Monday, May 25, 2009

A MOVING Memorial Day!

So what did we do for this holiday you wonder??? Oh we moved HA didnt see that one coming did you! We have been working on it for a few weeks.. yep just a few weeks and didnt find out until after 9 this morning that it was going to work out. We thought we would take the whole week until our renters move in to move all of our stuff... Well we didnt take into account that our awesome friends wouldnt let us be slackers! We had all of our big stuff moved within an hour of finding out we were moving IT WAS AWESOME!!!
We have lived in our house for 7 years and I love my house but have been ready for a change for quite awhile.. we almost moved earlier this year but changed our mind about the house we were looking at but this one felt right.. the only down side is we have a few really obnoxious neighbors hehehe!!
So we still have our garage to move over and our storage, which Im leaving up to Rich cuz thats how I roll! So we will be pretty busy getting both houses in order this week! We are super excited that it worked out, and the kids are beyond joyful!!!
No pics I havent taken any cuz I have no idea right now where my camera even is YIKES!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What a big day... on 2 counts..wait 3!

Today was a big big day for the kids. It was their last day of school! I cant even believe that Im going to have a middle schooler, I cant even start to describe how NOT ready I am for him to be that old, it has been very emotional to realize that this big step has come. Hes ready though and very excited. Baseball has started so he with Dallin will be super busy throughout the summer and then as soon as that ends football will start with barely a 2 week break AAAHHH!!
I cant believe my sweet Maddie is going to be a 1st grader, she is so excited though and so ready, Im just not sure what I will do for that long without my little buddy home. Malia will be pretty sad and bored too!
Today her class did a end of the year performance that was really sweet. They sang some cute little songs and then her teacher teared up while telling them goodbye, which then sent all the moms running for tissues. Sweet Maddie started bawling and needed some big hugs. She is going to miss her teacher so much, she really loves her so much!
The school then had a picnic lunch outside where parents could come so we took them subway and ate all together and signed them out! So its been a very exciting, emotional, fun filled day!
Here are some pics... Dallins teacher didnt come outside so we didnt get a pic with him...

Maddie and her teacher, you can tell they were both crying
This is when she said goodbye to all the kids individually and she couldnt stop crying it was so awesome and so sad.
Kaden enjoyed his teacher this year, she did a great job!
Daddy gave her some flowers and she was pretty overjoyed with them!
After her performance
She LOVES to sing

OK now here is the other exciting part of our day... it is our 1 Year anniversary for our referral for Malia. So exactly 1 year ago we got our official ok that we had been accepted to be Malias family!!! I can remember so clearly the tears of joy and phone calls I made after the phone call I got letting me know! I cant believe now a year later how settled we are and all finalized!
I was such a slacker and didnt get any good photos of her this week but here she is playing in Kadens slippers, she LOVES them and has to put them on backwards so that she doesnt trip, she gets so MAD when we take them away, but its pretty dang cute watching her walk around with them on backwards!
And here she is supporting Maddie, she has been cranky the last couple weeks but was a good trooper being dragged around for Kaden and Maddies stuff this week!
She is such a treasure to us and we talk about how blessed we are to have her almost every day, I love when I catch Rich looking at her and see the overwhelming love he has for her, it makes me tear up seeing it... often he will just have to scoop her up and snuggle her because he cant contain it, I LOVE that, she is a daddy's girl so she sure loves that too!
We sure love you Malia Linh!! So glad you found us and we found you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So fathers day is coming up and if you have a hubby like mine its very hard to shop for men right! Well my friend Laurie frov over at Pho for Five is doing a giveaway from her blog that would be a perfect gift for your hubby so just go HERE and read her blog and comment to enter into the giveaway!!! YOUR WELCOME!

Friday, May 15, 2009


The last 2 weeks have been so busy and full of stuff that I have fallen so behind on my blogging. I will admit that I have been a bit overwhelmed and stressed over all that has been going on. With all the court and church stuff it was just a lot of things to make sure everything was ready to go. Then I had Becki in town and we kept pretty busy with her here too! She had lots of ladies that wanted glitter toes done which was awesome! We didnt have to much down time though but we did get in one fun shopping trip and lunch!!
Now we only have 1 more week of school to go and the kids are excited! Maddie is bummed to be loosing her teacher and Kaden is excited about and nervous about middle school... seriously middle school UGH!
So after a fun week of having family in the house its been pretty quiet and boring so we took a trip to the park tonight and had fun playing some baseball, swinging, bike riding and running! Malia was all grins in the swing and Maddie just wanted to ride her bike non-stop! Kaden just started Baseball this week so we are getting practices in with him... hes already looking pretty good! So it was a very nice day today!
*A little bit of news is that we are looking to rent out our house because we have found one we like. We are ready for a change but if it doesnt work out no biggie BUT if anyone knows of someone whos looking to rent a very nice clean home, send them our way!!!

I dreamed about a shot like this.. didnt turn out as great as I pictured but it was pretty cool

She was LOVING the swing
Maddie and Ciara with a "snowball"

knocking it pretty dang far!
She was a bit creeped out by the leaves
She was kicking her feet with joy it was so cute
my swinger and my climber

Kaden got some good cuddle time tonight with Malia and was absolutely loving it!
A big smooch!

Kylie and Malia doing some bonding
we did some smores while the fam was in town they were yummy!
Ciara wanted in on the action
I wont lie these two were not fast friends but there were moments of love that I captured!
Ky is so gorgeous and long and I am so jealous!!!
My sweet girl

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eternity is forever!

We went to the Temple today and sealed Malia to us for Eternity!! We arrived pretty early and the whole thing went pretty quickly and then we went outside for some pics. The weather was so beautiful it was perfect for pics except the sun in our eyes which made for some poor eye pics. I didnt get 1 good pic of Malia which Im way bummed about, she really just wanted to run around so I didnt get a good one but she looked so sweet in her beautiful white dress and she did so well in the Temple as did Kaden and Maddie.
I feel so full spiritually and so blessed that not just for death do we part but for FOREVER we will be together. I love that we will never have to be seperated and that we will be together after our lives here on Earth. Its such a beautiful blessing and gift that we have been given.
We had a lot of friends show up for us which I appreciate so much, we didnt have a lot of room for tons of people so we didnt invite a ton of people but appreciate the well wishes we got. I love that our friends showed up for us though, it was so neat walking into the room and feeling so much love. Seeing the kids dressed in white put me to tears instantly it was a beautful day!
After we left the Temple we went to the Korea house for some cultural food! It was so fun and everyone that went got pretty adventurous with their food, especially the kids. There was octopus and squid and all sorts of creepy food that I didnt dare touch but sounds like it was tastey! I didnt hear of anyone complain about the food... except Maddie who had soup and got a sore throat immediatly so Im pretty sure there had to be egg or something peanut so I hurried and gave her a bennadryl and she seemed to recover after about an hour YIKES!
Malia LOVED the noodles of course and the rice and the vegies! Shes such a good eather I love it!
So we had so much fun and really we are just the luckiest people in the world to have great family and friends supporting us. We love Malia so much and this day was about her and I think she felt special, she looked so darling too!!
To my non LDS readers if you ever have any questions regarding my religion Id love answer them, I understand how some of this talk might sound weird... promise its really not!
Love the beautiful Temple shot! To bad people wouldnt get out of the way!
Wasnt to excited about sitting or the sun so this was my shot
Maddie and Ciara running with their pretty dresses
Thanks for coming Becki!
Making a wish?

Sweet boy

Gorgeous girl
The flowers were so pretty!
Family shot

Arent they sweet!

Love these kiddos
Group shot
Time for some grub

The whole group

Elias enjoing his octopus!
Malia loving those noodles!
Girl can slurp a noodle
Some of the food
Before we realized she was allergic
Some fun extras