Sunday, June 21, 2009

Whos your daddy!

Malia agrees that her daddy is #1!! I just wanted to give Rich a shout out on Fathers Day. He really is an amazing man and father. I know sometimes I am hard on youwith all the time with you put in at work but I also hope I or we let you know how much we appreciate your hard work. I know that you do all that hard work to give us all that we could ever want. You are always working to make sure the kids have everything they could ever want or need and you do the same for me. We appreciate you hon!!
We spent the day just hanging out with friends and enjoyed a yummy dinner and some awesome dessert. Rich doesnt ever really ask for anything when holidays come up so its always super hard to buy him anything, but he loves to golf so we got him a gift certificate to go hit some balls and then a few other small things he has asked for.
So from me hon, I appreciate so much what you do for our kids. I always find it amazing when Kaden or Maddie feel so open to come and tell you anything, I love that they trust you and know that you will help and comfort them no matter what. I love and appreciate that you are a worthy man and can give them fathers blessings to help them with whatever they need. I love that our kids will grow up having you forever and ever and I appreciate that you love my family and will take in family when needed and step up and be loving and kind for them too. We are truly blessed to have you, and though I know I especially dont tell you enough I appreciate you and all that you do for us. I hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day cuz you deserve a good day all about you!
These rug rats sure love you too!!