Monday, August 3, 2009

Utah vaca

We got home last night after leaving last Wednesday for Utah! It was a long trip and we fit a lot into it and we all had a blast!! My pics are all out of order but Ill try to go play by play "for myself" of what we did!
Day 1. We set off about 9 but after 2 bank stops and gas station we didnt really get on the road until 10 but that was fine, we had decided to go 70 so that we could enjoy the ride and actually have a nice view. Maddie was loving the tunnels and we had hold your breath comititions through each one.. Rich always won with his swimmers lungs! The kids did absolutly amazing the whole way there, no whining no crying and only 1 are we there yet FROM ME!! lol I was nervous about how Malia would do on the trip, weve never had her in the car for more than about an hour at a time, I kinda thought she'd do good but still wasnt sure.. good is an understatement.. she only had a 40 minute nap and she never cried not once! It was awesome she spent time watching her videos and playing with books and just had a good time!!
We got to Beckis after picking up some pizza around 6:30 had some grub and the kids went loose with some freedom, I think Malia was pretty happy about having Ciara to play with and was pretty happy to get to run around.
We spent the night watching Maddie and Ciara dance (I have a video I will need to load) and then the kids slept outside.
Day 2. Becki and I headed out to get our hair did and then did some awesome shopping at quilted bear.. I LOVE that place I found so many cute things and many more I wish I would have grabbed.. theres always next time! We got back to her house and just hung out some more and then headed out to our hotel...we stole Ky so that she could watch Malia the next day for us! We got all unloaded and then got ready for some dinner at a nearby sandwich place. Then we went back and got ready for some pool time! I didnt get in I got ready to go meet some of my friends from HS for dinner. We met and had so much fun catching up! Peg, Camille and Mope I had a blast thanks for meeting me!!! We sat at Chilis until after 11 just having fun and chatting, it was so nice to see them after such a long time and I we were able to just fall right into conversation it was awesome!
Day 3 we hung out until it was time for us to leave for 7 peaks (a water park) and left Ky and Malia so it was just Maddie Kaden Rich and I. We had the BEST time!!! We rode and rode and rode a few of the same slides so many times. Kaden and Maddie were beaming the whole time and had a blast in the wave pool. Kaden and Rich did the boomerang, I was so bummed I didnt have my camera there (wasnt going to risk that) but the look on BOTH of their faces as the came down was so funny.. I thought they might both pee their pants!
We spent almost 4 hours there and no one got SUNBURNED.. I was so determined to make sure we all walked out without a patch of red so I sprayed us all about 4-5 times.. except Rich who was "fine" so he has a little bit of red arms haha! It was lots of fun!
Then we went home and relaxed a bit then met Becki and the fam at Sconecutters for some awesome awesome dinner! I LOVE that place, I want about everything on the menu! Then we headed over to a nearby park and let the kids run around. Malia was a bit cranky from not taking a good nap but we had a lot of fun just chillin.
Day 4 was AWESOME Becki met me up at the Hotel so we could leave early to get our shop on! We went to Tai Pan and I ended up with 2 carts full of awesomeness!! Then we went to IKEA for some more fun and I ended up with another cart full of awesomeness! I LOVE shopping in Utah its the BEST... good thing I dont live there!! We had some lunch and then headed back to the hotel! Rich had stayed with the kids and took them to the dinasaur museam that is right by the hotel and then to a movie. They had a really good time, and I am so thankful I have such an easy going hubby that let me take off just about every day for some ME time!!
After a little down time we took off to my Grandma and Grandpas for a visit, the kids dont really have any grandparents close enough to have great relationships with but they love my grandparents they always are so welcoming and warm and have a great time with them.. This was their first time meeting Malia, and to say they adored her is an understatement! Malia warmed up to my grandpa right away too! My Grandpa is into his trains and took Kaden back to show them off and the girls soon followed.
My dad who I havent seen since I was about 16 came by for a visit, I will admit I was super nervous and wasnt sure how it was going to go, but we ended up having a nice visit.
We then headed off to Beckis for some dinner and my brother Cody met us out there, we just hung out all night till way late just enjoying each others company. The kids had a blast playing and I love hanging out with my siblings now that we are all older and dont feel like ripping each others hair out! We said our goodbyes cuz we were heading out the next morning and I hate saying goodbye. We had the best time though, so thanks Becki!!!
Day 5 was all about driving through boring ol Wyoming OMG Im sorry but that is the most boring state I have the hardest time driving through there but it made the most sence if we didnt want to add another hour to our drive! We got home around 7 last night and all just about fell in our beds.... after I had fun unpacking all my new things for the house!!!
It was a great trip!!!!
These pics were at the park we went to.. I noticed the sun glare coming through this tree and I made Maddie go pose for me and she started dancing with the light it was so awesome.. I love these photos.
Shaking her money maker!
Isnt that sweet!
After a million tries I finally got this one of Malia!
Here they are at the pool
And the Museum
The boys love walking with Malia.. I think they feel like the protectors
Malia playing with Becki
Showing some skin!
Lovin on dad
And being a little monkey
I love this shot
flying high on the swings.
K love this shot too... she was in front of this HUGE tree ticked off that we wouldnt let her just roam everywhere
still happy with more driving!
Malia LOVED having the headphones and would just sit that way forever
YEAH ready for 7 Peaks... actually this was after but still!
Of course loves the pool and wanted Rich to let her go
Kaden is becoming a very confident swimmer its so nice to not have to worry about 1 at least!

Ky gearing up for her future in babysitting hehehe
This was after we first got to Beckis... so happy to be out of the car!
They sure looked like they were up to something
Maddie and Ciara were being so cute dancing... Ciara would copy all of Maddies moves it was so funny!
Strike a pose
Ciara was loving on some camera time.. a ham!!
and if anyone is still here after that horribly long post here are the REST of the photos.. I did not make it in even 1 photo.. kinda mad about that!!!


Becki said...

Having you guys here WAS so much fun!!! Now you need to post some pics of your "awesomeness" from all the stores, and I might have to steal the pic of Ciara from you, so cute!

Norah said...

I loved each and every picture. Every time I scrolled down and saw a new pic I thought it was my fav until I saw the next one. I couldn't just comment on one!