Friday, September 30, 2011

Malias first Jog-a-thon.. and bad mommy!

Well a jog-a-thon for 3 year olds you say a'gasped!! Ya me too!!
Yes imagine my surprise when I was waiting in line yesterday to sign her in and heard the parents all talking about their kids and wearing the right shoes to jog in... whats that you say I asked?? The kids are jogging today!?
I had read that there was a jog-a-thon but I also saw that it said Friday and I just figured the pre-k'ers were off the hook! Well nope I didnt look in the Tuesday back pack I only look on Thursday because that is when notes come home! But after hearing the news and looking down and Malia wearing a skirt and dress shoes I decided to peek, and sure enough there was a note saying Thursday jog-a-thon. OOOPS!!
As I mentioned in my previous post I am not the most practical shopper.. no jogging pants no running shoes, BUT I did make sure I left my work out class early so I could run home grab her sparly converse shoes and some leggings to throw on under her skirt lol! She looked awesome lets just put that out there!
Malia did awesome, she kept tripping in her "running shoes" but she had fun for the whole 5 minutes of running!
The funniest part was seeing the other Maleah there in the same shirt!! The teachers told me that everyone asks if they are sisters lol even the principal asked me while they were running if they were twins! Ya with the same name?? Come on now people!

The best part was after when they got Popsicles and Malia kept yelling "BEST DAY EVER" which then led the rest of the class to chant after her! LMBO

And again while I hung out after the teachers told me how smart she is.. gotta love that! She also informed me that Malia likes things nice and neat and is very aware of smells and there are a few kids who arent quite potty trained all the way and Malia is always the first to notice and point it out.. hehe


I admit that I am not the most practical shoppers. When looking at my daughters closets you will find pretty shirts, nice pants, cute shorts and lots and lots of dresses! What you will not find is "play clothes" stuff that you can wear to go camping or play in the dirt.
So when I send Malia to school on PICTURE DAY in her cute silk fancy blouse and brand new WHITE jeans I am feeling pretty safe about that choice because like I said it was PICTURE DAY!
Well when I was waiting in like and saw a parent grabbing the left overs of the BRIGHT BLUE birthday cupcakes she brought to share and saw a bunch of blue faced kids waiting on the carpet I about laughed out loud! BUT then when I saw Malia and her perfectly darling white pants and saw a bright blue patch of frosting on them I didnt want to laugh anymore.. I kinda wanted to pull someones hair!
Really on picture day your going to bring blue frosting into class to a bunch of 3 year olds... really! OK thanks a lot!

For the record the teachers werent happy either (they told me) and after getting home and scrubbing and bleaching the pants are now bright white again!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Football for Kaden again!

After having last season off from football because of Kadens pupil injury right before it started I thought we were going to have a 2nd year off because sign ups happened before his year was up from that injury. BUT after going to a couple games and really missing the game, I talked to some parents who thought he could get in and then the coaches and the league and boom he played his second game today. He only started last week and had 1 practice and 1 walk through before he was thrown in. We heard great things from the coaches and other parents right away and how excited they were about his speed and "magic fingers." The coach wanted Kaden to hurry and learn the plays so they could play him more.
I guess he learned them because he pretty much played the whole game offense and defense today. I have to admit that it was pretty exciting watching him play again. Football is the funnest sports to play but his team has had kids have some serious injuries including a boy getting carted off from a serious broken arm today that happened during warm up.
Kaden is having a blast, he is excited to be back in the game and having that camaraderie with his team! AND I gotta say he is playing really well too. He had 2 sacks in the first game and did really well at keeping his side from getting scored on. He has had a few throws to him but it just hasnt happened yet. Yaaa football!

The girls are great little cheerleaders for the team and big brother!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Maddie had her 3rd grade jog-a-thon this morning and I gotta say she rocked!! They announced at the beginning that this year it is bigger and if they did 16 laps it would be 2 miles. So that is what Maddie set out to do. She was smart and started slow and kept going and going and going and the 5th graders that were counting her laps were getting so excited and cheering her on and they kept telling me how good she was doing and she started beating some of their laps! At 2 minutes left she had just under 2 laps to go so she HUSTLED and got them done! She did awesome!!! She was red faced and tired like the rest of the kids but she had so much fun.
It was funny because last night and this morning she kept saying she was so nervous and I wasnt sure why but she was and she got the nervous giggles when she was about to start but as soon as that first lap was done I could tell she was over it and having fun!!
Love that girl!!

Malia came and at snacks and didnt have a care in the world what was going on around her.. I grabbed her up and we ran one lap with Maddie and she thought it was hilarious.. she threw her arms up and just laughed (while I kept trying to get her to hold on so I could actually run!) so we only did 1 lap but it was a fun one!

Still smiling towards the end!

Red faced and tired! But she finished her goal!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ms. BittyBoo AKA Ms. Dink

Meet Ms. BittyBoo. This is all Rich's fault, he was sick of Lucy not wanting to cuddle with anyone but Kaden and so now I get the pleasure of figuring out how to keep my house from smelling like we have 2 cats! AND keeping it hairless.. with 2 cats.. woohoo!
She is adorable and quite sweet so the kids are of course in love with her. We adopted her from the humane society yesterday. She is "Maddies" kitty so she is pretty dang excited!
She had the name Ms. Dink.. no Im dead serious, Im not sure who the heck names these cats but there were quite a few with very unfortunate names so we named her on the spot and it was actually Malia who came up with Ms. Bittyboo and Maddie loved it (and Rich lol).
So I am officially a cat lady... aaahhhh
Lucy is not to pleased with our new family member. She groans and hisses at her, but mostly just runs away and hides from her.. which is better than attacking her. Hopefully Lucy will get over it and decide they can be fast friends soon!