Friday, April 30, 2010


Weve all had a busy day of running around so I dont have much to say!

The super nanny thing didnt go so well last night. Super Nanny meant that I sit in her room and tuck her in or lay her down if she is playing around. She realized right away that I was there watching so she didnt move for 20 minutes I did a silent happy dance then went to peek really close only to realize she was drumming her fingers like she was bored. I am telling you this girl is amazingly turdy! I had no idea. So I tucked her in whispered that she needed to go to sleep and again she was completely still for 30 minutes I again stared at her then right when I was about to walk away she opened her eyes to peek around AAAHHH! So from 7:50 tell at least 10:00 she was awake. I finally walked away to go join Rich for some tv.
Today she was exhausted so she finally napped woohoo and Im really hoping that she is asleep right now.. I havent heard anything but that doesnt mean anything! She is sneaky and tricky! AAHHH!!! She is smart as a whip though this week she has started saying sounds with her alphabet. I was SHOCKED the first time she did it and she says more and more each day! Its pretty awesome.. here is some video!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

116/365 The Many Moods of Malia

The fake smile leave me alone..
The flat out LEAVE ME ALONE...

OOO we are happy and laughing..
The playful...
The sweet...
And just down right cute..
And then there is Maddie.. who is always up for a quick pose!

And Kaden who was non to happy about getting called into the house to finish his chores.. oh I feel so bad NOT!
Tonight I am going super nanny on Malias Ass... thats right I said it! For 2 weeks she has refused to go to bed, she just plays in her bed for hours. I fought her then I ignored it and now I will go super nanny and pray it works. Now she has decided to play through nap to which is all leading to a very whiny crying baby.. I need this fixed ASAP!
OH and I am selling the clothes by pieces so if you are interested let me know!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

115/365 Malias closet!

Look at all that green!! Im so happy to get my green yard back!!! Now if the wind will go away!
Today I worked on Malias closet. She had a lot to get rid of which means a lot that needs to be replaced!! First I need to get rid of the old. So go here and let me know what you want!! It is everything from 25-1 I believe. I would love to get rid of it in one big lot, but if I dont have any takers for that I will sale it by pieces. Happy shopping!!

OOO real quick, exciting Maddie news! She was tested today for her reading and she was able to reall ALL of her 1st grade words then on to the 2nd grade words and a bunch of the 3rd grade words WOOHOO!!! So proud of her!

She also lost a tooth this weekend. I had to sit on her so that I could get it out before her competition on Sunday... I know that sounds horrible but it was time for makeup and it was hanging there and it was really bothering her! It was kinda funny after! Then Kaden decided he needed to loose another one last night too.

As always.. dressed for 1 practice or another.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Gotta love that pout!! She actually wasnt even pouting when I took that photo, its just a natural pout. Cute girl! She and I had a good day. I am attempting to take a slower approach and Im really working on not getting so frustrated so fast. Rich will also appreciate that.. if I apply it to him lol! Relearning out to parent is not easy, but Im working on it for that sweet little pouty face!
Ya he's sniffing his shoe.. I tell ya this boy has some serious silly in him.. I love it!

Rich got this dog for Maddie.. she wont go to bed without him, its become her new pillow.
Malia LOVES being outside. She is always putting on her shoes in hopes to go outside. Today when we went outside she started out running yelling "Im running on the grass" over and over, it was cracking me up!
So Ive been thinking about jewelry and accessories lately. I haven't ever been much of a jewelry person but lately I have come to enjoy a little accessorizing!!
Right now big and chunky and layered and fun and textured is IN!! LOVE IT!! There are so many ways to dress up an outfit with a few necklaces!! Today I wore shorts and a simple black shirt and dressed it up to go out with friends tonight with a fun necklace... I was called "fancy" and "trendy" when really I was dressed pretty casual.. I think the necklace helped!
My only problem with jewelry is the $$ I hate spending money on it! Well I tell you what I have found the CUTEST jewelry at Forever21 for SO CHEAP!! I hate giving away all my secrets but this one is to good to share! They have the funnest stuff for under $10. I can walk out of there with 4 new pieces for under $20!!
Now if your not afraid to spend a little extra money there are the funnest cutest stuff on Etsy.. people are so cute and creative.. Im saving for a few new pieces right now that I have my eye on.
The one thing you have to keep in mind when accessorizing.. you dont want it to look like your trying to hard. Just let it be fun. Dont be afraid to try new things and step out of your "typical safe zone" try new colors. LONG and LAYERED is IN!! Go find some fun new jewels!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Just a few good mommy moments.
Today I dropped Kaden off at basket ball and as I was pulling away I stopped and watched him hold the door open for a lady coming towards the school even though she was a ways away from the building..He is growing up to be a good gentleman!

Madison is so sweet, yesterday at her competition, she made sure to tell everyone how great they were. She is always getting tracks at school for how polite she is and a great listener.

Tonight, I was not feeling good, and I was laying on the couch, and Malia came up to me with a blanket and wrapped me up and told me it was time to go to sleep. She is really good at showing empathy. Its so great seeing the kids with good manners and treating others with respect. It makes for some great mommy moments.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Finally a competition under her umm belt? YEAH MADDIE!!! Maddie and I headed down to Denver today for her 1st competition with her Showstoppers group! They had their tap dance down and they rocked it!! I was so proud of Maddie! I actually got all teary eyed. This was the first time they didnt have a teacher behind the curtain and they didnt need her. Maddie has been practicing a ton and I knew she had all the moves down.
It was really exciting and they all looked adorable.. especially Maddie of course! We weren't allowed to have cameras there so I have no pictures or video of it so you'll just have to trust me that it was awesome!
They ended up getting a Ruby (2nd place) in 1 of the areas. For the most part the rest of the trophy's or ribbons went to solos which was a bummer and Maddie was all about getting her own solo after watching all the cute girls do theirs! So we had a fun day, long but fun!

Bed time running of the bulls lol! Running to give me a kiss before bed!

Kaden also had a basketball game today. They lost. O well!
Not ready for the weekend to be over.. aahhhh

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Looks good right!! Well it was!! SO YUMMY! I made our 1st legitimate Vegan meal today and we all really loved it! Rich and I went to Sprouts and I fell in love with it! I have been checking out cook books and searching the Internet to try to figure out vegan eating and meat replacements and a few things kept popping up. 1 of them was Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP). I will admit I was a little freaked out but decided to try it and I was so surprised, it not only tasted good BUT the texture didnt freak me out (and Im a texture freak)! Not only was it tastey but the protein is so high and the calories are low!! So super healthy! OH AND way cheaper than buying meat! That might make up for the freaking expensive soy milk AAHH
We didnt tell the kids anything was different until they had started eating and they were all digging in and saying how good it was.. Kaden is easily satisfied same with Malia but Maddie isnt, so when shes saying its good I am always happy! When we told them it wasnt meat they didnt care and said it was good!! PHEWWWW
Anyways heres the ingredients... btw the TVP is SOOO freaking easy to make and clean up was so much easier than gross greasy meat! We also had vegan sour cream. We did add normal cheese GASP!! We couldnt find the vegan cheese and I have a huge bag I just cant throw out!
See it even looks like meat!

Rich had a sticker on his head, Malia couldnt stand it and fought so hard to get it off!
She was so happy when she got it off and thought it was pretty funny.
Maddie has her 1st big competition tomorrow!! We are so excited!! She is a little nervous but she has been practicing like a mad woman and has it down!
Just playing with lighting and settings and thought this washed out over exposed looked cool!

She is so beautiful.

Kadens tourney was cancelled because of our crazy weather but he still practiced!

And because Im pretty dang funny!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Is that some awesome hair or what!! We have some serious wind tonight after a long day of rain so Rich took Malia outside because she absolutely LOVES wind. She will open her mouth and pretend to eat it.. weird yes but pretty cute and fun to watch! And seriously we got some pretty awesome hair shots! It looks like she has long thick locks going on but she did just get a cut!

Maddie had just showered and decided the wind could dry her hair!
Check out that hair!

And Kadens pic was brought to you by my iphone on his way to a friends. We were supposed to have a very busy weekend of baseball tournaments for 2 days mixed with a basketball game and Maddies dance competition. Ya craziness! BUT the tournament has been cancelled because of the weather WOOHOO!! So now just Sunday will be crazy! So Im making Rich take me on a date to Sprouts to go venture some new Vegan foods!! As he posts states below.. hes up for it HAHA!!
Also I wanted to thank all the encouragement I got from friends about our new Vegan venture. I got emails and encouraging words from friends today and it was so nice. I am excited about our new healthy start. Did you guys know Oreos are on the Vegan diet so HAHA how could I go wrong as long as those are on the list of can do's!!! So thank you guys!!