Wednesday, September 15, 2010

255 A FIRST!!

I had my first HS BOY senior photo shoot! It was so much fun!! Ive known Matt for a few years and have been so excited for this shoot for a long time but also nervous! We had to reschedule a few times and then had to squeeze it in this morning. I was bummed that we didnt have the best lighting.. it was just to dang bright! BUT I love so so many of the shots that we got!
I thought he would be super shy with me but he was so fun and gave me some real smiles, which made me so so happy! And he is one good looking kid so that part was easy!
Thanks Sherri and Matt!


tamiz said...

They turned out awesome. See you tomorrow!!!!

Stepping On Legos said...

nice job girl - what a cutie (said in my best maternal voice and not the creepy cougar voice - ha)