Sunday, April 24, 2011


We had a really fun night on Saturday coloring eggs! The colors this year were so bright I was in love with the colors! The kids did a great job and we decided to go old school with our decorating and used the shrink wraps and just dye.. it was a blast!
We had to be up early this morning so we could find baskets and have fun before Rich had to leave for church meetings. So we were all up at 5:45, the kids took off to find their baskets and surprisingly they all found them fairly quickly, Maddie had the hardest time but she found it! Malia was pretty quiet while all the craziness was going on but she was pretty dang excited about the candy!
All these pics are out of order... o well!

Kadens new lids aka shoes if your like me and had no idea that was the new slang for SHOES!
It was a Tangled morning for the girls..

And Maddie got her long awaited Ipod touch.. there was a lot of jumping and squeeling and she said she almost cried lol!

This was before we let them go hunt.. it was so dang sweet, they were so excited the love and anticipation was huge!

She wanted to wear her "tangled hair" to church.. not yet my dear!

So a way fun morning!!


Elizabeth said...

Glad you all had a happy easter! I had no idea for the new slang of shoes either! Love the bright colored eggs! Wish we could have gotten them like that too! Ours were more pastel :)