Monday, March 28, 2011

Fab Birthday Surprise Weekend!

So my bestie best surprised me for my birthday by flying out for the weekend!!! She didnt keep it a complete secret she did tell me haha! So she flew in Friday morning I picked her up and we had a fun day of shopping!! It was hilarious to separate in the store and to end up with the SAME stuff, except with the bottoms because every jean or capri we wanted only ever had 1 size 2 so we had to fight over who got which ones! HA we figured that if we live in different states it doesnt really matter if we have all the same stuff. And then when we would get dressed to go out we came out wearing pretty much the same thing!!! Great minds! So then Friday night a few of my friends got together for my bday and had dinner and then we went to a shopping party. It was fun except wearing heals in that store for 2 hours was not fun! On Saturday for fun we went and looked at some houses, Im always trying to get them to move back! Then we took the kids to lunch. Then more shopping ha! Saturday night we went to Mad Cap and laughed until we cried! It was so dang funny I was in pain, love that place! Then we had a late snack and went home. (Im a cow'boy!) hahaha I sadly had to take her back the the dang airport pretty early on Sunday :( I just have to say how nice it was to have her back for a couple days! It was a great reminder of how easy good friendship is! I was trying to find a word to explain our friendship and I finally just came up with easy, its not work, its just fun and nice and easy and I love it! Thanks so so much for coming out for me, it was freaking awesome!! Now move back so we can always have that much fun again!!! Rich pulled out the camera so we could get a pic before our GNO and we got a little silly.. and I look redic in these but Tami looks hot so Im being a good friend and still sharing them!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 52/12

So like I said yesterday there is no IHF this week so Im getting my MCP done for the week and Im not doing the other one because Im finding it to boring! So yesterday I got this shot of Malia with the Jade bracelet that my friend gave me during our wait for Malia, I think I wore it almost every day until she got here, it means a lot to me.
I keep a little thing of jewelry on my counter (my wedding ring, my watch, and the jade bracelet) and Malia is always wanting to wear it. So when I saw this weeks theme "Out of the Jewelry Box" I knew I had to get her with this bracelet but I wasnt sure what to do to make it fun or unique... well Malia knew what to do with it and this was the last shot I took and I loved it when I went into LR!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Awww Sunday

I LOVE a Sunday that we can all hang out and enjoy each other! Kaden had a game this morning so Rich took him while the girls and I went to church. Then we enjoyed a nice afternoon of laziness, went on a drive, cleaned out my car (from baseball crap) and bar-b-qued and played outside!! It is still ugly back there with everything dead but I think in a few weeks it will quickly be changing and I am so dang excited!
Maddie, Kaden and Rich threw the ball around and Malia was my model for MCP's theme and played on the slide! Good stuff!
She's all purdy in her dress, but girlfriend has an arm on her....

1st Tourney of the season!

Kaden had his first tourney of the season this weekend! It was perfect weather, Rich had the day off so we were set to go enjoy a day of ball! Kaden played really well, he had a couple really great play's and a couple mess ups that he was really hard on himself about but everyone did so we tried to explain to him that everyone messes up, if you didnt it wouldnt really be a game right! His team ended up getting killed in both Saturday games and the Sunday game. I sure hope that this team improves because it sure gets hard on mural always loosing.
The girls did great, even thought the weather was great it did get a little warm for them and with Malia not having a nap she got a little testy towards the end of the last game. I was pretty excited about my pop up play house I had bought them, it sure saved some whining about sun and boredom!! Im thinking it will come in handy this season!!
Malia got hot and so we lifted her shirt and exposed some buda belly!
Kaden got a hit! This is him taking off to steal 2nd!

Playing right field.

After his hit
Fun weekend, I know by the end of this long season I will be complaining so I apologize ahead of time!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Project 52 W/11

Its week 11 and I am feeling the lull. None of my photos are really worth entering into anything. I am at a loss with creativity and inspiration.. I need green! I need pretty grass, green bushes, some flowers, birds chirping and a sun with NO WIND! Every time I attempted photos this ween the wind was blowing to hard even though its been a great week temp wise its just not great to take the kiddos out into and force them to pose for me! I cant wait for Spring!!
The top photos theme was "Darks and Lights" Malia is constantly comparing her skin with mine and Maddies in the morning and I really dont think there is anything more beautiful that seeing there arms linked, noticing the difference with the knowledge that there are noticeable differences appearance wise, but I couldnt love them more than I do for any reason! They are BOTH my daughters and I am so lucky to have them.
The next one is "smooth" I just always love how Malias skin looks in a photo, I would pay good money for that warm smooth skin!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top of the Mornin to ya!

Well I love any reason to dress the girls up so St. Pattys day is a fun one for them!! We had green doughnuts for breakfast and green cookies in their lunches! Then we had cabbage ramen salad for dinner! But really the funnest part is dressing up right! I even threw on some green, but Rich didnt really have anything so we've been pinching him all day! haha Kaden wore green but he is super busy right now with school, track and baseball so getting a picture of him is literally like catching a leprechaun!

These are just from this week.. I thought Malia was coming down with something but I think the time change has just messed with her and she was super tired.
She is constantly saying the strangest things.. today she told me I cant eat her because she is to spicy and crunchy! Hmmm gross and good to know!
And after Maddie was not feeling good a couple weeks ago and getting some special treats to feel better, Malia now asks for candy because "her belly hurts" lol cracks me up! So here she is eating some chocolate and wanted a picture of it so she could see it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Heart Faces ~ Sun Flare

This weeks theme at I Heart Faces is "Sun Flare" which I LOVE to play with love love love me some flare! So I had a great picture in my head that I wanted to take and I have been driving around with my camera for 2 days waiting for the sun to come out so I can get my shot but it is always hiding behind the clouds :( So I went hunting into my old photos and grabbed this one. I love how quiet their faces are in this photo, they were just hanging out and playing with the reeds and I was so happy to have caught both their soft little faces in this mood!
Head over to IHF to see all the great flare!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A showcase preview

Malia has been going to ballet for a couple months now and she loves it! She is the youngest in the class and I think she probably gets a little crazy sometimes but the last few weeks she has been showing me her pleas and last week she showed me her "dance" and when she added a few words I realized it must really be part of her upcoming dance. Then this week she added more to it! Its so cute and she practices all the time so we videoed her tonight, which was exciting to her because she is obsessed with seeing herself perform right now!

Friday, March 11, 2011

An afternoon treat!

YUMM! When I was a kid one of my favorite memories was coming home and seeing a plate of frosted graham crackers waiting for us as an after school treat! My mom made really yummy frosting (that I still cant figure out how to make) and there would just be this huge pile of already made treats plus the extra frosting and package of more crackers so we could just go to town!
I loved it!
I dont know about you all but after waking up to the horrible scene this morning with the earth quake and tsunami, I didnt want to let my kids go. I honestly wanted to keep them home from school and not let them out of my sight. I keep finding myself getting more and more frightened by all the "natural" disasters that seem to be happening more and more frequently... seriously its freaking me out! But they did go to school and so when they were all home I just wanted to hang out with them and Maddie didnt have dance so we all sat around the table and snacked until Kaden had to get ready for baseball. It was a lot of fun and sooo yummy!
This morning while Rich and I were getting ready and watching the news feed, Rich said hey babe wanna go grocery shopping?? I thought he was just joking since I just went to Costco and KS and he always teases me about how much I spend there so I said "very funny!" but he said no Im serious, go bulk up our food storage. I was so glad he said that because I was thinking the same thing, actually we have both been feeling that prompting for the last few months and I have added a few things but not much. So tonight we went and did some food storage shopping, and I feel a little bit better but we have a ways to go.
I feel so dumb about being so scared.. am I alone in this?!

Creative girl

Malia has always been really good about entertaining herself, which is so nice when mommy has a migraine!! I got out her tea set for a quick pic and then she played with it forever and kept making me lots of different things to eat and drink!

And then the other night she was doing lots of drawings and I was so impressed with her interpretations I started taking pictures. What I am bummed about is I missed one of the best ones.. she drew a fly and if you just looked at it quick it looked like scribbles but if you really looked at it you could see that it really did look like a big nasty fly.. which is what she called it!
Here is her scary water..
a banana...
and a dog.. see the legs and all!

Project 52 Week 10

What a fun theme from MCP this week! It was "Childhood toys." I had always wanted to be fancy with a tea set when I was little but I had to use the green tupper ware my mom had instead. So for my girls they both have darling little tea sets and they love playing with them!
This one is "Quiet" and I thought there was something really still and quiet about this empty cup so I snapped it for this weeks theme.. gotta love a 2 in 1 shot!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An impromptu duet

While I was doing the girls hair this morning Maddie started singing this song and then she would pause and point to Malia and Malia would pick it up.. ok freaking cute right! I had no idea she knew this song or that they could cut off and on like this! I have a couple cute girls my goodness!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Heart Faces ~ Best Face February

This weeks I Heart Faces is "Best Face in February" so I scrolled through my Feb pics and it was a toss up between this one and a silly face she made this little funny session. I love her eyes and her lips and her skin and her little hands. So this is my best face from Feb! And its peoples choice so there will be voting envolved.
Go check out the rest of the amazing faces this week!

The button isnt working right now for some reason so click HERE to go visit IHF

Friday, March 4, 2011


So after having a fun do on Tuesday I was untwisting Malias hair on Wednesday and discovered all these beautiful curls! So I didnt wash her hair and we got this! And thanks for the dress M its so dang cute!
And yes this is 3 posts in one day.. Im playing catch up!