Tuesday, September 28, 2010

268 prepping

I almost didnt get any photos today... then I grabbed Kaden as he was heading to bed.. can ya tell how happy he was about it!!
Rich had the day off today so we went shopping for Malias bday which is quickly approaching. I am so sad that she is already going to be 3. Craziness!
Senior season has started and so has family sessions for Christmas so my next couple of months are pretty booked for pictures which is exciting and overwhelming.
I had two sessions on Saturday, a great one with a cute HS senior and a fun one with our friends the Lindy's!! Go on over the Snap Happy and check them out!


Melissa said...

Great set of senior pictures!

Angela said...

It sounds like you are going to be so busy with all your sessions coming up! Love all your pics Kris! It is nice to see you doing something you are so talented at!

tamiz said...

I was thinking your status was Glee related but am now on to a new theory. Dying to hear about the latest developments.

Haley L said...

We actually had fun and that is NOT something I can say about too many family photo shoots we've done. I got them printed thanks to the coupon code you gave me. Can't wait to put them up. You do amazing work and it's been fun to see your talent develop!