Friday, June 5, 2009

Ok for real it took that long!

First of all I absolutely love that shot!! Not sure why but I love it!! I was teaching or trying to show Malia how to be soft with the flowers and she kept giggling with joy!
So anyways we are moved in, it actually went pretty smooth with all the great help we got! Rich had only that first day off geeze almost 2 weeks ago already but the boys were super great awesome helpers! Maddie was a HUGE help in entertaining Malia and thank goodness Miss Malia still takes long naps.. it sure helped me get a lot of work done in a short amount of time! Most of the decor is up on the wall, everything except what Im not sure I want or where to put it. The girls need their rooms painted still but Im putting that off but I do know what I want to do and I think it will be awesome! The rest of the house is perfect color wise, so many of the same colors that we already had which made it super easy to decorate!
It still doesnt feel quite like home to me but there are lots of things I love about this place, the major one is the backyard! I LOVE hanging out in a yard that isnt horrendously gross like ours was! There are beautiful flowers and a pond and trees OO trees!! Love it love love it and so do the kids! We have been enjoying lots of time outside and had lots of water fights and stuff with the kids friends which has been great for summer. We have had bar-b-ques and made smores and had lots and lots of "water pops" as Maddie calls them or aka Otter pops!
Malia had been really really cranky for a few weeks but this week has been awesome she is chatty and happy again which is sooo nice for me! I know she has had teeth trying to come (her 2 year molars UGH!) but its so nice to have her happy again and not such a snoot! Ive been working on breaking her of some badness that she seemed to develop all of a sudden and I think other than the normal Im almost 2 tude shes got she is back to her sweet self!
The kids are in heaven living so close to their best buds and its been heaven for me to have them entertained so much. Im not so good about getting them out and busy during the summer especially with a wee one in tote.
So I know I have a lot of catching up to do but heres a start. I havent taken a ton of photos because we really have been super busy and I also havent had internet until a couple days ago and then my computer totally pooped out on me so I still havent really had the chance to read emails or blog or nothing so I stole Rich's tonight and hes on the hunt for a new computer for me so Im hoping that happens soon! Please babe pretty please!!!!

Anyways here are pics of water fights, outdoor fun, indoor fun and I think thats about it. As usual there arent a ton of pics of the boys cuz they give me dirty looks when I aim at them but the girls are good sports, especially my Maddie who is a pose master!!! These are my faves and then there is a slide of the rest. I dont have my editing stuff since its stuck in my dang looser computer but some of these still turned out nice!
I love that I caught this shot of Kaden being so sweet with Maddie while they looked for the fish

Maddie was trying to show Malia how to smell the roses
Mr Jude was loving my camera.. check out those lashes!
I caught Malia loving on her reflection, she kept laughing and kissing herself!
Got a group shot.. took some convincing with Dal


Becki said...

Looks like fun! Do I see some new patio furniture ... it's very cute! I love the flower pic with the hands it's very sweet. You definitely need that one framed.

Elizabeth said...

I too loved the one with your hand and Malias! So precious...enlarge and frame that one for sure!!! Looks like you guys have had some fun times with many more to come!