Sunday, April 15, 2012


Like track baseball season is in full swing (pun intended haha) They have had a few tourneys now and havent exactly had the best start to the season, but Kaden has been playing really well. He has had some amazing hits, he has had some doubles and even a couple triples, one that could have been a home run! Its been really fun watching him really come into his own in this sport. It is his favorite sport and while its not always my favorite to sit and watch in the heat, I really love watching this kid catch pop flys, dive for a catch, pitch really well and hit some bombs out to left field!
This weekend they played up in Greeley, the first day the weather was gorgeous (until the last hour) and Kaden was having some really good plays. He ended up unfortunately being the only one to score in their first game though. He had some good plays at 2nd base and when he covered at short stop he did really good there too!
It was really cool after the games were done to have a bunch of the parents tell me that Kaden was the only one who played that day. Even though we all want the boys to play well I always expect Kaden to do his best.
There were some arguments going on in the pit, and I feel bad for the boys, I think they are very frustrated with loosing and some of the coaching choices that have been happening but they need to not turn on each other and be supportive. After a big argument one of the moms came and told me how impressed with Kaden she was. While a few boys were aguing over who had to coach runners at 1st base Kaden stood up and said he would do it even though he was almost up to bat. I was really proud of him, and its always nice for other adults to point out how great your kid is!
At this weeks track meet I also had a teacher come up to me and tell me what a great kid Kaden is. This has happened quite a bit this year, every teacher Ive talked to has used 2 works GREAT and RESPECTFUL. Always makes me a proud mom!!
Now lets just hope the team can pull it together so we can get some wins this season!!!


Gotta love Easter!! It means Spring and green and pretty trees! On the Saturday before Easter we hosted about 5 families to come have a egg hunt for all the littles! It is always fun to see the kids go crazy. The amount of joy that comes from such a simple task always makes me smile!

And what is a hunt with out a little crack?!
Easter Eve we colored our eggs! We did 3D eggs and the kids did a great job!Malia had a great time playing with daddy!

Easter morning we had told the kids they could wake us up at 5:30 to hunt for their baskets, because we have early church. 5:31 Kaden was texting us to wake up... we slept through that until he called us at 5:39 lol!
The Easter bunny did indeed find our house and deliver some goodies for all 3 of my little stinkers! Maddie and Malia both found their baskets and were very excited to get new bikes with new helmets! Kadens basket was harder to find.. because the bunny that a good lesson would be learned if it was hid in his always messy closet haha! The bunny delivered a mitt that he has been coveting for quite awhile, and he was pretty excited to find it hidden in his basket!

We had a few minutes to go try out every ones new bikes and mitt. Malia ended up with a scratched up knee, and Kaden ended up with a fat lip lol!
I was pretty excited to get some gorgeous pics of my cute kiddos on Easter morning but we waited to long, the sun was to bright and Malia would NOT open her eyes! We had a very nice Easter. We were invited to have dinner with friends and that was a lot of fun, and because we dont have family close it was really nice to share a Holiday with some people we really enjoy! I am always grateful for Easter, when we can take a few minutes and remember all that Jesus has done for us. I am so grateful for the Atonement and that not only will I be able to be with my family again, but that we will be one with our bodies also, just as Jesus is. I hope you all had a fab Easter too!!And my cute wreath that I made.. ya a little proud of my non crafty abilities!

Track season

Track started a few weeks ago and I always love watching Kaden at track. He is super fast and does really well and it is always nice seeing him win (because most of his sport teams dont always do to well!)
At his first meet he ran the 100 and placed 3rd and did the 4 by 1 and his team took 1st!! I love watching him pass people, its seriously exciting!!
He was planning on doing the 200 but somehow quite a few boys names didnt get put on the list. It was a successful first meet. He had sprained his achilles 2 weeks before after track started up so we were very happy that he was able to participate in the first meet!Out of order but here he is right after the baton hand off, and him passing kids getting to his hand off spot!haha guess he doesnt want the paps in his face right after he races!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Party and Ill cry if I want to!

The weekend before a group of us went out for a Birthday dinner and I bawled like a baby... from laughing so dang hard! There were a few of us that made the comment our cheeks hurt still from laughing and smiling so much! It was for sure a super fun night!
All I wanted for my bday was to spend it with my family. So Rich took the day off and we headed out to Boondocks with the kids. We ended up spending the whole day there racing, golfing, bowling, eating and more racing! It was nice that Malia was tall enough to ride with an adult on the bumper cars so we were all able to get in on the fun! Then all the kids were able to drive on their own, even Malia! Malia is NOT a good driver, she is a very distracted driver and crashed more than she drove, it was hilarious!
We were wore out after all of the fun and went home to relax for a bit and then Rich Kaden and I took off to go see Hunger Games, I had already seen it with Erica the weekend before but it was worth watching again with my boys!!
It was a great bday and I appreciate so many of my friends taking the time to make sure I felt special!!

I had a hair dream the night before my bday and I had to try it on the girls, and well it was freaking adorable!! While we were at Boondocks we got a lot of compliments and one dad had to show his wife and had me explain how she could do it lol! Cute stuff!!