Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Claudia the Godess (A sneak peak)

My friend Claudia asked me to get some preggers pics of here before she gets to big and uncomfortable and after dodging it for awhile I said yes after I had so many ideas in my head I had to do it!
Claudia is having a baby girl after having 3 boys and pretty much being told that they would not have anymore children... and then along came this sweet surpise and for it to be a girl sure made it all the funner for them!
I had the best time shooting Claudia she is so beautiful and her belly is such a perfect shape and size right now!
While shooting this I thought for real what a godess!

I think this is one of my faves!
Little Miss Ahlstrom wasnt having any of us putting letters on her.. she kept kicking them off!
Love this!

Thanks Claudia I had the best time.. as you can see it didnt take me a few days I couldnt wait to edit!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I ♥ Faces Nostalgia

I wandered over to I ♥ Faces and saw that their theme this week is Nostalgia..
It just so happens that all the editing I did yesterday from our day at the park had taken me back to being a kid. While we were playing in the water and I was freezing and not wanting to play and yet the kids especially Malia being so brave and dunking her bum and trying to dunk her face didnt care that the water was freezing cold, she was just having a blast and didnt let anything else get in the way of that. I remember being brave and loving the water and not caring about anyone seeing my stretch marks and yuckiness!
I wish I could do that more like when I was a kid, if it was fun I did it, I didnt worry about my makeup or if I looked dumb doing something. I love watching my kids just having fun and letting everything else go. Watching them splash in the water just about made me weepy just being so happy for them that they were having such a good time!
Make sure you head over to I ♥ Faces to check out the rest of the entries and read about their photos!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adoption picnic!

Could you die over how cute that is?? I love it!
Anyways we went to an adoption picnic today and skipped out on church. We have missed all of the gatherings our agency puts on because they are always on Sundays or Rich is working so we made sure we made this one and it was so much fun! It was down in Englewood at this amazing park that has a train ride, a petting zoo (which we did not partake in) and this fun little riverish thing that wraps around the park. The kids LOVED playing in the water, it was freezing cold but Malia was loving it and kept dipping her butt down and then would jump up and start laughing..so cute!
It was so nice to talk to other adoptive parents and see all the sweet little ones running around. We love that we can put Malia in an atmosphere were she can be surrounded by other adopted children and children of all colors with parents of all colors.. so important to us to expose her to these things! Kaden and Maddie fit right in and had a absolute blast.. Maddie being the outgoing little thing she is kept finding the shy girls and inviting them to play with her and I saw their parents light up that she got them to run and play with her! LOVE IT!
We had a great time and I had so many photos I loved that told me the story that I had to include them in this post so its a long one!
Maddie was riding this thing like a bucking bull, it was to funny
See what I mean! And she has not been to a rodeo since she was a baby
Kaden was totally embarrassed about being on there.. he was doing it for Maddie hehe
This is SPANKO the clown... yes I came up with spank jokes in my head!
It was so so hot we had to all hide under some shelter for awhile and ate some food
Maddie got some face painting done

So cute!
bubble fun
She finally figured out it was more than a water toy and started getting bubbles out of there

Train ride
high fives

They were over pics but man it would have been cute.. Malia was melting down so she isnt there

If you couldnt tell I am loving the vintage feel for these photos

Look mom a rock
She looks miserable right?? NOT she was in heaven

Before we realized she wasnt gonna just dip her feet

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A sneak peak!

I got to hang out with the Lindhardts today. Haley asked me months ago to take a family photo for them but I have been way to scared to do it! But we were talking the other day and I had been thinking about what exactly I would want to do with them and the thought had accured to me that they absolutely live for summer and baseball and it would be fun to do it at a baseball field, so I told Haley my idea and so here we are!
It was super super hot we were all melting and the sun was really bright so we kept it pretty short and sweet but I think we got some good shots!
Thanks for letting me take part!!
Now Im off to edit!

Friday, August 21, 2009

School time!

School time means... quiet! It also means I am LONELY! Anyways we are on day 3 so its actually kinda nice today especially with Malia being back to her happy self!
Kaden went to Middle school and is loving it! I know he was nervous about his classes and having to find them on time but with only 1 locker issue he is doing great! He loves all of his teachers and especially 2 of them! What a load off and a relief for him and me that he is enjoying it... guess we'll see how he feels once hes getting homework from all 7 classes!!
Ya I was tearing up SO!!

The pic on his way in.. from the car cuz Im no longer allowed to be seen with him!
Maddie is a first grader!! She LOVES IT!! Loves her teacher loves going to lunch loves loves it all! On our way home from school her first day she wanted to go right back because she loved it so much! Im so glad she loves it, but boy do I miss her so much! I miss my pal!
Shes so grown up with her missing teeth and picking out her own clothes and shes getting to say what her hair should be.. WAY TO FAST!

1st grade! So excited!
A little before school fun on dad!
Miss my girl!
First time at her desk and already homework!
NOW Malia is a TOTALLY different story! She either really hates her siblings being gone or her teeth are really really ticking her off because this girl has been a major pain in the BUTT!
She has been throwing some SERIOUS tantrums! OMG I have lost my mind this week with her, my patience has been gone and my mommy skills have been seriously tested... well today has been 100 percent better!! She has been happy and smily and chatty and awesome! LOVE when shes happy and when I dont feel like Im walking on egg shells around her.
So this is how our last couple couple of days have looked like and I can say that her outside appearance is how I felt too!

This was after 30 minutes of crying YA it was a LONG day!

K so glad we are hopefully past this hot mess phase!