Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A watery, barbq'in, smore, movie, sleepover parte'!

Kaden is turning 11 years old tomorrow. HOLY CRAP! I cant believe that... anyways with his baseball schedule it was hard to find a day for a party/sleepover but thats what he really wanted so we finally found a day that there wouldnt be practice or a game and we grabbed it up! I let him choose 5 friends that could come for a water fight barbque movie sleep over party. It was super busy yesterday but everything went really well and I think everyone had a great time! I didnt hear anyone fight which was nice, there was lots of laughing and seeing Kaden super happy with constant smile was awesome! He really has some great friends and now that they are about to enter middle school Im so glad he has this amazing set of core friends so that they can stick together, they have played every sport together for the last 4 years so they have all become pretty close. I hope he had a great day, Im pretty sure he did, he kept saying thank you over and over and I was just so happy to have made him so happy! Tommorrow will be a fun day for him and sad for me, I just cant believe how old he is, time is flying by with him way to fast!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eating some slide

That there is Silas eating some slide! Its ok he walked away or ran laughing!! We bought this super huge slide for the kids the other day and I know its going to be a staple of our summer. It is an absolute blast!!! The kids absolutely love it and weve had the friends over to enjoy it too. We had to get rid of our trampoline as to not ruin our lawn with the sand bags and there isnt anywhere really to put it so I knew we needed something fun for the kids that we could set up a couple times a week to keep them from whining I mean from being bored!

After an hour of set up (alone) and sweating my toosh off I suprised the kids after telling them if they got some chores done something awesome would happen and I think they agreed it was worth pulling some weeds.

Malia was napping through the first time but yesterday was awake and LOVED it! She went down with Kaden and was a little shocked by the cold water at the bottom and we figured she would be done but she kept walking back over and standing in line begging for a turn and ended up going down lots and lots it was really cute, then during the kids breaks we let her just play in the water part and she loved that, she kept dipping her tooshie into the water and giggling. LOVED IT!

So if you wonder where we are for the rest of the summer, it will be in our own backyard!
Enjoying some splashing!

Rich had to give it a go and I was supposed to delete the photo HA!

I love outside pics of this girl, shes just to cute!

Gotta love a booty shot

Super star!

There Rich snuck a shot of me going down so we are even...... the water was COLD!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Whats that Lassie??

So today I had a visitor of the feathered kind. It started this morning... as I was checking my email I heard a knock knock knock on my window and I looked up and this bird was bumping into my window and flew away then came and knocked again and again and again. After about the fifth round in my head I thought OMG what if this is a Lassie story and this bird is trying to get me to look at something (dont laugh!!) so I peaked out the window and he would tap on my window then fly around the yard and then come back and just flutter there for a minute it lasted about five minutes the first time. Then later in the afternoon while I was hanging out he came back and did the SAME thing and I finally after several minutes grabbed my camera and he came back for about 10 minutes and I got some fun shots.. he came back again tonight. What a silly bird, I dont speak bird though and Im no Timmy so whoever was in trouble is still in trouble! So here are a couple shots of my new friend (he will NOT be my friend if he does that early in the a.m. though).

And THEN.....
Ya thats baby girl in some panties!! Dont you just wanna give that bum a squeeze! I have blogged about Malia doing some #2's in the potty.. well she has kept that up and now more than not she goes in the potty. If she does go in her diaper she is completely embarrassed and covers her arms over her eyes and never finishes the job if you know what I mean.. so I then have to get her to the potty anyways so she can finish. So anyways this last week she has also gone pee pee on the potty but its always with a poo poo (sorry for all the potty talk) so tonight she had to poo I saw she was getting her embarrassed pose so I asked if she needed to poo poo on the potty and as usual she got excited and ran to the potty and accomplished a #1 and #2!! So we put some panties on her for a couple hours with no accidents.. she didnt ever go potty again tonight but she felt pretty hot in her pretty pink panties and I gotta say her cute little bum was just squishable!! So I gotta decide if I wanna really try to push this potty thing... I know I dont I feel like her vocab skills are there enough to get this done without some serious stress BUT do I give her a couple days of trying using Tamis spot bot a zillion times?? O decisions!! Heres some pics of little missies cute little panties bum!
OO she says pee pee and poo poo and potty SOOO cute! Love it!

This was her happy dance!

She was just so happy and kept watching herself walk around and pulling on them!
Love it!
Happy dance, Happy dance, Happy dance

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Whos your daddy!

Malia agrees that her daddy is #1!! I just wanted to give Rich a shout out on Fathers Day. He really is an amazing man and father. I know sometimes I am hard on youwith all the time with you put in at work but I also hope I or we let you know how much we appreciate your hard work. I know that you do all that hard work to give us all that we could ever want. You are always working to make sure the kids have everything they could ever want or need and you do the same for me. We appreciate you hon!!
We spent the day just hanging out with friends and enjoyed a yummy dinner and some awesome dessert. Rich doesnt ever really ask for anything when holidays come up so its always super hard to buy him anything, but he loves to golf so we got him a gift certificate to go hit some balls and then a few other small things he has asked for.
So from me hon, I appreciate so much what you do for our kids. I always find it amazing when Kaden or Maddie feel so open to come and tell you anything, I love that they trust you and know that you will help and comfort them no matter what. I love and appreciate that you are a worthy man and can give them fathers blessings to help them with whatever they need. I love that our kids will grow up having you forever and ever and I appreciate that you love my family and will take in family when needed and step up and be loving and kind for them too. We are truly blessed to have you, and though I know I especially dont tell you enough I appreciate you and all that you do for us. I hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day cuz you deserve a good day all about you!
These rug rats sure love you too!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

IF the Zimmers are moving....

why the HECK do they have Christmas lights up??? Seems like a bad selling point right?!

Well we have been having a blast living so close to them and now that we know it will soon come to an end we are having lots of fun pranking each other by say toilet papering or spot lighting windows or strip poker (OO maybe not that one!) Or like tonight... Rich and I went downstairs to watch a movie, when we came upstairs at 11 I checked my phone and heard "Happy Easter" in a creepy yet familiar voice and so I ran and told Rich right away that we needed to check our porch, sure enough all over our front yard were Easter eggs (FILLED with candy YUM) and even a basket for us to collect our sweet treats! I was laughing sooo hard! I saw that the Easter bunny had visited only 30 mins before so we spot lighted their window but they must have already been fast asleep so we made a call to Santa and he decided a few lights might be appropriate!
So thanks for the tanny!!!! Im STILL laughing!! So far I will admit they have one on the pranking so I just gotta plan something BIG!!! P.S. Calebs afraid of snakes... anyone got a big one hahaha! Heres a pic of our Easter find fun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I ♥ Faces

After following the i Heart Faces Photo contests for a long time I decided to enter! Head over to iHeartfaces and see all the entries! There are so many great photographers and photos to check out. This weeks theme was Sepia, I love messing with sepia so this was so fun!!
Click here to go check it all out!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A new do!!

Malia's hair has grown so much since she has been home, we could tell when she got home that they had to have been cutting her hair to keep it out of her face which made me sad but made sense. Her hair has been very uneven with one side being quite a bit longer on one side which you could really only see when it was in piggies. So I knew it was time to even it out for her and help it look a little fuller and healthier, so we got it cut today!
She did amazing, she cried for just a few second after the girl put the drape on her but then recovered and sat very still in my lap for the whole thing, she did keep leaning into me for comfort, and I was loving that!! So it was short and sweet and I was hoping for more of a bob style but the girl didnt take to much off but it still looks adorable!!
Then I got mine chopped, I have been wanting to again for quite awhile and finally just had it done, it feels SOO much better! So here are some pics of my sassy girls big day!
Feeling good in the chair until....
The dang lady put a drape on meeee!!!

She looks concerned right
But then we came home and had lots of fun playing with my new lense that Rich surprised me with!!!
Ok look at this girls lips in this photo LOVE THEM!!
Tippie toes in her tutu

Could you just die with how cute and sweet that face is!
And here we are with our new do's!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My show stopper!

Maddie had her recital today! For the first time since she was 3 I finally feel like she has good teacher and finally had the cutest darn costume! Maddie is a charmer on stage and feels so comfortable up there it amazes me. She never gets nervous at all, I love that! We had a dress rehearsal yesterday with full makeup and we got some photos done so I cant wait to see how those turn out. We grabbed some shots at the house before we left and when I was done she was so excited to leave she was strutting her stuff and just wanted to go!
Now we have to make a very big decision.. Maddie was invited to be part of the company's show stoppers which would mean competing, they watch these girls and get recommendations from the teachers and decide who they think would do well moving up to compete and I was so surprised and sooo proud that they wanted Maddie! At first I was thinking no right away until the owner pulled me aside and told me how they chose the girls for this class and why Maddie was chosen, Maddie I know would love it, she just loves dance and to please a crowd is where she shines, so we have a meeting to go to, to help us make the decision. Im so excited for her!!!

Ready for the show
Her very favorite pose!
Such a sweet girl I have
The mirror gets lots of action when Maddie has makeup, she just LOVES getting ready, her favorite part of makeup is mascara which used to be my scariest!

They girls danced to "Popular" from the Wicked soundtrack with Krisin Chenoweth who I LOVE and I just love love that song! They dance was just adorable and all the girls did such a great job! There were only a few moments here and there were girls took turns being confused but I was so impressed with Maddie and her ability to memorize the dance now, such an improvement from even 6 months ago! I will be trying to upload the video tomorrow.
This was their finish pose

After the dance was over all the girls ran off stage but Maddie stopped to give the crowd a couple of the most adorable curtsies.. Everyone around us sat and commented on her and I just wanted to shout YES and shes MINE!!! Im sooo bummed that our camera missed it Im hoping someone else caught it for me!!! ANYONE??

To cute
Maddie got some serious air for such short little legs
My dancing beauty on stage
I really was so proud of her I cried at her adorableness
And daddy brought flowers which always puts a grin on that sweet face
Heres a slide of some more... the slideshows arent working for some reason but if you click on view images you can see the pics!