Saturday, March 28, 2009

A snowy post

On Thursday morning we awoke to just a wee bit of snow, it wasnt even sticking really so when we got a call saying school was cancelled for a snow day I was a bit annoyed! Well around 10 it was definately sticking and had turned into a blizzard! It was so nice getting the snow but geesh so much in so little time kinda stinks! So Rich got sent home early and him and Maddie had fun out in the snow have a snowball fight while he shoveled and then later I dared Rich to run outside as is (as in no coat, gloves, shoes) and make a snow angel... he followed up with I will if you will and dared me! Well I dont back down from a dare so off he went hoo hoo hooing like a school girl (hehehe) and he did an impressive job and ran all the way out to the yard which I was not planning on doing! So then it was my turn but my as is included a hat and socks HA!! So I got out there and SCRAME like a girl in prep to just sit and made my angel and I was pretty impressed with myself! HAHA!! So then Maddie was begging and begging for us to let her so we finally gave in but had to convince Kaden to join her... she did amazing Kaden didnt last long and ran back in while Maddie (barefoot and no coat) had to be told to come back in... well Kaden decided not to let his lil sis out do him so he went for a second time! It was lots of fun and I hope these little memories will be the kind they look back on and laugh!
Malia wasnt so much into the snow so she spent the day like seriously hours wearing Maddies very long soft scarf and stayed nice and cozy in doors!

Maddies first leap into the snow
Right after she threw a snowball at dad!

running and singing in the snow

He wore the right shirt!

hoo hoo hooo!

Crazy boy!



My little angels... check out those cold toes AHHH so brave and tough

Kaden running back while Maddie still chills in the snow
do da do da doo COME IN CRAZY GIRL!!
Taking his time this time... he had us cracking up trying to outdo her
My very smart dry warm girl
And just cuz I liked it in color too... I love this new grin shes been giving me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My AI rundown

K so heres the thing Im trying not to come off to mean and more funny so we'll see if it works!!

So first off Paula what the **** are you thinking with your 4 year olds dress up costume that you stole.. leave the tutu's for the ballerinas K!! And all the sexual innuendos for real this is a kids show and think before you speak! She is some good entertainment for sure!
Matt is growing on me.. Im a JT fan so at first it bugged me that he was a bit of a JT wanna be but I am really starting to like him.
Kris is forgettable to me.. hes gotten a ton better but steal forgettable.
Scott I love but I feel like he needs to pick better songs.. I like when he sings more Disneyish sounding soft songs to get that sweetness out of his voice rather than blah. And Paula let the boy have his piano what the crap do you think hes gonna do on stage without it?? GEESH
Megan is adorable and I love how quirky she is but also needs to pick better songs and stick with her style and not try to be something different its confusing.
Anoop is getting better to but still boring to me.
O Michael I liked him at first but when he came on tonight I had totally forgotten he was even still on....
Lil I feel like she is also trying to venture out and be someone she isnt and it annoys me.. stick with your R&B sound please!
Adams performance last week was freaking weird so I am having a hard time with him this week even though I know he sounded good... Much better without the goth look btw
Danny is my fav so far I love his story I love his voice and I love what he can do to a song LOVE HIM!!
Allison was great tonight but there is something about her that drives me NUTS... I think it is her over confidence, confidence is great but the cockiness that comes with it is annoying.
Wow so almsot everyone annoys me guess I shouldnt watch yikes!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Could you just die with how sweet that face is.. I love this shot of her its almost haunting how she can look at you and read you it seems... not in a creepy way!
So this weekend was a busy one for us, Kaden had his derby car race so we set off for church pretty early and got his car ready to go.. there are a lot of restrictions and rules in our ward so we mostly have to go after style rather than speed but this year was the best one of his cars has ever done so we were pretty happy with that. He was bummed to have not done better but a trip to Red's after seemed to cheer him up!! He got 2nd place twice 3rd place 1 and the last race he got 4th so his car was slowing down by the end. But it looked awesome.. and somehow I didnt end up with a photo with him and his car OOPS! So it was fun.
Then after lunch at Red Robin and a quick trip to Target where we bought Malia a bouncy thingy with balls to keep her entertained we started on some serious yard work. It was a beautiful day but we were sweating and we managed to take down the old swing sold my patio table and chairs on craigslist and got myself a new lawn boy (which I am super duper excited about) so it was a very good day! We have a lot of work to do and mostly we need to figure out exactly what we want out of our yard and how to accomplish that... so we'll see!
So for the almost part... I mentioned Malia is showing signs of being ready to potty train so every once in awhile when I can tell shes about to do her "business" I put her on the potty. So tonight I knew she was ready so I put her on the potty and she was overjoyed and wanted to just play so I was telling her to poop and she started to push when she realized OOO somethings happening and she kinda freaked and wanted off but still wanted on, so I finally just got her off and layed down to see (and sorry this is gross) that yes she was VERY close to accomplishing a poopie on the potty and pretty much as soon as the diaper was on she was able to finish. I know those first few times is scary especially for an 18 month old so Im still not ready to push the issue I will just keep offering the potty to her when I know shes in a good mood and ready to do some "biness" !! YIKES Im so not ready but I dont want to take an accomplishment away from her or stall her in something she is ready for so dang it we will just keep trying!

I just love this photo of Maddie, she had wanted curlers which dont really work in her short hair so we did a pony tail but left that one curl down cuz she was loving it!

This is how the ended up spending the weekend... hanging in the ball pit!

Sweet girl!

Outside loving the new toy!

Actually she was a little freaked at first but once I put her in with the kids she was all about the balls and bouncing

At the derby where she was being a complete pain!! But loving being up on dad!

Somehow the only shot of his face I got during the derby dang it! Proud of him for not pouting about our derby making skills.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A girl, a ball, a tongue, and some grass

Doesnt she look so old in this photo.. she has been going through a huge growth spurt and its making me so sad. Her understanding level is also jumping right now and even though I love watching her grow and learn I wish she would slow down a bit!
We spent quite a bit of time outside today, the weather has been gorgeous the last couple of days and being that Malia is always hot its been nice for her to be in some sleeveless shirts!
Malia didnt take a morning nap and so early afternoon she was hanging out on my lap reading books and conked out! I love when this happens, any time of her being squirm free on my lap so I can sneak in some cuddles is awesome!

Malia loves being outside, not so much on the grass yet.. we've started watering so Im hoping it will start to green up! Not sure Im ready for yard work but I got started today UGH!!
She is super excited to find the balls outside and stood in the same spot for at least 10 minutes afraid to walk around but pretty dang excited to have the ball! Check out that tongue!

She was laughing and telling the ball some jokes I think.


Pure joy is what a ball will bring her.. so simple!

NOT so happy about falling on the grass and having mom shoot a photo.... hey I was already in position!

She recovered quickly and soon had Kaden walking her around and finally let go and started just running around! I love watching her explore!!! I didnt get more photos of the older kids cuz we got to work on pulling weeds... yes weeds already YUCK! And Kaden and Maddie (especially Maddie) were having lots of fun helping me out!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Green Day!

I love most Holidays, any excuse to have fun with the kids and especially dress up the girls. So today being St. Patty's Day we all wore our green and ate green food and had some fun! I dont have much to say other than that, Im tired and going to bed after it took forever for blogger to let me update! So goodnight and I hope you all had a fun green day too!

Little miss getting sassy on the couch and feeling pretty awesome with the remote

Kadens a stud in his green duds.. he added some knee high green socks to his outfit, I love that he got into the holiday too.

Doesnt she look so sweet in that dress LOVE IT!!

Maddie has been excited for the last couple weeks to get to wear her hat and shirt so now it can get tossed!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Choosing my battles

First off this is my most favorite pic of Maddie. Im not sure why but I just love it, she just looks so chill. I have had a hard time photographing her for a few months because she has started the fake smile, so I find myself not posting as much of her lately. Shes usually so natural with the camera so I hope she drops the cheese!!
So the last couple of weeks Maddie and I have been battling... not fighting really at all but there is a unspoken war. She being the 5 going on 15 year old has chosen her daddy as the favorite and so if we are speaking she always takes his side... even if there really isnt a side to take. This Im fine with I didnt grow up with a good father figure so I love that she loves her daddy and that they have such a great relationship BUT I will admit that sometimes I get my feelers hurt.
She has been a little quick with her tongue (I have NO idea where she gets that!) and has said some things that are hurtful or snotty even though I know she doesnt mean anything hurtful Ive been trying to get her to realize they are. The other day she was telling one of my friends how pretty she was and then spouted out that she wished she was her mom...... um SMACK right in my gut, I tried to ignore it because I knew it had nothing to do with me she just really loves giving others compliments but I had to let her know it hurt my feelings and to be careful what she says. Well then on Friday she wanted to go get her nails done but needed to change clothes and only wanted Rich's help so I had a melt down and said FINE than Im not taking you and off I went pouting to my room... ya Im a baby sometimes! So here comes Rich playing peace maker and I had to laugh, here she is only 5 and he is already having to patch things up between us. So I pulled myself together explained to her that she was acting snotty and hurting my feelings and then off we went to get our nails done and a slushy at the new 7 eleven!! We had a great time, I love hanging out with Maddie she is a great pal and so much like I was when I was little... always the peacemaker always making people feel good and way more outgoing than I ever was BUT Im seeing little signs of our future so Im trying to keep my own emotions in check and choosing my battles in hopes of keeping our relationship strong so that when she is a teen we will hopefully not be needing Rich as a full time ref!

Dang isnt she sweet!! And gorgeous!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend wrap

The weekend kinda dragged on and honestly I was to lazy to really get out the camera and take any great photos but I did get a few here and there. We havent been up to much but I feel like Ive been pretty busy and havent had a whole lot of time to blog. Rich and I have been working out every night (except Sundays) after the kids go to bed so by the time we are done we are to awake to sleep but to pooped to do much other than to watch whatever we have tivo'ed. But we are both pretty excited about the workouts and the results we are already seeing... we are both quite pathetic each morning checking ourselves out in the mirror to see what new muscles are popping up... I feel like my brothers when they were teens checking myself out!

So I mentioned I got Malia a potty and Ive only been letting her sit on it once or twice a day... nothing has happened yet and Im glad actually. But she sure loves to sit on it and screams bloody murder when I make her get off!

Ive been wanting to catch Malia in the tub on her belly for a long time but everytime I grab the camera she pops up. She lays on her belly crosses her legs and blows bubbles and drinks the water (eww I know!) every morning. She LOVES baths and loves the water, which makes her swimmer daddy O so very happy!

OOOH Ive been caught! She was actually trying to poop until I grabbed the camera and embarrassed her LOL

She was very lovey the other night and was giving us all lots of kisses and hugs and after Kaden got home from a school thing she was super happy and ran right to Kaden to smooch him!

The girls put on a show for us and both sang from a rolled up catalog! Maddie has informed us that she is going to be a cheerleading rock star... hmmm

Loves her balls and is getting pretty good at tossing them everywhere

I found Maddie in my boots dancing and singing to herself in front of the tv... it was super cute and she walks much better in them than I do!

She was feeling pretty hot... you should've seen her moves

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shes 17 months

I cant even believe how quick the time is flying by since little miss has come home. We will be having our last LAST meeting with our social worker in just a couple weeks and then hopefully next month will be able to go to court and make her legally ours forever! Im so excited and have been shopping for the perfect dress for the special event!

I cant believe she is 17 months, we got a photo from Holt last week from right before she left the reception center in Korea to fly home to us and I couldnt believe how much she has changed. She looks so much older, her hair is so much longer and her personality is so different from those first days home.

At 17 months this is what Malia is up to..

*She hardly walks she runs

*Malia still loves books, she makes us read to her all day, books are no doubt her fav thing.

*She now knows Oval (most the time) and says other shapes as well but points to the wrong ones. She can say numbers when we are in the number book but doesnt say the right ones either unless I say them first, she knows most of the animals in her favorite books and can say a lot of the sounds they make. Bear is her fav.. ROAR! When we get to bee I always buzzz and stick my finger in her ear and so as soon as we are on the bee page she tilts her head getting ready for it SO CUTE!

*Her new favorite thing to say is "whats this or whats that?" Cracks me up but I know it will one day be annoying. She tries to have conversations with us and there are at least a couple words if I listen that I can recognize. She has so many words in her vocab and new ones everyday it always surprises me when she just says a new word plain as day.

*Today I got her out of the tub and her towel hoodie was on and she grabbed her head and said HAT and I said O Rich she said hat and then after she kept pointing at me and saying it and then grabbing her own head I realized DUH I am wearing a hat!! Shes so dang smart!

*She is OBSESSED with balls OMGosh this kid loves a ball!

*She is hit and miss with her morning nap some mornings she needs them but some mornings she either just hangs out in her crib or doesnt go to bed at all but then will sleep from 2-5 then we wake her up and sometimes she still obviously is tired.

*Malia quit giving kisses awhile ago but has started giving them again! She also has started saying I love you again! YEAH

*I think she is showing signs of being ready to potty train (Im not ready) so I bought a potty chair yesterday and let her sit on it after I changed her bum and she was ticked when I made her get off but she did try to poop it was funny, so we'll see how that goes Im just gonna let her sit and play on it for now.
*Tantrums have gotten a lot better and only show up when shes tired, so I think shes getting a little more control of those baby emotions... poor girl sometimes I can see how frustrated she gets but shes learning how to work through it.
*Girl loves Maddie and Kaden so so much and she is for sure a daddies girl, as soon as he gets home she wants nothing to do with me.
*I have been reading her 1 book at bed time for a new routine and I love that she will just lay back in my arms and let me cuddle on her and read. She gets excited at bed time now knowing there will be a book involved!
We are so lucky to have this sweetie in our homes, she makes us all laugh and smile everyday. I cant wait for that court date to come!!