Tuesday, March 16, 2010

75/365 Tips Tuesday

I forgot about doing tips last week, and ended up getting a couple emails about forgetting OOPS! This week is all about cleaning out your closet!! I cant stress how important it is to keep your closet updated.. nobody wants to see your 80's and 90's jeans or shirts! The general rule is if you have something in your closet that you havent worn within a year.. get rid of it! Really I know we all hang on to clothes that are cute but we just dont fit into right now.. its ok let it go!
One of the meanest things you can do for yourself is to have to walk into your closet everyday and stare at those dang jeans that you just know wont fit right now, or anytime soon.. its torture so stop the madness and get rid of them!
Now is the perfect time to Spring clean your closet! I just did about a month ago and it feels so good! Go through your closet and be honest with yourself.. will you wear it within the next 6 months.. no ok then TOSS IT!! If you have to dust them off.. TOSS IT!! Havent even seen that old sweater in ages.. TOSS IT!!
Happy cleaning ladies! Make room for those true size clothes!!

Today was super busy so I didnt have time to really get great photos of the kids. And now I am off to Idol and bed!!


alison said...

I could argue that the 80's stuff is back in fashion...but that's not technically true--materials and colors have changed, etc.
Thanks for this nudge to get going on organizing our closets. I know there's some stuff I should get rid of. Maybe we should use the buddy system with this activity--especially if we are candidates for WNTW!

tamiz said...

Malia's dress and flower combo are so cute!! I cleaned out my closet a while ago but I'm sure it needs another pass. Can't wait to hear how your evening was! Liz texted me a pic of what I thought was choc. covered strawberries...jealous!

Angela said...

Oh, Kris! You would be ashamed of my closet! I just feel like I can't be cute unless I spend alot and that is not an option right now. HELP! :) You always look so cute!

Oh and chocolate strawberries would have been delicious!

Elizabeth said...

Time to clean out my closet too! :) maybe I should hit some sales..??? Retail therapy!!! oh and yum to the strawberries!