Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was sooo excited for today!! I had a great work out to start my day and then NOTHING for the rest of the day!! Well until Scouts.. boooo BUT Kaden finally made some progress after a year of not really making any headway so yeah!
Maddie was able to have a friend over so she was pretty excited about that!

And Malia decided to dance and pose today it was cute but I wasnt in the mood to care about camera settings and making her sit still long enough for a good one.


tamiz said...

LOVE Malia's outfit! Yay to a slow day. Now take those cards from the things Kaden earned and put them in the appropriate spots in his binder!

alison said...

Congrats to Kaden on getting his rank advancement!

Angela said...

Maddie is so cute in her cheerleading outfit! Yeah for days with nothing to do! I remember the last day I went to work out with you.... I then had nothing to do for the rest of the day either! LOL