Sunday, March 28, 2010


Happy Sunday to everyone! I love my Sundays!! We had a nice relaxing day went to church enjoyed an awesome artichoke dinner and watched Discovery Channels LIFE.. which is amazing!
Can I tell you how funny it is to see Malia eat artichokes.. she wants to eat it so bad that she clamps down on them so hard you can barely get the bad part out of her mouth. It was cracking me up!
We had a gorgeous day so after dinner we went for a family run. It was so nice getting out with everyone! Maddie rode her bike and Kaden ran with us and they did 2 miles with us and I was very impressed with Kaden for running and of course riding that for was hard work especially since the end is a lot of up hill.
I only got Kaden with his sisters today.. no close ups. His face is peeling pretty good and so is Maddies but they are looking better!


Norah said...

Too funny about the artichokes!

tamiz said...

That girl loves her veggies! So happy to see that dress again. It is one of my absolute faves! I've got to go to a "Butts and Bows" baby shower soon. Do you still have any cute ones?