden decided he loves her mattress and needs a new one.. ya no!

I love that even though you cant really see either of their faces you can feel how happy she is!

And even though she got a short nap and was going to bed late she still had enough fight in her to throw a fit when it was time to go to bed.. she was not to pleased that we were making her go to bed so soon after getting her new fun bed! Sorry Miss you have tomorrow!

Friday, February 26, 2010


After hearing about some tragic news about a little boy from a friend I am squeezing mine a little tighter tonight. And especially after having such a fun day with them I am so thankful for Kaden, Madison and Malia. I have been blessed with 3 really great kids.

I have talked before about how much Malia loves bath time.. and she also loves putting the water in her mouth YUCK!! I tried to get a good pic of her spitting it out because its pretty impressive, but shes to fast! But heres a bad shot of it!
We took the kids for ice cream tonight.. it was a hit! Oh and Kaden has a new fedora.. he cracks me up!

Maddie who LOVES ice cream NEVER finishes!

Malia on the other hand would have ate every ones Im quite sure. When we pulled up to the window she started yelling "I want cake!" Then she was very ticked when she had to wait the 5 minutes to get home to eat it lol!
Im off to watch Apolo kick some butt!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Happy Birthday Becki!! I am so lucky and thankful to have you as a sister! I hate how far away we are but Im so thankful that we keep in touch! We must do a girls weekend soon k!!!
Love you much your the best!!! Remeber when I use to come and wake you up in the morning by making up words to whatever song was on the radio.. good times!! Wish I could come sing you a "new" version of Happy Birthday!
And I hope you had a fantabulous B-day!!!

Precious huh!! She was full on poser today when I told her it was time for pictures! I just had to play with this picture though!!
Tonight while we watch Survivor Kaden and Mad both went to work craft wise.. Kaden made Heroes VS Villains signs and Mad..

Created shelter!! How cute are they!
OH ya gotta catch this boy in the act of cleaning! This ones for you Sharron!!
Malia was pretty excited.. Maddie not so much, Malia always destroys her tents.
And heres my babe hard at work modeling!

I think I may have fixed my camera.. Im hoping to get the kids outside to see if its really working great. Taking pics of the kids in front of an orange wall or when its dark isnt the best time to test it!
OOO and I ran 3 miles today! Ive been scared to push myself past 2 but Haley and I did it and it felt pretty awesome!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OOOO where to begin! Its been a long day. Im ticked at my camera because I cant figure out why its taking such crap pics.. gotta figure out whats going on!
Anyways, Im thankful for cereal today lol I have not been eating any snacks, chocolate, cookies.. all my norm. I have been feeling really icky and Ive been eating more snacks and crap than I normally would because of lack of sleep which has led to stress and me being agrivated. Ive even been drinking soda which I never do and I think it has all just led to a couple extra lb's and I just have felt gross! So I havent been eating any crap this week but tonight I needed a fix so I had a small bowl of honey smacks and it hit the spot!!

Malia had dance today and her teacher wasnt there so she was a bit off and wasnt feeling it, which was to bad because she looked so cute! She hasnt been herself this week at all actually, I cant figure out whats up but Im hoping shes not getting sick!
See what I mean.. she looks half asleep at 10:30 in the morning.

I have no motivation for pictures, Im just so frustrated with the crappy pics I have got to figure it out!

K Im outta here.. I feel like Im not making any sense! A little AI and sleep!