Saturday, March 27, 2010


Is she not the cutest! We had a nice relaxing Saturday. The kids felt a lot better today! Maddie is just a teensy swollen and has a quite the dark tan now with a bit of peeling starting. But she enjoys the tan so she was pretty happy today.. I swear she will be a spray tan addict when shes older.
Kaden also looked a lot better today but he still has a lot of swelling but less red! He had a few blisters pop ewww and sad! But again he feels so much better and was even ok going to the grocery store with me!
The wind was horrible today and brought quite the cold chill with it but we decided to go out for just a bit of fresh air which was really nice and even though I only let the spend a tiny bit of time (with hats) they enjoyed it!

OUCH! His face still makes me feel so sad.

Malia loves the wind, it cracks me up!
Seriously adorable!
Maddie pulled out chairs and made Malias day.. it was so cute!
Sweet girl loving the wind.

Ready for a relaxing Sunday! Have a good one ya'll!


Angela said...

Glad your kids are feeling even better! Looks like you had a nice relaxing Saturday! See ya tomorrow!

tamiz said...

I don't miss the wind there at all, or the dust it brought with it. Glad the kids are recovering!

Melissa said...

What cute pics of Maddie today!

Norah said...

She is gorgeous with that hat!