Friday, April 23, 2010

Im in!

Hi everyone! This is Rich hacking into my wife's account..I do that now and then. Relating to my wife's last post, I figure why not? I've done it all as far as trying to eat healthier, working out..running. ( a lot) But my own weight issues has got to be if changing it up gets me healthier and gets me leaner I'm all for it...One of two things will happen...I love it or I'll hate it..either way I'll let you know. I guess it all comes down to food preparation. If tastes good, there will me no problems...

We were talking to Kaden last night about it, and the first thing he said was "what about Pizza?" It will be hard to give up the ability to eat some things, like pizza, but then again we don't eat it all that much. So what are you truly giving up??? The awnser is fast food. And lets face it fast food is the biggest problem.

So I don't want to mess up my wife's blog counts of hers but you will see me on here commenting on here about the process. (unless she changes her password!)

Thanks for reading!! And bring on the cucumbers! (those are my favorite)


Angela said...

We always have a ton of cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden and now we know where to send them! Good luck!