Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Tourney Weekend

Kaden had another tourney this last weekend. The first day did not go well. They lost their 2 games and we got sent home awaiting news for the next day.. the when and the wheres. However suckie the day was for the team we couldnt be more proud of Kaden. He was moved to a couple different positions where things werent being taken care of and he did it without complaint. He is such a team player and I am so impressed with how well he can adjust and play different positions! He had great hits and ended up scoring every time he was at bat. He also got two outs while playing 2nd base and 1 in the outfield!
Late Saturday we found out we had to be in Castle Rock at 8 in the morning. We werent sure if it would be worth waking up the girls and going out that early just for the boys to loose and us get sent home again. But when we woke up the girls were already up and we decided to just make a fun day of it no matter what happened. Well the boys ended up ROCKING the 2nd day! We started at the bottom and the first team we played was the #1 and we beat them! Then we were surprised again to win again! That meant a 3rd game. They ended up loosing that game in the very last 3 minutes. We had been up and winning and then a few mistakes were made and their team caught up and then beat us and we were then out of time and didnt have another chance at bat to win. The boys were all heart broken but all of us parents were so amazed at the turn around they had made that we were just so dang proud of them!
The girls were awesome. It was pretty descent weather thank goodness.. other than the wind!
We have another Saturday tourney this Saturday and then again the next.. so Im sure I will be complaining soon enough but for now Im just so dang proud of Kaden for juggling so much right now. He has good grades he had baseball and track and he has had an amazing attitude! We are super lucky to have him in this house and after talking to a couple of his friends this weekend I see that they feel lucky to have him and his good example in theirs.. proud mom!!

Look in the field.. the boy did a summersault lol

I think Maddie might have eater her lbs back this weekend that she lost while she was sick.. LOTS of snacking!

Maddie was our team cheerleader! Every time our boys started messing up the other moms would have her start again and sure enough they would do something awesome again!


alison said...

The girls need some poms and a megaphone. :)