Sunday, April 24, 2011

So Lucky

Ok are they not the cutest siblings ever! I wont go into the stress of finding Easter dresses, nope I wont mention getting sent the wrong size just days before and then really having not a whole lot of options... nope! But really it all worked out and they looked so stinking cute this morning for church! After the candy high this morning we rushed to get ready for church and I realized I better hurry and get a few shots of them! It was cold.. can you tell lol!

I feel so lucky and blessed to have the knowledge of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and that because of him I will also be able to be with my family once again after this life. I felt very in tune this morning to this knowledge. I think I was a little emotional from just knowing it would be my last Sunday with this ward family but I felt the Spirit today and I needed that.

After getting home from church we had a small lunch and naps/play. Then I warmed up my Mimis dinner that we got last night and had a really nice dinner (this is so the way to go from now on!)

And then we had CRUMBS for destert woot woot! SOOO YUMMY!
We have had a really really nice day and I am so thankful for my blessings, for Jesus Christ, my sweet children and my hubby. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

I cant even believe how grown up and handsome this boy is.. and a good boy to boot!!

So dang pretty!

This little stinker cracks me up! And she looks so much older all of a sudden :(


Melissa said...

Very jealous about that Crumbs dessert. LOL

Sharon said...

Oh goodness these are precious! Yes, VERY gorgeous family!

Elizabeth said...

Those are great pics! I have to say..I held Malia on my lap during singing time at a sunbeam teacher I try not to have them on laps, but I just couldn't resist! I am gonna miss that little Sweetie in my class!!!