Wednesday, November 28, 2007


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My Crafty Sister

My sister is super crafty, she always has her house so cute and decorated and always comes up with cute things to do! She recently started making these corker bows and sent me some for Malia! I was so excited and in aw of how great she did and now Im trying to convince her to make and sell them. Dont you all agree?? I think there is a huge market for these I know Ive been searching for them and yes gymboree has them but they are 6-8 bucks. So come on Becki share the love!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

O the Holidays

We had a really nice weekend! Well a long weekend with Rich at work and the kids at home bored but still together time is always nice right! On Saturday we did a little decorating inside and then on Sunday morning we decorated our Christmas trees, yes TREES! We have the different sized trees, more like a forest. There are 4 of them so each of us gets to decorate our own. There is the snowman tree and the Santa tree and the everything tree and the reindeer/candycane/snowflake tree! Kaden said that next year we will have to have 5 trees, one for Malia and I thought that was just so sweet that he even thought of it. Im excited for Christmas this year Im hoping for a wonderful memorable month (hopefully getting the 171-H finally). It would be great to be another step closer to our little girl, that would be a good X-Mas present!! (hint hint imigration) LOL... I love seeing houses decorated and I love the feel of our house when we have all the decorations up at night with the lights on the trees lit up! I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season.

Its beginning to look like Christmas

Thursday, November 22, 2007


So no that isnt a vacation photo weve been working on this puzzle for about a week and finally finished today so I could have the table back for Thanksgiving dinner.... it was close we finished 25 minutes before dinner was done!!

Thanks Tami that was fun!

Happy Turkey Day!

Turkey and gravy and pie OH MY!!

I am as stuffed as the turkey was hehehe (sorry any vegetarians). We had a great day of lounging, puzzle making, food baking, and then food eating OH and then more food eating! We have for the second year in a row done Thanksgiving all by ourselves and I have to tell you, it is AWESOME! I love spending time with family but only having to make food we like and will eat and not have any family drama that which is always a sure thing; happen is so so nice! I hope to eventually have some more family Thanksgivings in the future with my sis but we had a really great time today!
The kids got to go play out in the snow for a little while until Maddies fingers were frozen. I realized I was pretty much on my feet all day cooking different things and I have to say that I was well organized in the timing of everything and ended up eating right when we planned! We then headed over to a friends for some desert, we took a couple of our pies and they had a couple to share with us. The kids ran around together and then we came home lounged a little more and put the kids to bed! I would like to mention what we all said we were thankful for during dinner... (family tradition)
Rich was thankful for the kids and I and all the blessings we have recieved this year!
I was thankful for the kids and Rich and really thankful for how open my kids and friends have been to us getting Malia! (Its so nice to have support and people be excited with you)
Kaden was thankful for Rich, me, Madison!
Madison was thankful for Dora movies, spiderman (yaa uhu) and her family!
Truely we have been blessed this year and I kept thinking while we were sitting there eating dinner how different it will be next year with baby girl in her high chair snacking on rolls and whatever she can grab probly.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A snowy good time!

Cuz she will have....

I found a few iron ons and searched for a black onsie and finally found one and made this today!

My little Malia will have some serious girl power! Along with her sister I will have a couple little gorgeous DIVAS on my hands Im quite sure, and I just cant wait. I looked outside today and saw some snow and was excited but Im also a little sad I thought at this point I would maybe have my referral by now but we are still waiting on the 171-H. Well all in good time good things come so I am keeping that in mind. So for now I will continue to purchase and create adorable things for my little girl as we prepare for this precious little one to fill our home.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

O the looong days

So Im not sure why but this year the kids get the whole week off for Thanksgiving. I actually am enjoying it, I love sleeping in a bit and staying in my pj's for a couple hours! Now saying that much the kids get a little bored, we cant do something entertaining all day everyday. So to say they get bored is an understatement! Kaden is great at finding ways to have fun with Maddie they play games after they get sick of me (or visa versa). Yesterday Kaden dressed Maddie in his clothes and she looked like quite the gangster and she was LOVING it!! Weve played some go fish and plenty of coloring and tv, movies, games, etc. Today I decided to take them to lunch at NOODLES which I love and they do too and they each got a root beer and had a good ol' time! I enjoy having the kids home and getting to be lazy but I know by the end of the week we are all going to be sick of each other in our turkey comas!

*The music is for you Erica! lol

Vaca baby

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Time for a change

Squigle lines be gone! Hello new Paint!
My good helper!
So we have lived in our house for 6 years, I cant believe it and that means Ive had those squigily lines on my walls for probly 5 of those years. Ive been so over the walls for a couple years but Rich hasnt (really he didnt want to paint) BUT when you sit at home all day and cant get your mind off your baby whom is who knows where doing who knows what you go a little crazy and need something to keep you busy! (and retail therapy everyday can get you into trouble) hehehe.
So today I decided it was time to paint and Im so glad I did! It is more my style now with a warm chocolate color and then a light brown (paper bag) on the other walls! I even rearranged a couple pieces of furniture which isnt easy because of the layout of the room.
So Im finished I got a little help from Kaden, which probly saved me a 1/2 hour of screwing and unscrewing light switches! And now Im sitting here covered in paint my body is sore and Im seriously pooped BUT for the rest of the evening I can look around and smell O I mean look at my accomplishment and feel good! And it did end up helping take my mind off of things for awhile which was really nice! Off to find some grub...

**So you cant tell in the first picture because of the background but I had some lines on the walls that I did that seemed cool then but now not so much**


Madison is always so very willing to strike a pose. The other day instead of getting ready for school she put on some music and started modeling in the hallway, so I told her to get ready then we could take some pictures. She had decided she wanted her hair down and curly and wanted it over her shoulders so she could see the curls. It was cute because she kept pulling her hair in front and checking it out. We went in her room and right away she lays on her bed and starts to pose for me, shes really a natural and Im so glad that she is so confident to just bust a move! I was never that way I was a hider always from the camera and I still am. I really hope I can insteal that same confidence in my little Malia. Kaden and Rich are not willing participants, I dont get many pictures of Kaden because he runs away from the camera I believe it is the age because he use to be a bit more willing. I talked Rich into modeling a flower clip though! hehehe I told him I had to see if it would stay in thin hair! (who knows how much hair baby will have right) LOL
Every time I post a picture I cant help but think about what it will be like to have some Malia pictures to share. OO think of the fun we will have then!! If we could just get that darn 171-H I would be one happy mommy....

My Muses

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I spent the morning being crafty! I made some flower barretts for Malia and Maddie (if she will wear them). I have always loved those huge flowers in babies hair, so I made some!! They can be worn in hair alone or put on a head band. Super cute! Maddie was my model which she was pleased about.

Craft Show

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A visit

We went to Utah a couple weeks ago and I left my camera behind but I got it back in the mail yesterday so below are some photos from our trip. You will see pics of the kids on the plane, Maddie playing in the leaves courtesy of Kylie! There are some adorable pics of Ciara my sweet neice (who prefferred Rich over me) become a little diva with some big shades! We had a nice visit, I always love seeing my sister and her family. There arent really any pictures of the boys because Kaden and my nephew Dallin always dissapear somewhere. And really Ciara loved Rich, I think it was the first night we were there she was snuggling with him and giving him eskimo kisses, it was really sweet though it ticked me off cuz shes supposed to love me more!!

Utah trip

Church Support

November is National Adoption Month. A month to celebrate and teach and learn all about different types of adoption. My friend Tami sent this to me today and I thought it was awesome. I know my church supports adoption but reading about it was great. Its so important to have support through friends, family, and your church. So I wanted to share....

First Presidency Endorses National Adoption Month
Kiku Beaufort

November is National Adoption Month, and members of the First Presidency have thrust their support behind the government’s efforts to raise awareness of the need for more parents to adopt.
“We endorse this proclamation [of November as National Adoption Month] and express our support of unwed parents who place their children for adoption in stable homes with a mother and a father,” the First Presidency stated. “We also express our support of the married mothers and fathers who adopt these children.”
The First Presidency’s statement follows years and years of the tradition of celebrating adoption, both inside and outside the Church.
National Adoption Month, which began in 1976, was originally only celebrated for a week. It was initiated on a state level by the governor of Massachusetts. But, when President Gerald Ford caught wind of the idea, he implemented it as a national celebration that same year. In 1990, it was changed from a week to a month-long celebration.
The goal of this month is to celebrate the family, raise awareness of the thousands of children waiting for adoption, and express gratitude to the many parents who have taken foster children into their homes.
“Families who adopt show the generous spirit of our Nation,” President George W. Bush stated in a proclamation announcing adoption month. “Every child desires a permanent home, and when parents adopt a child to love as their own, lives are changed forever.”
Within National Adoption Month, there is a specific, momentous day, National Adoption Day, which will be held this Saturday. On this day, special efforts are made by the courts, judges, attorneys, adoption professionals, and child welfare agencies in all 50 states to finalize adoptions for thousands of children.
The Church’s support derives from its stance on the sanctity of life, and it has done everything in its power to provide adoption services to solidify that belief. In 1919, the Church started LDS Family Services to do just that.
LDS Family Services offers help for both birth parents and adopting parents. It provides information about services, experiences of other birth parents, and agency commercials to offer courage and hope to those making the difficult decision of whether to place their child for adoption.
Regardless of who is promoting adoption, the Church is there to offer their support for the sanctity of life and the importance of the family.
“Children are entitled to the blessing of being reared in a stable family environment where father and mother honor marital vows,” the First Presidency stated. “Having a secure, nurturing, and consistent relationship with both a father and a mother is essential to a child’s well-being. When choosing adoption, unwed parents grant their children this most important blessing. Adoption is an unselfish, loving decision that blesses the child, birth parents, and adoptive parents in this life and throughout the eternities. We commend all those who strengthen children and families by promoting adoption.”

Visit to learn more about National Adoption Month events and sponsors.
Visit to learn more about LDS Family Services.
LDS Living

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Traffic Jam

Nope not that kind! I mean when your driving around and you drive past someone rocking out in their car. Umm so confession that person would be ME! I admit that I like to bust a move in the car, especially if Im alone. If there arent kids in the car with me, I turn up the music and really let it go. Ya picture Chris Kattan in The Night of the Roxbury. Ya thats me.... head bobbing and all. So today I got to run to Costco all by my self (AWESOME) and on my way home getting off the freeway I was at a red light and who came on the radio?? Only the awesomist singer ever J.T. (you might know him by Justin Timberlake) lol anyways if J.T. was gonna bring sexy back so was I, so I cranked up the music started bobbing my head. Just as I was thinking how embarrassing it would be to see someone I knew the light turned green and this Jeep drove past starring at me with two young men and they were grinning. So right away Im like whatever Im hot stuff (but really a little embarrassed) when I realize they are trying to flirt with me. Thats right they agree I was bringing sexy back!! LOLOL Ok so it was just what I needed, Im never really feeling all that cool but to have a couple pretty cute guys trying to flirt with me even though I was just jammin all by my self felt pretty darn good! So next time you have a J.T. moment crank it up and let it loose, lets take a stand people and bring car dancing back!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

a night of discovery

For Family Home Evening tonight, I decided to teach the kids a little bit about where Malia will be coming from and how she might be living before we get to bring her home. I have been following a blog (adoption buzz). And on there you can watch orphanage video and look at different pictures of orphanage life. Im not sure why but I havent really been sharing to much about where and how baby girl is living (or will be living??). I guess I havent thought they would understand the difference. Though I know she will get the best care she can get it is quite different from how we live and honestly saddens me at the thought that for the first 3-4 months she wont be held all day and loved by a family. I know her nannies will love her and I pray for it but it is still sad for me.
The kids really enjoyed the video and I made sure to point out to Kaden the differences in the beds the food the kitchens the beds etc... He really took it all in and was really wanting to bring her home and put her on a soft matress. Madison noticed all of the very cute babies and told us that she knows our baby is going to be so cute, and she got very cuddly with me and told me she loved me and the baby and cant wait to have Malia. I cant wait to be in Vietnam and take in the culture and take as many photos as I can so that I can share with Malia and the kids where she came from. I really want her to be proud of where she came from and love and take in all that she is. It will be a true goal of mine that she feels secure with who she is and understands the love her parents had for her enough to give her to us. I also want her to know that in her early life she had wonderful nannies that loved her and did all they could for her.
It ended up being a really touching evening and after we ran out of things to look at they wanted more so we went to You Tube and watched some G&R's which they loved! I guess sometimes I underestimate my kids how what they can take in, I am truely blessed with a very sensitive sweet boy and a very loving little girl, I cant wait to share with them more and watch their enthusiasm grow for their sister who hopefully will come home to us sooner rather than later. Oh sweet baby girl you are so loved I cant wait to have you in my arms!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

what would you be?

Rich and I were on our way to dinner yesterday when out of nowhere he mentioned he wished that he could sing. It got us on a discussion about what we wish we could do. I also wish that I could do the following....
1. sing
2. be more athletic
3. drive a race car
4. be more crafty
5. be a little more book smart (I consider myself street smart)
6. play the guitar
7. better in the kitchen
8. grow another inch or two
9. do makeup really well
10. win the lottery go to Utah buy myself and my sister a house on a large lot and live hapily ever after!!

Hey its my dreams no judging!

So whats some stuff you wish you could do??

Friday, November 9, 2007


I am trying to prepare for our trip to Vietnam (no we dont have a date) and I know there will be a lot of down time in the hotel and of course a very long did I mention LONG plane trip and so Im hoping to take along a few great books. I dont need any books to make me feel smart no no Im not one of those kind of readers but I do enjoy a good read. Like I mentioned before I loved the Stephenie Meyer's books and I love Jodi Picoult so if that gives you any idea... I would love to get some suggestions on some good fun books to take with me. I did get word today that we might end up in Vietnam for only 7-10 days which would be AWESOME! The changes that have been made recently are really going to be great. If we were only there for a week boy would life be a little less stressful. So books people help me out!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tic Toc

Time seems to be slowing and yet I seem to keep flipping to the next month on the calendar. I was expecting to get my I-171H aproval this week or next and I just found out that really I might have a whole month more to wait. Right away rather than feeling frustrated I felt peace that things are happening at the right pace. Im getting a little nervous with the timeline because if we dont have that one last paper by a certain time we are going to have to start redoing some paperwork which would stink. I think it is going to happen for us soon though. I know I have a little girl out there that needs us and God will bring us to her at the right time not only for us and her but for Kaden and Madison. The last couple of weeks I have felt a little disconnected from Malia feeling like things are just so far away right now and there has been some negative things happening with Vietnam adoptions right now with quite a few families receiving NOIDS and not getting to bring their little ones home with them. I have to keep in mind that the timing is hopefully going to be just right so that all of that is figured out and we wont have the problems and waiting and stress that others are experiencing right now. So though that clock is ticking and it is a loud tic I know its all going to work out. Working on my Faith here people and it is a little hard but I think Im growing stronger!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Ok LOVE this book LOVE it so much and the whole series. I have been having such a hard time finding a book that I could get into and so when I could'nt put this book down I was so excited. It is a series, there are 3 now and 2 more to follow with a movie in the works!! The author is Stephenie Meyer and the 1st book is Twilight followed by New Moon and then Eclipse. If you are in need of a good book go grab it right now....... no really head on over and get this book and I promise you wont be able to put it down. I had such a hard time with Eclipse because I knew it was coming to an end and I wasn't ready to be done reading it so I postponed it as long as I could but it was torture because I thought about it constantly. I cant wait for the next book expected next fall and then the movie I hope will be as good as the book. And I will say right now I choose Edward I love him and Bella should too DUH girl Edward!! Edward!! Ok now that I have written about my newest obsession I will go search online for more details!


Ok this will be quite pathetic so bare with me....

Four Jobs I've Had:
A driver for a dealership
A internet updater
A sales follow up call lady (yes those annoying people)
A awesome mom

Four T.V. Shows I watch:
Grey's Anatomy
Friday Night Lights
Any reality tv shows that involve dancing
Pushing up Daisies

Four Favorite Foods:
A good sandwich
Red Robins Chicken Sandwich
Good fries w/ fry sauce
Chicken Noodle Soup

Four Movies I Love:
Ever After
You've got Mail
Notting Hill
Top Gun

Four Websites I Visit Daily: (just 4??)
Ok all my blogs I follow... Im not saying how many
My Yahoo group for adoption
Childrens clothes stores

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
In Utah with my sister
In Vietnam getting my baby
In Hawaii on vaca with the fam
A big huge soft comfy bed with tons of
pillows watching a movie with the fam

Ok Erica I did it!!


Faith is a funny thing (or not) you either have it or you dont. I felt like I had it but I had a major wake up call this past week. Now my sister has amazing faith and I have learned so much from her over the past week. My sisters family had a loss in her family (no details -k-) and can I tell you how much I have learned from her. Her strength has made me want to be a better person and has truely showed me that the faith I have isnt what it should be, and now I yearn to have what she has so that I might be as strong and wonderful as she is. I absuletly love my sister so much I really dont know where I would be without her constant support. Really being the only family I have she has taken me on and become my mother my father my sibling and my friend. So to you Becki I love you so much and Im so grateful for all that you do and the strength that you have, thank you for showing me what the church can do for me and being a true inspiration in changing the way I live. Coming from when we use to share a room and I was a pack rat and kept such a mess I was also very in love with my stuffed animals and she put up with it (though liked to torture me a little with them too). You are a huge piece of my heart and I am forever grateful. LOVE YOU!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Motherbridge of Love (A great book)

Ok all you adoption mommas. I came across a great book and bought it last week. It arrived in the mail and I was so excited because it is truely a great book to share with your adopted little one. It really is just pointing out the two types of love from the Birth Mother and the Adopted Mother. Its just touched my heart and the illustration is just beautiful. Kaden read it to Madison and they adord it too. I really cant wait to share it with little Malia in hopes that she will take comfort in the love her mother had for her in order to give her to me. One found a home for you that she could not provide. The other prayed for a child; her hope was not denied. Does that not say it all. If you would like to buy this book you can find it on www. and I promise you will love it. It is based on an Asian Adoption.

trick or treat

Umm Treat please! I love halloween and though I havent been completely holiday ready this year like usual (a little side tracked this year) we had a blast last night. We started the day by getting the kids ready for school and they got to wear their costumes. Kaden was the dementor from Harry Potter and Madison was the Wicked Witch. I was able to attend Madisons preschool party and watch the little ones go from class to class for their parade. I always love watching Maddie in class because she is usually so well behaved its a good mommy moment! I missed Kadens party but thats ok hes getting big now and I sent treats to share. For dinner we had our traditional hot dogs. I remember having cold hot dogs almost every Halloween when I was a kid though I stick with the tradition I have to warm them for my kids cuz now it grosses me out. Then we were off to paint faces. I was so excited to get Maddies reaction to her green face I kept trying to get her not to look until we were all done but half way through she snuck a peak and freaked out LOL Im sorry it was to funny, then when I finished I said ok look you look so cute and she took a very quick peak and screamed jump from the counter and ran to hide!! We kept trying to get her to look in the mirror and she would duck from the mirrors and yell no its scary. *I got it on the camera if I can ever figure out how to get it on the computer I will have to share.
Anyways we decided to tag along with the Zims cuz those boys always bring a truck load of candy home and we had a blast the bigger boys kinda stuck together and Maddie and Silas stuck together always the last to the door but somehow the first to get the candy!! When we got home they dug right in to the candy and then headed for the shower. Madison was freaked out to shower because you can see the mirror in the shower so we had to block the mirror for her to even come in and she cried to whole time because she was afraid she would see herself. When we were finally done and I got her dressed she finally looked at herself and smiled big and said Im me again!! It was to dang cute. Then she informed me next year she will be a princess and doesnt want to ever be a witch again! And yes mother of the year award for enjoying my daughter being a little scared of herself.... Throughout the evening I saw some little ones in their cute little costumes and I couldnt help but wonder what my little Malia will be next year for her very first Halloween.

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