Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was sooo excited for today!! I had a great work out to start my day and then NOTHING for the rest of the day!! Well until Scouts.. boooo BUT Kaden finally made some progress after a year of not really making any headway so yeah!
Maddie was able to have a friend over so she was pretty excited about that!

And Malia decided to dance and pose today it was cute but I wasnt in the mood to care about camera settings and making her sit still long enough for a good one.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

269 Happy Birthday Richie Rich!

Rich is one of those guys that everyone likes. He is honest, funny, talented and has fit a lot into his life even before we got together which makes for some good stories!
He is the best dad I know and a great husband.. shh dont tell him I admitted that one! HA
We sure love you babe and I hope you had a fab day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

268 prepping

I almost didnt get any photos today... then I grabbed Kaden as he was heading to bed.. can ya tell how happy he was about it!!
Rich had the day off today so we went shopping for Malias bday which is quickly approaching. I am so sad that she is already going to be 3. Craziness!
Senior season has started and so has family sessions for Christmas so my next couple of months are pretty booked for pictures which is exciting and overwhelming.
I had two sessions on Saturday, a great one with a cute HS senior and a fun one with our friends the Lindy's!! Go on over the Snap Happy and check them out!

Monday, September 27, 2010

267 Spirit Stick

Kaden has a good buddy that was seriously injured in a very freak accident a few weeks ago. He has been at Childrens for the last few weeks and just had his 8th surgery today. This boy has fought for his life and seems to finally be on the mend! We went and visited him last night and it was one of those wake up moments where I was just so thankful for my childrens health.
Well their team has had to cancel their Rockies game trip and finally rescheduled and went tonight so because his friend had to miss he decided to tag himself with his name and have him there in spirit!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well I am glad that I got these of Malia because the rest of the day flew by and now I have a migraine coming on so I am going to say good night and peace out! Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

265 Just 100 more to go!!

So Im kinda freaking out right now! I had 2 sessions today and Maddie had a performance. I just tried to open up the card that had Maddies performance and its EMPTY.. umm WTH! I went through and had edited it down before I left for my second session and I dont know what happened but now they are ALL GONE. Freaking out!
So Im going to go work on trying to find them and here is at least her video. Seriously WTC

Friday, September 24, 2010


A little hide and hide! We had a very busy day running kids around, cleaning and more running. Kaden went on a scout camp out tonight, thankfully he will get back tomorrow night!

I have a couple videos of Mad from her new studio. She is really loving it there and even has her first performance tomorrow!

Maddie is on the beam.. white leo black shorts!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Ive got some seriously goofy kids... and I love it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

262 Almost 3

I cant believe my baby is about to turn 3! YUCK! She is obsessed with her bday right now. She knows that it is coming up somehow and every morning says she wants her Birthday! She can even tell you when it is! Actually when Rich had to take her to Urgent care on Sunday when they asked when her bday was she chimed in and answered! So smart!!!
She has really turned into a funny girl the last month or so and is getting her crying over everything under control.. thank goodness!!!
Im going to have to do a fun photo shoot as soon as the rest of her outfit gets here! Now what do I get this girl?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I got these fab boots for the girls at H&M, Malia hates them but Im hoping she will learn to love them! She didnt want to wear them until Maddie put on hers (and I gave her candy) then they started to pose..

until Malia pulled Maddie down lol!
I got Kaden these awesome dorky glasses in NYC! He is bringing dorky back for sure!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

260 Breaking it down

Day 1
Well my morning started super early and since I was so nervous I couldnt sleep, I guess it was a super early morning!
My flight got in 30 minutes after Tamis, she had already found our driver and was waiting for me at the luggage pick up! After we got my bag we got in our car and headed to the hotel. We got checked in and pretty much went out right away! We mostly did some walking around, re-remembering where everything was. We hung out in Times Square for awhile and that was fun! We tried to do a little shopping but didnt really find what we wanted.
We went to the hotel to get ready for our first show of the trip, Promises Promises! All we knew was that Kristin Chenowith was in it and we were excited for that! Our seats were pretty far up but that was ok! The show ended up being less about Kristin (like we thought) and more about how great Sean Hayes was! He was funny, sang great, danced great.. just was great! (Can I take your owl?) LMBO!!!!
We were so dang pooped by the time it was over we went right back to the hotel and pretty much fell asleep as soon as we took our shoes off! We knew we were up for a fun day so off to sleep we went!

Wheres Waldo?? OR US They have this HUGE screen up in Times Square that has a live view of the street.. we know we are in it but we cant even find ourselves lol!

Day 2
Our second day but our first morning we woke up and it was almost 8!! We were both so excited and surprised by how well we had slept! We were both exhausted from the early wake up to the long flight to the late night and all the walking! So yeah for the awesome bed a good sleep!
We got up and left for Central Park for a run! Tami has been working her butt off but was a little nervous about running because she hadnt done more than a 2 mile run yet so we planned on that. We ran 2 miles in the park which was so fun! We passed a few people but got passed by a lot of fancy serious runners. It was a gorgeous place to run through though, I really could do that everyday! We started heading toward the Manhatten Temple and ran all the way there, took a couple pics and then ran back to the Hotel. We realized we ran at least 4 miles! YEAH US!!! Tami did amazing, she could have kept going too!!

After we showered we headed out for China town! We had done our homework on how everything works there and knew we wanted to find the knock off purses and Tami even had a picture of the one she wanted.. which ended up saving us from some very shady characters!
As soon as we got out of our Taxi we witnessed right away a lady trying to sale a purse from a black bag to a woman.. she didnt want it so the lady started cursing her in Chinese.. it was funny and we realized ok we can handle this!
We went through a bunch of shops and talked the people down on shirts scarfs, hats, glasses, and jewelry!! It was so so fun!! There was one man who before I agreed to a price grabbed the shirt from me, put it in a bag and shoved it back at me, I refused to take the bag until he met MY price and he finally did.. it was FUNNY!! He was ticked but I was happy!!
We did get lots of people secretly selling their bags but they wanted us to follow them to secret locations and we wouldnt do that!
We got sick of all of that crap pretty soon and headed back to the Hotel. On Broadway right by our hotel the roads were shut down for all the vendors and we went SHOPPING! It was awesome, we got some purses and stuff, it was great!
We also found H&M. We were both pretty excited about that but O MY HECK that store is freaking awesome!! The clothes are so cute and so well priced, we pretty much went crazy in there! I went a little nuts getting the girls stuff because Oh my it was all so cute!!! Dangerous store.. when will they be here?
Grilled corn.. it looked so yummy!

These weeners were soooo long!!
There were so many street performers out and these guys were amazing!

There were so many cool places for photos, I wish we had these kind of places here!!
After a long day of walking a shopping we bandaided our feet up and headed out for WICKED!!! OMG the most amazing show ever! I had seen it before but it really is better in NY!! Our seats were just 5 rows back I think so you could see their clothes up close.. and their spit!! I was so impressed by it all, I got very teary eyed at the end. It was weird but I was so proud of their accomplishment and the story and thinking of my kids and how I hope so badly that all their dreams come true too!
I snuck some pics of the set..

View from our hotel

Day 3
Our last day was all about finishing up! We took it easy in the morning and then got ready for the day. After stuffing our luggage the night before we knew we didnt have any more room for new purchases.. unless we wanted to buy new bag! So we headed down to Serafina's which we had heard of and figured would be good. Sadly we were dissapointed in the limited menu the and the food but hey the toast and croissant was good! I got a $4.50 bottle of water (I have a thing about tap water and always ask for botteled.. I didnt expect this though!)
We were right next to Bad Boy Entertainment.. So I hung out with Diddy.. thats what he asked me to call him anyways!!
Then we went to CRUMBS got my cupcakes. Then we just went and did some more looking around, and yes a little more shopping! Well a tiny anyways! Heck you can always shove a few more things in right!
Some of the photos from that day are my favorite!

We got picked up in a limo which was a surprise because we had only asked for a sedan.. Owell we can be fancy right!! LOL

I had the most amazing time! Tami makes everything super easy and is the direction lady so I know I wont have to worry about anything! Im a bit of a stresser so its nice not having to!
A HUGE thanks to Caleb for buying our Wicked tickets and a HUGE thanks to Rich for letting me go!!
LOVE you NYC be back soon!!