Friday, March 28, 2008

Luxurious Baby

Ive been busy the last few days making things for our Etsy showcase today. I have to say I made the softest blanket today. Both sides are minky and I just want to sit and cuddle with it myself! This first pic is also minky on one side but the other is toile with the asian influence and I love love anything with asianness (is that a word) to it! So I will make a blanket for Malia just like these ones to keep! I think any of you adoptive moms can agree that finding things to surround our little ones with their heritage is crucial. I have quite enjoyed filling our house with asian influence!

Asian Toile Blanket
Safari treasure
Lots of flower clips
My very own model!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

OH MY!!!

Holy Crap! Can you believe all those stinking adorable clothes!! Rich surprised me by buying all of Tamis sisters baby clothes!!! I had purchased some of her stuff when my sister had her baby and I couldnt believe how cute her stuff was. So when I heard she had stuff to get rid of I was all over that BUT Rich said NO, little did I know he was just surprising me! So HURRAY today they came and I cant even tell you how excited I was. Tami brought the clothes over and we went through the 60lbs of clothes for like an hour and a half! I was seriously holding back tears I was so excited and in love with the clothes! I cant even believe how stinking cute this stuff is, and if you could only see the detailing on some of these outfits! O Malia is gonna be one well dressed little miss! So thanks Rich and Tami and Huge thanks to Hannah for parting with all these treasures!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Buds

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We had a really nice Easter. We started out by coloring eggs after Rich got home from work. When we put the kids to bed we let them know that they HAD to stay in bed until 5:45 at the earliest. Well Rich and I stayed up until 2 a.m. (hope we didnt keep the bunny waiting) and Maddie came in our room twice to use the potty and Kaden was talking in his sleep and Rich was snoring. So not the best nights sleep. Then at 5 I heard the kids talking and told them to go to bed so Maddie pee'd again! And went to sleep Kaden right at 6 came in our room and stared at me until I opened my eyes and I asked if Maddie was awake and he said no so I told him to go back to his room until 6:15, of course on the dot there he was again. Well we had church early so I knew we needed to get started so we all got up and brushed and went down to discover what the Easter Bunny brought. It took quite awhile for them to find their baskets (that bunny is clever) and they were very excited. Even Malia got a little basket with some fun little items! We ended up having dinner with the Zims and came home and took a much needed nap while Kaden played b-ball with his new hoop outside and Maddie watched her new movie!

I feel blessed that we are able to celebrate Easter and the true meaning of the day and I feel very blessed for friends who make sure we arent home alone eating sandwiches for holiday dinners LOL! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Digital a ways to go

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Just trying out this digital scrapbooking stuff!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What would you do?

On 20/20 they have been doing a series on "What would you do?". Would you tell tell your friend if you caught their spouse cheating, would you tell your friend or a stranger if they had something in their nose or teeth, or would you help a stranger if they were being harassed?
I have enjoyed the series because I am always baffled when people are willing to just walk by and not help someone in need. Or if I get home and see I have something on my face or teeth or in my nose... umm why didn't anyone tell me. According to 20/20 people get just as embarrassed about letting someone know as we do finding it out.
Ive always been one to let someone know if they have an "issue" as I like to call it, I will pick hair off someones back and I will tell them if they have something on their buttocks.
The other day I was headed to the store and there was quite a bit of traffic and someone was riding my butt the whole way and right before we were approaching the stores she got in the other lane and passed, I needed to change lanes and ended up following her right to the store I was going to and so I parked right next to her. I was ticked... if I would have had to brake all of a sudden she would have hit me and I had my kids in the car. So I got the kids out she was standing outside her car getting ready for work, and I said umm do you realize you were on my tail the whole way here??.. She said O well I was just braking when you was...UMM no you were on my butt the whole way and I have kids in the car and you couldve hit me! She had tried to pass me the whole time but there were people in front of me and to the side... I preceded to tell her that I didnt care if she was running late for work but that there are people with kids in their cars that dont appreciate people like her driving reckless.. She tried to argue with me that it wasnt her fault HELLO and so I walked away. I really wanted her to be aware of herself and her driving! Normally I would have let it go but I couldnt she had scared me for 10 minutes of driving with nowhere for either of us to go.... I hope next time she thinks about it.
So what would you do?? Are you someone who ignores issues or will you say hey sweetie youve got some goblins in your nose??

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well my sister and I decided to put some craftiness to some business! I have made some flower clips and clip holders and she has made some wreaths and the korker bows (sorry Tirsa I dont have any here) we have been busy little bees getting these all together and we just thought it might be fun to work together on this, so below if you click on the picks you can go to our site on Etsy, our site is beecreations on Etsy. We both have stuff that isnt posted yet but will try to get it all on. Today we have a showcase on Etsy so get on there ladies! Is that to forward?? HAHA

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Etsy shop

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shouting from the Roof Tops!

We are logged in FINALLY!!! I called to talk to our agency today and the first words out of her mouth was that we had gotten logged in yesterday! I about pee'd my pants with excitement! We have 1 expired form that we will have to send in but we are OFFICIALLY for real WAITING for or little Malia! I just have to say thank you so much for all of the thoughts and prayers and phone calls and emails I have recieved from you all wondering the last couple of days what was going on. I feel truely blessed to have so many of you looking out for us and my sweet sister doing research for me and my friends doing anything they can to help out!
My sweet kids have been saying the sweetest prayers the last few days and Rich and I have been so worried so it has made for a hard couple of days.
I had a conversation with God really giving it over to him, I have felt that we needed to continue with what we are doing and keep pushing for our little girl and now look the best news in forever!
Again thank you so much and holy moly Im going to be celebrating today so if you hear shouting out your window its just us over here celebrating some much needed good news! AAAAAAAAAA

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No news is good news?

Well I didnt hear anything today, so Im taking that as some good news. With all the prayers that were said Im thinking if nothing else it really calmed my nerves. So thank you everyone who was thinking of us and when we hear anything I will be sure to share the news.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Maddies Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, please bless us to get Malia, please bless her to come home, please bless us that we can hug her and kiss her Heavenly Father Amen


Well I wont go into explanations because I dont even understand all that is going on, but tomorrow if Vietnam signs the Hague treaty our agency will be dunzo and then we will be at a loss. So if you could say some serious prayers for us tonight that would be great. I will be at home being Debbie Downer but trying to look for the positive. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Home Improvement

Monday, March 3, 2008


I wanted to update about our new healthy eating habits! Its been a week and I have to say that I think its going rather well. And I also have to say that now that Ive been focusing on the kids eating healthy we actually were already doing a pretty good job and I really wasnt realizing it.
Maddie and Kaden have been eating veggies every day though and that is a change for us. Fruit have always been pretty easy but veggies have been a struggle for me and so making my kids eat them has not been a priority but as long as they are fresh and can maybe dip in some dressing they seem to be rolling with the punches!
With all the healthy changes it got me thinking about myself and changes that I have made with myself. I think that my high school classmates would be shocked to see where I am with my life now. I am shocked at where I am in my life, Im doing much better than I ever thought I would. Being married for 10 years having 2 kids and 1 hopefully on the way is something I never thought I would have. I was not that girl in high school but I am so glad that I became that girl and Im so glad that I have changed.
That being said I am constantly trying to change and be a better person but sometimes find it hard. So this begs the question...... how do we change who we are to who we want to be? I have found that its not as easy as one would hope.
Were you the fun friend, the fat friend, the smart friend, skinny friend, debbie downer, athletic, crazy, outgoing, shy, not so smart, loud or even the quiet friend?? I think we all have our place in our groups. In high school I was the funny chubby friend and when I lost weight I know my friends had a hard time letting me now be the funny skinny friend. Now as an adult and growing a new sense of humor I find that people have a hard time letting my old sense of humor go also. So why do we get stuck and why do the people around us have a hard time letting us change? I am always so proud of my friends when they change for the better and I hope Im always supportive. Do we get jealous? If our friends change do we feel like it changes ourselves or the friendship?
I feel like a run on sentence and Im probly not making sense but these are things Ive been thinking about lately. Change is good it really is. I used to love yellow and when I realized I really liked red I had a hard time admitting that it was my new favorite color? Why? and even now why cant I just say LOVE red rather than like?? Kinda silly, maybe I to am afraid of change. Just because I change my favorite color doesnt mean Im a different person right?? Or at least not in a bad way!
I guess this post is really about encouraging any of my readers and myself that if we want to change something about ourselves, lets not be afraid of what others will think and lets not let anything stop our hearts desire!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Temple Trip.... or should I say fall??

Well I know Rich is going to have a hay day with this, and he really thinks its pretty funny so I thought I would share on my terms.
Rich and I went to the Temple yesterday and had a great time and as I was lets just say kneeling, I fainted. YEP appearently I just layed my head down and tipped right over. Funny thing is (I guess) is that we were just talking about people that have passed out I guess I was 1 in 5 NOW that have done that. OOOPS!
When I came to I was really worried that maybe I had talked in my what I thought was a good sleep, and I kept telling myself dont swear dont swear! (I didnt)
I have to say I was completely out of it and I guess it took aroung 40ish seconds for Rich to get me to wake up, but when I woke up I was sweaty and so lost I had no idea where I was. Kinda scary but mostly embarrassing.
So theres my Temple story, dont know for sure but I think mines beats Tamis running out of gas one right!?! LOL
So there ya have it Rich hahaha I beat you to the punch!