Saturday, September 25, 2010

265 Just 100 more to go!!

So Im kinda freaking out right now! I had 2 sessions today and Maddie had a performance. I just tried to open up the card that had Maddies performance and its EMPTY.. umm WTH! I went through and had edited it down before I left for my second session and I dont know what happened but now they are ALL GONE. Freaking out!
So Im going to go work on trying to find them and here is at least her video. Seriously WTC


Haley L said...

Haha! We broke your camera!!! Told you we were impossible. ;) Stop freaking out--one way or another, it will all work out. Love how Maddie is ALWAYS smiling when she performs. It really was super cute!

Angela said...

Just saw this on facebook and she is a great little dancer! So much fun to watch! Did you ever find the other ones?