Sunday, September 12, 2010

252 The Best Maddie Ever!!

I think it goes without saying for anyone who knows Maddie that she is an amazing kid! She is one of the most kind hearted little girls. It became very obvious to us from a very young age that Maddie was very aware of others feelings. She is always wanting everyone to be happy and feel good about themselves. She doesnt like people to be sad or left out. Getting mad at her is horrible because as soon as she realizes that she has let you down or upset you she immediately gets very sad and cries, I really have the hardest time getting mad at her, which you would think would make her bratty, but I assure you there is not a bratty bone in her body!
I get so many compliments about her from not only friends but from strangers who get to meet her. One of her famous lines is "Your the best____ ever" she will find something to compliment about anyone and everyone. Seriously just a sweet girl!
So when we got a letter from the school the other day letting us know that she had been chosen to be a "First Friend" I was so excited and proud of her. I didnt have a clue what it was until I read the letter. So what it is is our school is starting a First Friend program.. when a new student moves in a first friend will take the parents/student around the school for a tour, they will make sure they invite the new student to sit by them at lunch and play at recess, and over all just make sure they welcome them.
What struck me the most was the definition of what a "First Friend" would have to possess and that these few students were chosen because their teachers know that they have these skills and traits.
It stated that these students will be ambassadors of the school, that they possess very high self esteem and inclusion skills. As the definition went on I started to get teary eyed. It fit Maddie to a T. Rich and I just sat there and beamed and told her how proud of her we were. She was a little nervous not knowing what it was or what it meant. But now that we have explained she is very excited! She will get pulled out of class tomorrow so that she can be trained and learn a little more about it all.
We just know that this girl will seriously go places in life. She is so outgoing, smart, beautiful and talented. Everything she sets her mind to she accomplishes and she does it with a smile. When we pulled her out of her dance studio I was fully ready for a full on melt down, and she let us know that it was ok, she even made sure to comfort me knowing how hard the decision had been. And now with her new studio she has gone in and is already doing so great!
We are just so proud of our sweet girl, I hate how fast she is growing but really I am just so excited to see where life will take her!
LOVE you Miss Maddie!


Haley L said...

So cool! What an honor for her. :)

tamiz said...

Yay Miss Maddie! I'm so proud of you! I'm guessing that before the program, she would do those things for new kids anyway. It's in her nature!

Angela said...

I agree with Tami! Maddie is a sweetheart and would make any parent proud!

Elizabeth said...

Maddie is such a sweetheart!! That is so cool for her! Yeah for you Maddie!!!!!

Stepping On Legos said...

Aww that is the best news ever! You must be SO proud. She really does sound like such an amazing kid!