Thursday, April 14, 2011

Track meet

Kaden had another track meet yesterday. Unfortunately they always start when I have to take Maddie to dance :( BUT thanks to Lizzie (thank you so much!) I got pics of Kadens 400 meter and video of the finish!! Kaden has always been pretty fast but we have noticed especially in the last couple of years that when it comes to distance the boy has serious stamina! He isnt the fastest off the line but if you give him a minute hes gonna be right there! Last week he came in last and hated the 400 but we told him to try it again and he came in 2nd!! Unfortunately his shoe laces had come untied and he was exhausted and the end and right after he crossed the finish line he had pitched forward and had a bit of a tumble. He was pretty shaken up and really hated hearing the ooooo from the crowd, but he jumped up! He is all bruised up and his mental took a hit. He skipped his hurdles that came after but decided to do his 200 so while he was walking to the start the race started without him.. we did not hear the warning dang it! So next week! We are really proud of him, I love seeing him succeed!


Elizabeth said...

K you were supposed to EDIT the sound!! There was some lame commentator on that YouTube video!! :)
He did do great! He had some great strides!!! Next week I hope you get to see him.

tamiz said...

That was an awesome race! Even more awesome than the wipe out is the WaVeY lines they painted on the track. Hilarious!