Monday, April 26, 2010


Just a few good mommy moments.
Today I dropped Kaden off at basket ball and as I was pulling away I stopped and watched him hold the door open for a lady coming towards the school even though she was a ways away from the building..He is growing up to be a good gentleman!

Madison is so sweet, yesterday at her competition, she made sure to tell everyone how great they were. She is always getting tracks at school for how polite she is and a great listener.

Tonight, I was not feeling good, and I was laying on the couch, and Malia came up to me with a blanket and wrapped me up and told me it was time to go to sleep. She is really good at showing empathy. Its so great seeing the kids with good manners and treating others with respect. It makes for some great mommy moments.


Melissa said...

Rory is really good with the empathy thing too. Not sure if that's a general "girl" quality or not because Camden most definitely is not. LOL

Angela said...

LOVE those little moments when you feel so good about the way your kids are turning out! You are a good mommy Kris!

tamiz said...

Good job Jeffers kids! Nice to know those lessons are sinking in!

Elizabeth said...

Those are great mommy moments! They do grow up too fast