Tuesday, March 9, 2010


LOVE. GOOD. WEATHER!!! Even though we had lots of wind and I think its kicking in my allergies I just love walking outside and having it warm and the sun out! I wore capris and sandals today.. oh ya baby!!
LOVE Kadens pics today! Also the 1st one of Malia.. isnt she sweet!
Maddie got home from dance while we were outside and she ran in the garage and came peeling out sporting tights and a leo! BTW as all good moms would do, I made her put a helmet on.. after I snapped pics haha!

And a clip of Malia being all gangsta with the help of her daddy... Malia for some reason will whisper when we are telling her what to say, cracks us up!


tamiz said...

Funny that she whispers! Jude used to do that when we helped him pray cuz we were talking quiet too. Guess I better get my kids out since it's finally in the 70's here. Saw a funny FB comment on Kaden's new pic lol!

alison said...

ryan still does that whisper thing every now and then. it doesn't seem to work during sacrament meeting though. anytime i whisper to him there he screams back at me. :|
love that you were able to bust out the capris and sandals--i'm not quite there myself, hopefully soon!

Elizabeth said...

Great pics! My fav is Maddie on the scooter...in dance clothes! :)

Angela said...

Looks like you had a fun day and enjoyed the weather! I also like Maddie's scooter pictures! She is a sweet, funny kid! All of your kids are!