Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kadens meet

Kaden had a track meet and it was a home meet but I missed his first two events the 400 and the hurdles again. Rich saw his hurdles and he did great he got either 2nd or 3rd but they came right after the 400, he litterally had to run across the track so he didnt miss the hurdles so he was tired! In the 400 he got second but only second to an awesome 8th grader that keeps breaking school records!

I made it there in time to see his 200. We were so excited and ready at the finish line to cheer him on. When he rounded the corner it was close but he was ahead and then he just kept getting a bigger and bigger lead! It was so awesome! By the time they all crossed the finish he had a 2.8 second lead on the next boy!! That is pretty dang impressive for a fast race!

It is so fun watching him succeed in something that totally depends on just him, I think its been really great for him. And there was no passing out of tripping this time woohoo!


Elizabeth said...

Yeah for Kaden! Sorry I missed it too!Glad he has had a great time in track this year!