Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eating some slide

That there is Silas eating some slide! Its ok he walked away or ran laughing!! We bought this super huge slide for the kids the other day and I know its going to be a staple of our summer. It is an absolute blast!!! The kids absolutely love it and weve had the friends over to enjoy it too. We had to get rid of our trampoline as to not ruin our lawn with the sand bags and there isnt anywhere really to put it so I knew we needed something fun for the kids that we could set up a couple times a week to keep them from whining I mean from being bored!

After an hour of set up (alone) and sweating my toosh off I suprised the kids after telling them if they got some chores done something awesome would happen and I think they agreed it was worth pulling some weeds.

Malia was napping through the first time but yesterday was awake and LOVED it! She went down with Kaden and was a little shocked by the cold water at the bottom and we figured she would be done but she kept walking back over and standing in line begging for a turn and ended up going down lots and lots it was really cute, then during the kids breaks we let her just play in the water part and she loved that, she kept dipping her tooshie into the water and giggling. LOVED IT!

So if you wonder where we are for the rest of the summer, it will be in our own backyard!
Enjoying some splashing!

Rich had to give it a go and I was supposed to delete the photo HA!

I love outside pics of this girl, shes just to cute!

Gotta love a booty shot

Super star!

There Rich snuck a shot of me going down so we are even...... the water was COLD!



Melissa said...

The kids look like they're having a BLAST! Mostly I'm impressed that you put that thing together on your own! LOL

Erica said...

WOW that looks so fun!! What a great summer activity.

Angela said...

That looks so neat! What a fun mom you are!

tamiz said...

You are a fun mom. Thanks for lettng my boys benefit from your funness!

Elizabeth said...

That looks like such a blast!!It will be great to have when the temps are so hot this summer! Very fun pics!