Tuesday, April 12, 2011

She had WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

What a long month its been for poor Maddie. First she had a horrible virus/sinus infection/cough thing going on and just when she gets over that she gets sick again. Last Wednesday she woke up in the middle of the night not feeling good but didnt tell us until morning when we found her on the floor crying in pain from going potty. She had blood in her urine along with what looked like chunks of tissue (sorry) so I right away made an apt with the doctor. She was also having some weird vision stuff, felt dizzy and her stomach was hurting. They tested her urine and determined she had a UTI and sent us with a prescription. We went right there and walked around waiting for them to fill the prescription and she was feeling like she was going to vomit so we ran to the bathroom but she spewed right in front of the door.. oops! I cleaned that up while she threw up in the toilet... did I mention what a trooper she is!! So we decided to go wait the rest of it out in the car. She continued to get sicker and sicker and sicker. She had horrible pain in her side and kept throwing up and just when we would feel like it was getting better it would start again. So I took her to urgent care on Friday. They thought all the combined symptoms were weird thought she might have strep because her throat looked icky and her blood still had blood and protein in it. The strep test was - and they wanted to wait for further urine tests before they did anything else, so we got sent home to wait it out since they thought it was probably still the UTI causing everything plus maybe a virus on top of it all.

Well I never got another phone call from either our doc or Childrens so I figured she was on the right meds.

Sunday she seemed a lot better, she was able to play with the kids a little bit more and was even eating a bit more! So we were on the right track. Monday she felt even better and right before I was leaving to take her to school her doc called to see how she was and let me know that she had tested positive for E Coli... UMMM scuze me! At first I was like huh I must misunderstand what that is because thats a big freaking deal right! The doc said since she was seeming a lot better we would just continue the meds she was on. I just cant believe that her poor body was fighting that off and no wonder none of her symptoms made sense all together! I feel like we are very very lucky that it wasnt even worse, Ive heard horrible stories. Im thinking she was maybe lucky that she was already on good meds and that might have been already fighting the E Coli?? Really all I know is that she lost just over 5 lbs and shes a tiny girl to start with, I for 2 days had to carry her to the bathroom and to bed and to bath because she literally didnt have the strength to walk. I was one scared momma and I am so dang happy that she is feeling so much better and has been able to go back to school and dance. She is so afraid that tomorrow she is going to wake up sick since the last 3 Weds have been her beginning sick days!

I sure love this girl and we were so proud of her for how hard she fought to be happy and was willing herself to be happy. I think the docs maybe didnt take it as serious because when we saw them she was smiling and trying so hard to be healthy!

Love you Madness thanks so much for being our girl and we are so lucky to have you!!

While she was sick she decided a foot massage would make her better.. Malia followed suit!

And now you can see some normal color back in her eyes and face.. she looked kinda yellow for a couple days, it was kinda creepy!
So dang happy to see a real smile back on that cute little face!
And here are a few of Malia from today just cuz shes so dang cute.. and she has been suck a sweetie while Maddie has been sick. Shes been super easy no trouble no crying just a good happy girl!


Melissa said...

So, so glad she's feeling better. That sounds just awful!

chanel said...

oh my goodness! sooo sad!!!! im glad she's better! our baby just went through the same thing and it is VERY SCARY!!!! Especially when they're so little and lethargic like that. maddie is one tough chic!

alison said...

That is so scary!!! I am glad that she was on meds and getting better while the lab-work took its time coming back. What a strong girl!

Teresa said...

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jamie @ kreyv said...

That is so sad. Nothing worse than having to watch your kids be sick. I'm glad you guys figured it out and that she feels better.

tamiz said...

Wow, you'll have to thank Teresa for such great advice. She must be your new best friend! HA So glad Madness is back on track! It always takes having a sick kid or getting sick myself for me to remember to be grateful for the times we are healthy.