Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kids got some wheels!

Kaden had an away meet today and I took the girls so we could watch! I made it in time to watch all 3 of his avents!

His first was the 400 again and he did really well, had 2nd until the last second and lost steam and ended up in 3rd but hey thats still really great!

He imediately headed over to the hurdles, Im not kidding they were RIGHT after the 400 and he was so tired, at the first hurdle he was first, it was so awesome I couldnt believe how high he jumped and I was talking to Rich on the phone and then all of a sudden he just stopped and knocked over the next hurdle.. he was just out of gas but he started back up and still didnt get last so that goes to show ya that he could have done really well if he hadnt stopped lol!

And in the 200 he rocked, he only had a fast break so I was worried he was still gonna be pooped but he ROCKED IT!! I love watching the photos and see how with each frame he pulls further away! So fun! Track is quickly becoming my favorite sport of his!

This is his last week though, districts is on Saturday and Ill be at a convention with Maddie but Rich will be there with him!

His shoe was untied again

Right after his races he had his friends coming up to him and us moms snapped some pics.. hes gonna kill me for getting his running hair in a pic hehe