Saturday, July 31, 2010

209 HE'S HOME!!!

And man are we happy about it! It was a long hard week.. for ME!! He on the other hand had an absolute blast!
BUT when I picked him up at the church the leaders gathered the parents to let us know that they had seen multiple bears pretty much every day and one night there was one that kept coming into their camp RIGHT next to Kadens tent, and the leaders had to keep running it off! The bears tried to get into the cars and even got up on one of the leaders cars. They still had the prints on their cars from the bear.. umm freaky much!! Umm I about barfed when I heard how close the bear was to Kadens tent, I just really am not ok hearing that my son was feet or inches away from a bear!
Thank goodness they had very competent leaders.. one who ran after the bear with an ax yelling GET OUT OF HERE!!! Kaden keeps retelling that story over and over again lol!
He got to fish and pass off a couple merit badges and has a million great stories!
Im glad I let him go but Im not so sure I could handle doing it again!!
Kaden LOVES camping and was in his element, unfortunately we arent a camping family.. guess he might have to bumm some camping trips from someone else! HA
We are so happy to have him home, Malia wouldnt let him out of her sight for a little while and just kept giving him hugs!

Friday, July 30, 2010

208 Rain keeps pouring on my head!

Enough said.. she loved the rain, and she thanked the rain by shaking her booty!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Another naughty day here! Malia has just decided to pretend to be 18 months old and everything she knows she shouldnt do or touch she is doing!
And Maddie was just a little bit excited for dance today, and she looked so dang cute we took some crumping photos lol! Shes sho ghetto!
Seriously.. shes becoming quite manipulative to the last few days when it is bed time she will run over to me and say NO I want to cuddle with mommy (because I always ask and she never will) ya she is TROUBLE!! She looks pretty dang sweet though doesnt she!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

206 it was supposed to be...

A relaxing day.. but it ended up being a struggle with my dear sweet innocent Malia. Do you hear the sarcasm in my voice? Cuz OMG this child was a NIGHTMARE TODAY!!
The kids have all taken turns having this weird bug that pretty much just makes them have no appetite and maybe a couple loose poopies here and there.
Malia wasnt feeling good Monday but then seemed fine, I had her wear a pull up because when shes sick she always has accidents whether its a cold or whatever. Well she has seemed fine but today she had a poopie accident in bed.. ok I can understand that, and then it ALMOST happened again, but we did make it in time. Other than that her mood was totally fine, except when she was getting into TROUBLE!! She..
Climbed on the back of the couch..
I ran to grab her while she fell and I grabbed her side and arm and ended up scratching her to which she now tells me I DROPPED HER!! WTC!!
THEN she again was jumping on the couch while I made dinner I told her to stop so she dropped down to pout, fell again and landed on Maddies baby stroller.
THEN she walked over to my Vietnamese woman statue and decided to just push it over.. she has NEVER played with it before. Well the head came right off.
At this point I just had to send her to her room for awhile so I could regain my composure!
After that she came out of her room, and seemed to realize she had gone to far and was quite pleasant the rest of the day, and kept hugging and asking to cuddle.. kiss butt!
Thank goodness this ones easy!! We played games all afternoon, it was lots of fun!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well today was a much better day! I met a couple friends at the park and let the girls play until it was unbearably hot! They had a blast!

Monday, July 26, 2010

204 Day from H e double hockey sticks!

Well it was a horrible long bad day BUT my girls are so gorgeous and fun and cute, so Im over it!
But Ill give you the rotten list.. Didnt get to sleep, my mind was just worrying about Kaden and camp, then we had to get him up at 2:15 to get ready to leave for camp, it was really hard letting him go. Then more worrying and more not sleeping, along with my sweetheart snoring in bed.. aaahhhh!!
So we decided to go do some retail therapy, but first I took Maddie out back to take her pic because hello she looks freaking adorable, when I walked on a DEAD FREAKING BIRD!! WTH!! It was dead dead dead and crunchy, and when I looked down realized what I just stepped on I being the OCD every germy thing freaks me out kinda gal I about barfed!
So theres that. Then we headed to the mall, get there and realize the stroller isnt in my car.. GRRRR. O'well we go in, decide we will make it a quick one and we did. But we decided to grab some pretzels and drinks and eat them on the way home. So while driving home I realize I have HUMAN FREAKING HAIR stuck in MY FREAKING TEETH!! BARF BARF BARF It was NOT my hair it was long hair from my pretzel. OMG
Ok thank you day from you know where, what else do you have for me! Let me tell you... we get home and Malia all of a sudden doesnt feel well. I grab my computer and the cord somehow has been broken. THEN after taking Maddie to dance I need gas go to the gas station and realize I left my wallet at home... ya at this point I just start laughing because what else can ya do right!
So I treated myself and Malia to some good Qdoba dinner, put on jammies and we are relaxing for the rest of the night!
I did get word twice that Kaden is safe and sound and having a great time!! So thats a relief!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Heres the thing, I like my kids, I like having them home, I dont want them to go away, I DONT want them to go away to camp for 6 freaking days!!
Kaden will be leaving for Scout camp at 2:30 in the morning tomorrow.. this I am not ok with! I have been trying to bribe and talk him out of it for the last few days and he just isnt going for it. He is excited but I HATE it! I am worried about his nut allergies, Im worried about just about everything I can worry about.. yes I am neurotic that way! Ive been a hot mess all day and Im pretty sure I wont get a good nights sleep until he gets home. I miss him already, boooo!
Malia is on day 2 of no nap so when we got home from church she took a short nap and woke up for dinner and it was evident that she was ready to go right back to bed... well according to her at this exact moment she was "awake" hmmm I think not!
When Kaden realized that would be his last chance with her for a week he got teary eyed and decided he needed to take her to bed, she sure loves him and he sure adores and loves her, it was so sweet!

Maddie is a blanket maniac, she destroys my blanket closets everyday to play with them, today she was "hiding"
Man she will be bored all week when Malia is napping, Im gonna have to figure something out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

202 Tourney

Kaden had his baseball tourney today. He had to leave bright and early to get up to his warm up. They started out great winning their first game easily!! Kaden had some great hits and an RBI! He played 2nd baseman and didnt get as much play there as he usually does but when it came his way he did great!
The 2nd game it went down hill, the first 2 innings they got 10 runs OUCH! We only had 2. THEN they put Kaden in and he shut them down, and Im not kidding! They didnt get any more runs in until the last inning where they got 2 so they ended up still winning 12-5. Even though we lost we were so dang proud of that boy getting put in at the time and killing it!!!
Our 3rd game started great but our boys must have been pooped because we soon dropped behind and we never gained on them. So we were done.
8 hours of baseball later and we went home with a bunch of sad boys.
They really played great and the 2 teams we lost to were good ones. But still so dang proud of all of them!!
Kaden at 2nd.. ball stance!

Scoop at catch

Mike at pitch

We had a 2 hour break between the 1st and 2nd game so while the boys hung out the girls watched a movie!
And can I just say that the girls were amazing to! Sitting for 8 hours of hot baseball without meltdowns.. hurray!!
Kaden bringing the heat

After he turned the mood around when he got put, they were all excited and had a good little team meeting!
I didnt catch his grin but he was pretty dang excited!
I had to sneak back to tell him good job!

Our team cheerleader!

Good stance!

We rewarded him with some Red Robin and we are off to the drive inn!