Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday MADDIE!!

Yesterday was Maddies 6th Birthday! She is so dang sweet and we love her so so much and while watching her grow is so much fun it is also so hard! I just want her to stay little!
Maddie didnt have many major requests for her b-day.. she wanted a bike and a refrigerator in her room.. a real one! lol So the bike we could do! Maddie doesnt ever play with toys, no dolls, no barbies nothing she loves to draw and thats about the only thing she consistently plays with so we got her a drawing easel with lots of markers and chalk and paper to draw on. She has been wanting a new bed set for a long time and so when we moved we told her it could be part of her birthday present along with painting her room.. so we got her a new bed a full size which she loves and new blankets and stuff! It isnt put all the way together because after we got home we realized it wasmissing parts and we bought it while we were in Utah at IKEA grrr. Anyways so we are going to pick out paint and hopefully have that done this next week! We also got her a "lap top" which she has wanted forever and loves, because she is very much into computers! And then just a few other things and clothes.
Maddies food requests were, toast, hot dog and chicken nuggets! So we surprised her with doughnuts for breakfast, she had chick-fil-a for lunch and a movie dog for dinner!
We decided for this to not be a party year for her but she did get to invite 1 friend to take to a movie, so she chose Chandler and we went and saw Aliens in the Attic which they had both seen but the other movie we went to see wasnt playing anymore for some reason. We came home and had cake and it was so late that we ended up having Chandler sleepover rather than just a late night... both girls were just a wee bit giddy about that! It was Maddies first sleep over (we arent really big into sleep overs) but it went really well!
I think she ended up having a really fun day she loved all her new things but I think her favorite part of the day was when Silas called to talk to her.. it was the CUTEST thing listening to them talk for about 30 minutes LOVED IT!! So cute!
Some things about Maddie at 6
Refers to herself as Madison but I cant stop calling her Maddie, Madness and Mad!
Is the most SWEETEST girl I have ever met at her age! Seriously she is the most accommodating girl, super friendly puts up with bull crap from other people and is always trying to be the peace maker.
While I was preggo with her I prayed she would be A. Pretty! B. Sweet and kind! C. Smart
Priorities I know!! But I got all 3!! I am always telling her how great she is because not only is she beautiful on the outside she is beautiful on the inside which is most important! Not a day goes by that she doesnt tell me I look pretty and I think about everyone she talks to everyday hears at least one compliment.. I just love that about her! I think it takes guts to compliment someone else and I love that she has that!
Maddie is reading like a champ, I love listening to her sound out big word. She is getting so good at so many things I cant wait to see what 1st grade has to hold for her.
She is turning into a great little dancer, she has always had the performer in her but now is getting the skills. We have decided to let her continue to be part of the showstoppers which means competitions this year and traveling. So excited for her!! She LOVES dance not once has she complained all summer about classes and she goes 3 times a week!
She is a really good sis to both Kaden and Maddie, she is very helpful with chores and throwing away diapers and whatever any of us needs!!
I just love my little Madness so much, we feel so blessed that she chose us to be her parents and I have no idea what I would do without her... actually I have teared up quite a few times realizing that in just about a week, she will be in school all day. I am going to miss her so dang much she is my buddy and I just love hanging out with her!
Happy Birthday Madison we love you and hope you had the best day ever!! Your the best Maddie ever!!
Im SIX!!

YEAH Presents!!

WHAT!! Ive been wanting these!
New big girl bike
Her new drawing board
A little help from Kaden
OMGosh how cute is she!!
Riding her new bike!

She LOVES her new bike!
Work those legs!
On the phone with Silas
K I LOVE this shot!! She was so sassy and happy on the phone with her Silas
Maddie and Chandler (Bing)
Waiting for the movie and all dressed up
YUM Hot dog time!
Cake time... make a wish!
Daddy saying goodnight!
I had a hard time time saying goodnight to my big girl!


tamiz said...

We miss Maddie so dang much! I miss her complements too. You always feel pretty around her. She has a great talent of making people feel good. Silas read the blog with me and is reminded again that he HATES being 4 and how dare she be six without him! UGH! Moving away from you guys SUCKS! I'm really not ok with her getting so big.

Haley L said...

Happy birthday, Miss Maddie! Looks like you had a terrific day. :)

Kris said...

K, not sure who Chandler is but I love that you put Bing in parenthesis. Happy birthday miss Maddie! Come back to violin soon!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Miss Maddie! You are growing up too fast!!

Angela said...

Happy birthday Maddie! Looks like you had a great day and got alot of great presents! Love that ladybug dress you were wearing too!

Norah said...

Awww, 6 years old already??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY Madison!