Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Look ma no hands

So how does one get a nonsticky popsicle stick to stick to ones hand??? O I know puncture it THROUGH your hand. That is what Kaden did last night at scouts.... He was at scouts and I was at my scouts in a different room of the church when Bro Love came in with this boy saying "we have a situation" I was like O shoot whos kid is that?? OOO MINE! Right dark hair O shoot thats my kid. I at first thought O kid what you got hit and then I see a stick poking through his hand. I FREAKED OUT!!! We at first tried to snip some of it off so we could pull it through (it wasnt bleeding and really looked painful but manangable) but I decided to just get him to urgent care. He did not look good and I thought he was going into shock. So we rush and I mean SPED through town I went over 60 in a 45 OOOPS! Meanwhile he is shaking and taking jiberush and as white as he can get... And got there, they were closed but still had a door open and when the receptionist saw him she said O Ill be right back. We waited awhile and then was led back to a doc and he took a look and decided he could fix him up.
They put some numming spray on him and cliped the point and pushed it back through the way it came EWWWWWWWWWW. Yes gross, poor kid was not ok with that but still a trooper! And then it was over they cleaned it put some antibacterial on it and a bandaid and off we went.
I have to say thanks to Liz for keeping Maddie at scouts with her that was a HUGE help and thanks to Jeff for helping Kaden out and Alison thanks for the cookies that was so sweet and then everyone else that called to see if he was ok! Other than a cool story to tell and some pics to go along with it, he will be just fine!

Ok the Doc asked if I had a camera to take pics UMMM sure!
ok its hard to see but there is over an inch of stick poking through under the big stick
back at home cleaned up and still a little painful but otherwise fine
when we got home Maddie had made him some cookies and was so worried about him

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yes thats right WARNING is what us PAP (prospective adoptive parents) got from the Government yesterday regarding Vietnam adoptions. From what I understand is they arent for sure the agreement will be signed again and so come Sep 1, adoptions will STOP. So it is a question to many of us who arent sure if we will be very close to getting our babies and then just be turned away. We have felt that we will have Malia well before Sept but really have no set timeline at this point.
After recieving this news I had a breakdown and turned to our Heavenly Father in prayer and recieved an answer to my Prayers. I heard the words "Be Still My Soul", and I went and found our hymn book and read all the words while sobbing. I felt such a comfort that we are still following the path we should be and we will continue to have faith and follow to wherever we are led. I have grown such a love for Vietnam through reading about the culture and seeing pictures and it would break my heart to not be able to adopt as we feel we are supposed to.
I was still feeling rather down when I recieved a call from a dear sweet friend asking me to go to the Temple with her today and then later had a visit from another sweet friend bringing me her awesome bread! These two ladies dont even know how much it meant to me and what an answer to my prayers they were last night. Feeling comfort from friends I think led by our Heavenly Father gave me great peace and humbled me.
I am so appreciative of friends and DANG it I will not head to this warning for now! We will move forward and do all we can to bring our little Malia home from wherever she is!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ive been Tagged

I’ve been Tagged…
I’ve been tagged by Angel from… Or read about gorgeous Chloe at And thanks I felt so very special to be tagged by a fellow adoption momma!!

4 Jobs I’ve Had:

1. First of all MOM

2. Internet updater

3. Photogragher (LOL for cars though, nothing fancy)

4. Car chaser

4 movies Ive watched over

1. Never been kissed

2. Top Gun

3. You've got mail

4. Pretty woman

4 Places I Have Lived:

1. ________, CO

2. Thornton, CO

3. American Fork,Ut

4. Orem, Ut (ya Erica not owning the Delta thing)

4 Shows I watch: (well thanks to the STRIKE not much now)
1. Greys anatomy

2. Friday Night Lights

3. AI


4 People Who Email Me Regularly:

1. Gap

2. Gymboree

3. Pier 1

4. And lots and lots of crap O and some friends!

4 Favorite Things to Eat:

1. Chocolate

2. Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwich/Red Robin Chicken Sandwich

3. A really good sandwich

4. French bread with butta

4 Places I’d Rather Be:

1. On my way to Vietnam getting my baby

2. Hawaii

3. Ut, visiting the fam

4. O and on my way to Vietnam getting my baby

4 Thing I Look Forward to this Year:

1. Getting our referral

2. Going to get Malia

3. Bringing her home

4. Being one big happy family

Now I’m supposed to tag four people:

Tami, Erica, Kris, Liz

Friday, January 25, 2008

I just couldnt say no to that.....

I have a very sweet spirited little boy. Kaden often reminds us how to be better, he is very sweet, loving, and very spiritual for such a young guy. He often drives me nuts too!! LOL Anyways back to the sweet stuff. The other day he got home from school and I was in the kitchen and he went right to the office (I figured to start his reading) so after a few minutes I went to put something away and was a little iritated that he was just sitting on the office chair doing nothing so I asked "What are you doing".... Nothing...."Well maybe you should be".....OK. Then he came in the kitchen and said well I was praying. He had been sitting there staring at Malias swing that we have set up and saying a prayer. YES Im a SHMUCK! Then later that day he told me he wanted his hair colored dark I was like NO WAY and he said well I just want to look like Malia! How cute is that. His actions that day melted my heart and his love for his little sis just is admorable. So last night at the grocery store there was hair color on sale and I decided I would go ahead and let him have his dark hair because the boy is so sweet with his sister already I just couldnt say no! Now I dont think theres any chance of her being a blondie LOL so here he is trying to match his little sis......
It looked purple so we kept teasing him
He was a little giddy about it all
wasnt to fond of having to hold his neck up
TADAAA Isnt he dark and handsome!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Simon you cant have her!

Last night after we watched AI we all were sitting there chatting when Maddie decided to audition for us! I think we make a great Simon, Paula and Randy! Whats up DAWG... Do not underestimate the talent of a 4 year old, this girl KNOWS how to put on a show!!! She would leave stage right and come right back it was adorable, and also FYI she loves to make up names for herself and just make up words in general when singing. In 3, 2, 1.... action

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ok So don't feel so bad for the girl she LOVES to vacuum the floor every morning and sometimes afternoon and evening...
Kaden a few weeks ago came to me and asked if he could start earning allowance, well.... we have tried this many times and it never really works to well because he doesn't end up sticking with his chores and then doesn't get paid, but he was really into it and it was HIS idea this time so we got him the swiffer vac and then he has other chores to do and it has been going very well. All except the vacuuming, Madison has taken this one over and does it every day. She even got her first allowance yesterday and spent it already too!
We found that very cute apron yesterday at Target for $2.50 and she has been wearing it ever since we got home.
So while I do enjoy the kids helping around the house I am enjoying that for now they are enjoying it too, because I know it wont last long!!

Madison hard at work
She even does under the table!
After a hard days work its time for a movie in her fuzzy chair!
OH she spotted the camera

Friday, January 18, 2008

Vietnam Orphanages

Now I dare you to watch this and try to tell me the wait is not worth it! And if you watch there is the cutest baby sucking his/her thumb and it absolutely melted my heart.

2 little monkeys

Maddie had her very good friend Silas over today and I knew when it got quite and the door was closed that trouble had to be happening! Not really, they were just being little monkeys jumping on the bed, while giggling with some music turned up! Of course I had them stop after I took some video.... geeze people Im a good sitter!

Build a Bear!

Our week

~We had a great anniversary dinner with the kiddos here are a few pics~

Maddie with some cheeeesy sticks
Had to post her snowman, in real life it looked awesome and even with a hat
Maddie and daddy eating some fries (shhh dont tell his diet he cheated a little)
Kaden and mom sharing a HUGE drink! And have to say Kaden must of thought it was OUR anniversary because he ended up opening doors for me and being quite the gentleman all night!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

10 years baby yeah baby yeah

Ok NO laughing it was the 90's baby!!

There was this guy hanging out with my sister one day and I thought boy is he gross.... he had his shirt unbuttoned and man was he hairy. Flash to another year at my sisters house same guy same hairy chest but man a little more good looking and I knew I wanted to catch his attention....I DID!! It ended with a invite for a repelling date (no really we went repelling off a mountain) that he stood me up on, came the next day and decided hes certainly cute but older but HOT STUFF! He was in the army so we wrote letters back and forth and after being great friends decided to be more. Now almost 12 years later we are celebrating our 10th anniversary!!! Im so excited to have accomplished this and yes I consider it an accomplishment. In my family making it past 8 years is huge. I happen to still love the guy too. He still manages to make me laugh and cry and all those good things. He is a great dad and very supportive husband. He has been great during this adoption process and I know will be wonderful with Malia. So thanks hon for 10 great years and 50+ more!!

Arent we still so Cute

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Comedic Ugly Cry Kinda Day

I will start by saying it was a very good day! Though it was an early morning... we had to wake up around 6:15 so that we could leave by 7:10 for Kadens B-ball game today. It has been such a better season this year mostly because of the coaching and the boys skills being so much better. But today the refs were soooo horrible and unexperienced it went from madning to comical. These poor refs obviously didnt know much about basketball because the only calls they made were out of bounds and they didnt even call those everytime... one time the ref handed the ball back to the boy who knocked it out and the game just kept going. I ended up not really getting any video because my jaw was on the floor the whole game just waiting for a brawl between the boys having no direction from the refs.
So that was a fun or funny start to the morning, it was nice that we still one the game! So the ugly cry part of my day was when a very Awesome friend of mine (you know who you are) came by to deliver a wonderful gift for Malia. I was so touched and surprised that try as I might I busted out into the ugly cry. You know the cry.... the one when you try to hold back so bad that your face ends up all squished and pulled and just funny and then the uncontrolable tears come and the voice wont leave your throat... ya that one....I feel continuely blessed by having such great friends that seem to have almost as much invested into getting Malia home as we do. So I have to say thank you publicly without naming names or saying what the gift was, as I know how embarrassed they would be. I dont know the dictionary definition for Friendship but Im quite sure I saw it in all its glory today and it left me feeling so.... whats a good word????? sooo touched, full, glowing, (but better). We are truely blessed!

Maddie and Silas listening to some tunes during the game. SO CUTE!
We topped off our good day with a movie and popcorn, cuddled with blankets and pillows!
Maddie didnt quite make it to the end of the movie and fell asleep before 6 in a very comfortable position, and even though we kept trying to wake her up it never happened.... guess she had a great fulfilling day too! So I will end this blog filling full and again with some ugly cry just waiting to bust out again just thinking about it all.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not to bad!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First time with curlers!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Adoption Update

Hey all I have been asked a few times this last week how the adoption is going and this is really the easiest way to keep you all informed....
We had been thinking we would get a referral by March but because of laws changing etc families have been pushed back that are infront of us so of course that means we to are pushed back. This means a referral could come closer to the end of spring beginning of summer. I am just hoping that we will travel to get our dear sweet Malia during summer and no later.
While this news of being pushed back is hard, I have every confidence and have had the comfort of the HG to acknowledge my feelings that the timing will be good, that all is happening as it should and we WILL bring home our baby girl!
So while often I find myself getting a little sad or down that things have taken longer than expected (even with my own time delayed I allowed myself) I pull myself right back up and feel joy that we are even able to adopt and it will happen even if it is later rather than sooner.
So stick with me and thanks for your continued support, we love and appreciate you all!
This will be the longest pregnancy ever but what is more worth the time spent in wonder, worry, and excitement, O and more worry! It is going to be the best experience bringing that little princess home.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


YEAH!! Kaden finished the last book in the series Harry Potter yesterday! I have to say how proud I am of him and what a great accomplishment this is for a boy his age I think. He only started book 1 this last summer and I have made him read different books between each Harry Potter book. He is very excited and I guess I cant give anything away but he really liked the ending! So Good Job Kaden!!

I also accomplished finishing a project today... I started memory boards for Maddie and Malie (has a nice ring to it right) on New Years Eve but didnt end up finishing Malias because of a bad kink in my kneck from sledding so finally today I finished and I think they both turned out so cute Maddie already has a new post card from her grandparents hanging! Im always on the lookout for cute Vietnamese fabric to make something with and I was excited to find this one for the memory board... hope little miss likes it when she comes home.
This is Malia's and then a close up!

This is Maddies.. I did hers in a frame still so sweet and also a closeup

Im glad this Christmas break was used well by Kaden and I accomplishing some goals!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Screaming in the New Year!

We had I think the best New Years ever this Year (or last year??) We started the night out by going to my favorite Red Robin!! We met friends of ours there and it was actually pretty empty so it was really nice. We then on our way home decided to go check out some neat Christmas lights that the Zims had told us about on the Harmons street that we missed on Christmas Eve, then went home. Maddie had fallen asleep on the way home so I thought for sure she would stay asleep but noo she woke up wide awake and ready to play! We then sat down for some family fun with the Wii, it has ended up being a great purchase! At 11 O'Clock I couldnt believe the kids were still wide awake, we thought they would pass out and we would have to wake them up right before the ball dropped. So at 5 minutes to 12 we turned on the count down and at midnight we celebrated by screaming our lungs out with Kaden and Madison! It was so fun to have them awake and alert and so excited even though Im sure Maddie had no idea why. As we were sitting there I reflected at how great the moment was.... Im so happy to be in a place in my life where I dont feel the need to go out and party on New Years I was so content just hanging at home with my favorite people and wouldnt have wanted to be anywhere else. It even took Rich and I a few minutes to remember the ritual of the kiss at midnight... how funny is that!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sledding in 08 is OOO yaaa

We went sledding today and had a blast! Included are 2 of Maddie one of which you hear her new LOUD scream and her wanting to turn down the hill and then Kaden going down and O my I was so scared he was going to be hurt!