Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Rich took Maddie out on a date tonight to go see the new Dragon movie! To say she was excited is a bit of an understatement! So cute!!

We had a bit of a hard day today! Everyone just seemed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed including me. I waited all day for a very important package one that we payed overnight air AND it didnt arrive AND its food AND its CRUMBS cupcakes!! Lets just say Im a little bit ticked that my package got left behind and my yummy cupcakes are sitting somewhere getting warm and gross.. ANGER!
We have our friends arriving tomorrow so YEAH!! Tomorrow should be a MUCH better day!
Malia is the messiest eater I swear!! She finger paints while she eats, it drives me nuts!
Who me??

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I love it too! Im doing my blog early because I have a session in a few hours and I know I will be edit blind by the time Im done with that!
We went on a nice bike ride in this awesome weather and then to the park for a bit this afternoon. It was nice, I needed out of the house and so did the kids.
The kids had lots of fun, especially Malia who managed the ladder and slide all by herself woohoo!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Arent I the luckiest gal! It is my Birthday today.. Im uh hmm 30 yup a whopping 30 and I say bring it on! Ive been excited for this and counting down the last 5 years awaiting my 30's! 30's happen to be the new 20's so woohoo!! The only thing I am not welcoming about age is gray hair and how hard it is to look good.. that really sucks!
I awoke to lots of hand made cards, flags, and notes! Rich got me my favorite doughnuts and then came home early (which NEVER happens!) then he took me out for some shopping!! OH and we both got our eyebrows threaded.. Rich cried lol!! I guess I didnt have enough brow to do much.. and his ended up looking prettier than mine!
It was a really nice day and I appreciate all the Happy B-day wishes I got!
I wasnt planning on participating in I heart faces this week but after editing this photo I think I just might.. dramatic.. check b&w.. check!! Isnt she darling!

This little turd didnt think he needed a helmet.. I thought otherwise and I did win!
Shes to cute.. we took the kids out to ice cream after our date because I wasnt feeling like desert and Malia went NUTS! She always savors the last bite of anything she loves, meaning she wont swallow. Well when she wouldnt swallow her ice cream and was running around with green ice cream running down her face and body we had to hose her down.. she was pretty ticked. Gotta teach her to SWALLOW!
And just because Maddie cracks me up! lol

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Happy Sunday to everyone! I love my Sundays!! We had a nice relaxing day went to church enjoyed an awesome artichoke dinner and watched Discovery Channels LIFE.. which is amazing!
Can I tell you how funny it is to see Malia eat artichokes.. she wants to eat it so bad that she clamps down on them so hard you can barely get the bad part out of her mouth. It was cracking me up!
We had a gorgeous day so after dinner we went for a family run. It was so nice getting out with everyone! Maddie rode her bike and Kaden ran with us and they did 2 miles with us and I was very impressed with Kaden for running and of course riding that for was hard work especially since the end is a lot of up hill.
I only got Kaden with his sisters today.. no close ups. His face is peeling pretty good and so is Maddies but they are looking better!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Is she not the cutest! We had a nice relaxing Saturday. The kids felt a lot better today! Maddie is just a teensy swollen and has a quite the dark tan now with a bit of peeling starting. But she enjoys the tan so she was pretty happy today.. I swear she will be a spray tan addict when shes older.
Kaden also looked a lot better today but he still has a lot of swelling but less red! He had a few blisters pop ewww and sad! But again he feels so much better and was even ok going to the grocery store with me!
The wind was horrible today and brought quite the cold chill with it but we decided to go out for just a bit of fresh air which was really nice and even though I only let the spend a tiny bit of time (with hats) they enjoyed it!

OUCH! His face still makes me feel so sad.

Malia loves the wind, it cracks me up!
Seriously adorable!
Maddie pulled out chairs and made Malias day.. it was so cute!
Sweet girl loving the wind.

Ready for a relaxing Sunday! Have a good one ya'll!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Im pooped today. Tired. Need to go ni night! So no editing.. not that I took many photos anyways.
The kids woke up pretty swollen this morning. Kaden didnt want to go to school but after putting cold spoons under his eyes which took the swelling down pretty fast he decided to go. After 10 minutes I got a text from him saying TAKE ME HOME! So Rich ran to the school and picked him up. I guess some butt head kids were acting afraid of him and calling him sumo.. not cool so he spent another day at home. I dont need the added guilt of him getting teased my mistake!
Maddie like I said also woke up with her eyes very swollen but was all set to go to school! And thankfully all the kids in her class were very sweet to her!! Shes such a sweetie and outgoing I wasnt worried about her getting teased. One boy told her she looked "puffy" she imediately told him THATS RUDE and he told her Im sorry! And not another word the rest of the day! She even went to dance!! Shes a trooper!

Im so excited that our Spring Break starts now so the kids will have plenty (hopefully) time to recover! We dont have tons planned but we do have some awesome visiters that decided to come at the end of the week WOOHOO!!
Malia learned the peace sign!! We watched a movie tonight and she cuddled with me the WHOLE movie 1 1/2 hours past her bed time. I was enjoying it so much I just couldnt send her to bed!!

I am off to bed! Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

84/365 GUILT

Guilt is a heavy thing moms get to carry or at least I get to in my back pocket daily. Guilt about sending my kids out the door forgetting to say prayer, for sending them to school with a bowl of sugar in the bellies, for yelling and using words I shouldnt or for ignoring their story while I watched tv or just zoned out and only nodding when they take a breath..
But today when the kids woke up the guilt that hit me in the stomach was so heavy it about knocked me out. Maddie first strolled in my room crying but the lights were out so I layed her down by me and then Rich turned on the lights and BAM her face was so swollen and red I wanted to cry. I didnt I knew it would freak her out but really the slap in the face echoed in my head. Then I called Kaden in (who slept on the couch because he couldnt sleep) and OMG I seriously have never hated myself more. He looked like a bulldog as he put it. So swollen and red. They were both troopers but it was obvious nobody was going to school. We did aloe cold rags and motrin. I called and made an appt with our doc to see about cream but they called back and told me a few things we should do and that we really didnt need to bring them in.. did I mention Maddies face was weeping.. yuck and sad and omg bad parent!
I had a photo shoot this morning but when I was done we had lunch and I went and got lots of gatorade to force down them.. lots and lots of liquids. By late afternoon I started to see that the swelling was going down.. mostly Maddie, Kaden still looks pretty miserable. Im really hoping the night will bring some relief and they will wake up looking more like themselves.
So our Snow day ended up causing a hell day. They both have decided snow isnt that cool. I cant believe that I didnt think of sunscreen.. how dumb is that!
Maddie had her 1st grade showcase tonight and didnt want to go until right before we needed to leave so we hustled over after putting a hat on her.. and I have to admit to feeling a lot better after seeing a lot of little ones running around with bright red faces. Her best friend at school had a major burn too and her mom and I both said that it was great seeing we werent the only ones!
Anyways.. long post. But I am hoping and praying that they look and feel better in the morning. Kaden has the most healing to do at this point. I hate that I as a parent made a very bad choice and now my kids have to suffer.. I hate it!
Anyways Maddie had the opening line in her showcase and I was so so proud of her for deciding to brave it and go. Most of her issues were because of how she looked.. neither of them had allowed me to take pictures all day.
This was all Kaden would allow me..
and I promised not to post this one.. but really it just shows what an awesome parent I am! So much swelling has gone down.. earlier there was no cheeks chin it was just one big swollen mess.. so happy its going down!
Maddie got her spunk back tonight and felt so much better!

And about 30 minutes after putting this one to bed I realized I hadnt snapped a pic of her.. she was still awake and was pretty excited that I showed up...
until I said go to sleep! Then she was ticked!

Heres a few pics from my session today! Go on over to SnapHappy to see some more!