Wednesday, February 20, 2013


A couple weeks ago Maddie competed and Hall Of Fame Dance.  It was an exciting and important competition because all of their dances needed to qualify to take to Nationals later this summer.
On Friday we went and supported some of the older girls who all did amazing and then Saturday was a big day!  Maddie danced in African Beats, they did really good they got Platinum and 1st place!  I love how fierce she is in this dance!

She then had to rush to get ready for her solo... I cant get that video yet but she did awesome.  She has some cleaning to do, I could tell the excitement and nerves got to her a little but she got High Gold and 1st in the hip hop catagory!!  She then rushed for her duet Where'd you learn to dance, again they did amazing!  They got 1st in their catagory and platinum and 2nd place overall!! 
Next was their trio tap Jump, Shout, Boogie, these 3 work so well together and killed it!  They got platinum, 1st place and 1st place overall high score!!  Super awesome job!! 

We were there pretty much all day Saturday and got home late for some rest because Sunday she had 1 more dance.  Their production number "Mirror Mirror" I LOVE this dance, I love the music and LOVE IT!!  Again love when Maddie gets to be fierce!  They got 1st place, platinum 1st place over all high score... so ya they cleaned up and did really really good!  It was a great comp and all of the dances qualified for Nationals!!  
Now they just need to continue to work hard to get there, clean a few things up and raise the money!  You can go here to help them if you want!!