Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kids got some wheels!

Kaden had an away meet today and I took the girls so we could watch! I made it in time to watch all 3 of his avents!

His first was the 400 again and he did really well, had 2nd until the last second and lost steam and ended up in 3rd but hey thats still really great!

He imediately headed over to the hurdles, Im not kidding they were RIGHT after the 400 and he was so tired, at the first hurdle he was first, it was so awesome I couldnt believe how high he jumped and I was talking to Rich on the phone and then all of a sudden he just stopped and knocked over the next hurdle.. he was just out of gas but he started back up and still didnt get last so that goes to show ya that he could have done really well if he hadnt stopped lol!

And in the 200 he rocked, he only had a fast break so I was worried he was still gonna be pooped but he ROCKED IT!! I love watching the photos and see how with each frame he pulls further away! So fun! Track is quickly becoming my favorite sport of his!

This is his last week though, districts is on Saturday and Ill be at a convention with Maddie but Rich will be there with him!

His shoe was untied again

Right after his races he had his friends coming up to him and us moms snapped some pics.. hes gonna kill me for getting his running hair in a pic hehe

IHF ~ Pet photos A dogs life... or maybe a cats?!

I am not a big lover of animals.. gasp!! I know!! After being a HUGE lover of them as I grew up and even wanting to be a vet I became a mom and having pets was just one more thing except the poop isnt as easy to tolerate! But we adopted Lucy about 6 months ago and we all LOVE her, I even let her sleep on my bed, which if you knew how OCD I am you would know how crazy that is! She is a sweetie and so dang lazy, which I appreciate. So after attempting a few funny set up pics for this weeks I Heart Faces theme that didnt work out, I finally just caught her snoozing on my favorite chair. I really wish I could snuggle up that small and sleep all day!
Go check out the fun and darling pics at IHF!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

So Lucky

Ok are they not the cutest siblings ever! I wont go into the stress of finding Easter dresses, nope I wont mention getting sent the wrong size just days before and then really having not a whole lot of options... nope! But really it all worked out and they looked so stinking cute this morning for church! After the candy high this morning we rushed to get ready for church and I realized I better hurry and get a few shots of them! It was cold.. can you tell lol!

I feel so lucky and blessed to have the knowledge of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and that because of him I will also be able to be with my family once again after this life. I felt very in tune this morning to this knowledge. I think I was a little emotional from just knowing it would be my last Sunday with this ward family but I felt the Spirit today and I needed that.

After getting home from church we had a small lunch and naps/play. Then I warmed up my Mimis dinner that we got last night and had a really nice dinner (this is so the way to go from now on!)

And then we had CRUMBS for destert woot woot! SOOO YUMMY!
We have had a really really nice day and I am so thankful for my blessings, for Jesus Christ, my sweet children and my hubby. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

I cant even believe how grown up and handsome this boy is.. and a good boy to boot!!

So dang pretty!

This little stinker cracks me up! And she looks so much older all of a sudden :(


We had a really fun night on Saturday coloring eggs! The colors this year were so bright I was in love with the colors! The kids did a great job and we decided to go old school with our decorating and used the shrink wraps and just dye.. it was a blast!
We had to be up early this morning so we could find baskets and have fun before Rich had to leave for church meetings. So we were all up at 5:45, the kids took off to find their baskets and surprisingly they all found them fairly quickly, Maddie had the hardest time but she found it! Malia was pretty quiet while all the craziness was going on but she was pretty dang excited about the candy!
All these pics are out of order... o well!

Kadens new lids aka shoes if your like me and had no idea that was the new slang for SHOES!
It was a Tangled morning for the girls..

And Maddie got her long awaited Ipod touch.. there was a lot of jumping and squeeling and she said she almost cried lol!

This was before we let them go hunt.. it was so dang sweet, they were so excited the love and anticipation was huge!

She wanted to wear her "tangled hair" to church.. not yet my dear!

So a way fun morning!!

Kadens meet

Kaden had a track meet and it was a home meet but I missed his first two events the 400 and the hurdles again. Rich saw his hurdles and he did great he got either 2nd or 3rd but they came right after the 400, he litterally had to run across the track so he didnt miss the hurdles so he was tired! In the 400 he got second but only second to an awesome 8th grader that keeps breaking school records!

I made it there in time to see his 200. We were so excited and ready at the finish line to cheer him on. When he rounded the corner it was close but he was ahead and then he just kept getting a bigger and bigger lead! It was so awesome! By the time they all crossed the finish he had a 2.8 second lead on the next boy!! That is pretty dang impressive for a fast race!

It is so fun watching him succeed in something that totally depends on just him, I think its been really great for him. And there was no passing out of tripping this time woohoo!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So my darling husband whom I love very much shouted quietly at me last night that a goose was in our pond!! I ran over to the window and looked out into the pond and see two mallards.. 1 female 1 male and I was so dang excited! I then turned and looked at him and said hun those are ducks!! He said Oh did I call them geese? LMBO!!
I had to hurry and grab my camera but I didnt dare go outside so I had to use my zoom/crap lens and had to shoot through the window. After getting a few pics I decided to go around the front and sneak back but they were already leaving the pond and of course heard me as I approached around the side. I hope they come back, the male was gorgeous.. his head was such a beautiful green I am just dying that I couldnt be closer!
Made for a fun evening!

After our goldfish??

Because she can

Yesterday Malia told me that I make her heart smile...
You make mine smile to my love!