Wednesday, April 28, 2010

115/365 Malias closet!

Look at all that green!! Im so happy to get my green yard back!!! Now if the wind will go away!
Today I worked on Malias closet. She had a lot to get rid of which means a lot that needs to be replaced!! First I need to get rid of the old. So go here and let me know what you want!! It is everything from 25-1 I believe. I would love to get rid of it in one big lot, but if I dont have any takers for that I will sale it by pieces. Happy shopping!!

OOO real quick, exciting Maddie news! She was tested today for her reading and she was able to reall ALL of her 1st grade words then on to the 2nd grade words and a bunch of the 3rd grade words WOOHOO!!! So proud of her!

She also lost a tooth this weekend. I had to sit on her so that I could get it out before her competition on Sunday... I know that sounds horrible but it was time for makeup and it was hanging there and it was really bothering her! It was kinda funny after! Then Kaden decided he needed to loose another one last night too.

As always.. dressed for 1 practice or another.


Angela said...

Those are some really cute clothes you have for sale! Wish I had a daughter that could fit into them!

And way to do Maddie on your reading! That is great!

tamiz said...

Good job Miss Maddie on the reading!!! Good job to you Kris too since you've worked so much with her!