Saturday, January 31, 2009

Skater boyees and girlz

The kids all had a blast playing outside for most of the day today, it was pretty nice weather. Malia and I joined Kaden and Maddie for awhile and it cracks me up that Malia is a little nervous about walking around on that dang gross dead lawn and the side walk, I had to pull her along to see that it was ok. She was loving Kadens hat and Maddies Dora bike.
Kaden and Maddie were both pulling some impressive tricks on the skate board. I was shocked to see Maddie actually pull off a pretty good ollie.
I love when they can go outside and get out some of the cooped up energy! It was to sweet seeing Malia reaching up to Kadens hand and pulling him around, they are quite smitten with each other.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Same as......

**So any of you readers that may think of me as umm innocent (Hey it could happen!) just go ahead and skip this post!

So tonight as we gathered for prayer we had been talking to Kaden about a very obnoxious boy and his mother... well Rich and I had some fun banter going back and forth and I flipped him off yes I did it I admit it.. anyways, it was my turn to say the prayer and I said umm I dont think I should say it I just flipped the bird to which Kaden said "O thats the same as cutting cheese right?" OH my gosh we started cracking up and asked him WHAT?? He said ya I heard in Science (in school) that flipping the bird is the same as cutting cheese LOLOL so we explained to him NO that is not the same. Rich then followed up by letting him know we had to tell him so he didnt live the rest of his life announcing he had just flipped the bird when in fact he had just cut the cheese! LOL thats freaking funny!

So sorry for the crude humor but I had to remember that! But I am following up with the promised video of Malia jumping on the trampoline.. its not the one of her laughing and jumping cuz blogger is being a pain but she was having a blast still!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Malia has been saying oooo when talking to herself a lot lately and I always say O snap, so I have started to say that to her the last couple of days when she is in a middle of an oooo session and she has started to say it back. Its really cute she'll say OO nap! And then carry on with nap nap nap! Speaking of naps, Malia is kinda over the whole sippy/bottle thing and today didnt lay on my lap to have her milk. (Usually she has I feed her her milk before each nap and bed time). Makes me very sad that she is already over it, I only got less than 4 months but I am grateful for the time I did get to spend feeding her a bottle and the bonding we had during that time, and maybe its not completely over yet! She already seems to be growing up so fast so I will just not push anything to fast with her, being that she hasnt been here to long and she is our baby and most likely our last baby. So OH SNAP shes growing up to fast!
In these photos Maddie was sharing her glasses with Malia and they were just busting up. Ive put a pair of mine on Malia before and she just thinks its the funniest thing to have them on. I was busting up watching them, they are so cute together.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My littles Update

Goodness isnt she gorgeous! I thought I should give a Malia update I dont know that Ive done that for a few Sundays. Malia is doing awesome. She is over her cold, thank goodness! Im so happy to have her happy again, after almost 2 weeks of a sad cranky baby you almost forget how sweet and fun they are. Shes back to dancing and learning new words. Her new fav is kisses, and she is giving them so much more now too. If you say give me a kiss, she will think about it and either look and you smile and walk away or get her fish lips ready and pucker up and kiss walk away come back kiss walk away.. usually in 3's. I LOVE it!! She is also using pretty more and up which sounds like bup. Kaden and Maddie are eagerly waiting for her to call them by name or at least try but she just looks at them like huh?? To hard people!
Malia has loved the nice weather we have had and Ive been getting her outside. On Saturday it wasnt super warm but it was nice enough for her to join the kids for about 15 minutes of jumping fun. When I first took her out and put her on the very dead lawn she didnt want to move and just kept looking down like how do I walk on this crap! So I had to pick her up. Then she was jumping with Kaden and was just cracking up and loving it (I will try to post video tomorrow). She is so easy going and loves to try new things.
Now since being sick she has decided to not like her car seat, she will fuss for about the first 5 minutes of being in there and then forgets or something and will sit and chat and play, Im hoping she gets over this quickly!!
We are getting pretty close to her being here for 4 months and I cant believe its only been that long. She is such a part of our family that it just seems weird to think that its only been that long. As she was sleeping on me the other day (my favorite part of the day) I just sat in amazement that not that long ago she was clear across the other side of the world and had no clue who we were. This girl is amazing, she gets everyone around her to smile and can charm the pants off of you. Even little kids just seem to want to be around her and will tell me how cute she is. I havent found a good response to this... maybe a little help. With Kaden and Maddie if I was told they were cute I was like yaaa and they are mine I made them... with Malia she is mine but I sure didnt have anything to do with her gorgeous eyes or those stunning lips, so I just say I know!! Like woohoo I know isnt she a stunner! I guess I should just say thank you right! LOL Really I dont want to brag... but I will, the girl is just so stinking cute. Our social worker kept saying over and over how pretty she was in a surprised voice (she has adopted herself) but she wanted us to know how pretty she is too it seemed. I promise we do. Im just so thankful that her personality is just as pretty and sweet (so far) I am weary of the up coming terrible 2's.
Anyways here are some pics from today and yesterday!

BTW I titled it my littles because her nickname for whatever reason is littles. That just what I call her sometimes.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Out of the mouth of.... my little turds!

I wanted to share a couple things the kids said this week that had me bust up laughing... they often say funny things but I want to try to remember some of them so I might have to start blogging more about my little smart mouths!
I am not a great cook, I have a few things that I make that are awesome but for the most part freezer meals and hot dogs are my dinner friends.... so Tuesday I made Alfredo with Chicken (really easy but really yummy) all 3 kids ate it up and when Kaden was washing his bowl he thanked me again for the yummy meal and then added "did you make it?" LOL uhh ya you turd I did! HAHA!!! I thought it was funny!

He actually really didnt mean the comment rude but still it was funny! Anyways he is such a sweet boy. Every morning he gets his chores done quick or pretends to so that he can play with Malia. He just adores her and when he saw her black eye he started getting all teary and concerned for her.. so sweet! I love that he is so funny and such a big help!

Maddies jewel of a comment happened yesterday while we were sitting eating lunch. (She will kill me for this when shes older) While we were eating she had a very long fart that sounded like a cow mooing and we both laughed, Maddie is pretty proud of her farts which Im thankful for (I dont want her to always be so embarrassed by natural things) anyways because she thought it was so awesome it looked like she was trying again so I said Maddie please dont do it again while we are eating then I put another bite in my mouth when she said "I didnt fart it was my BUTT!" So my food went flying out of my mouth because I started laughing so hard. She just said it so matter of factly I just couldnt stop laughing. Maddie is always there to get us laughing.

And never to shy to strike a pose. I love the confidence that Maddie has, I sure hope she keeps it. I would have given anything to be as confident as her, I hope Im able to build and help it grow! Shes so sassy and fun!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whats that??

Well follow the sequence of events.....
Getting stuck in the stools...
Again in the stools... this went on all day
Really mad that I keep walking her away from the stools... UNTIL
BAM! Just when I thought she was done she found them again and tipped one over on her and now she has a black eye.
She cried for a few minutes mostly because I was putting ice on it, but then she was fine. Shes had a hard week with getting blood drawn yesterday, trying to get over a cold with her nose still running and running, and now shes got a black eye. Heres to hoping all is better tomorrow and I can just have a happy little girl with no more bumps and bruises. Makes me so sad to see her poor little face. OUCH! BTW I will be trying to figure out a way to make the stools safer but not much I can do other than try to keep her distracted... hopefully lesson will be learned!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swinging at the Park

It was perfect weather today and Malia is feeling so much better so we went to the park for the first time with her and she had an absolute blast on the swings!

Maddie was chillin and watching Malia
weee down the slides with Mom and Maddie

getting to run around and explore and she loved it
playing with photo shop... Maddie is so brave and climbs and will pose everywhere
She just kept laughing and kicking her feet, I just loved watching her have so much fun.
More braveness
Watching Maddie

It was perfect beautiful weather and I kept thinking holy moly its January! Makes me want Spring here FAST!! I even got my car all clean in and out... so guess it will snow again. I know Malia will be an outdoors girl, she had a blast running around and LOVED the swing. Guess its time to get a new swing set!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Free-dom at the zoo

This morning Tami called and asked if we wanted to go to the zoo since the kids were out of school for Martin Luther King day. I said ummm sure! I knew the kids would be super excited so we got ready and headed out. Well I dont think either of us realized that just about everyone from Denver thought it was a good idea too and also it was a free day which made it extra enticing, sooo ya LOTS and lots of people at the zoo today. The weather was beautiful we all walked around with no sweaters or coats and followed the kids around while they enjoyed some animals. I told Tami that going to the zoo is just like working out... you hate doing it until after and then your glad you did. As a plus we walked a ton especially since we had to park so far away so neither of us have to work out today! HA!! I snapped a few fun photos and played with them the top is my FAVORITE when we would stop to let the older kids go look at the animals we would stand back side by side and Jude and Malia would reach out to each other... isnt that the sweetest photo! LOVE IT!

Gotta love good friends

Eating some lunch

Her sassy face that keeps reappearing!

And I have to brag about how sweet Kaden is when hes watching out for Maddie he is always so concerned for her and gets actually pretty stressed out if he thinks she is going to get hurt or get lost so he keeps his eyes and hands on her. I love how she is holding on to him!

Heres the rest of the photos... we got to see 2 bears playing around and smacking each other, it was cute.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Gift

Rich told me a couple weeks ago that he got me something really awesome for our anniversary... well Im not so good with surprises so I teased him into believing I figured it out....which I kinda did until he told me what it was! HA I know Im a butt but I hate surprises even though this one was AWESOME!
He had collaborated with my sis and was flying her in so we could go to a show and have a fun girls weekend! So she got here on Friday and we went to The Color Purple at the Buell that night. It was... different, fun, unexpected, but we both had no idea what it was really about and there were some surprises lol Becki was thinking he had bought tickets to Purple Rain with Prince lol so it wasnt that !!!!
Then Saturday we went and saw Bride Wars and that was way cute and we had a blast and then had some Red Robin!
We did some shopping and a lot of laughing and got her re-hooked on the guitar hero! She is at medium now and is about to take us all over and kick our butts!
Unfortunately Malia was still feeling pretty crappy so there wasnt a whole lot of fun time with her but she is feeling better today, thank goodness. We also went to Kadens bball game and had a very intense game that included some very handsy boys and some really bad calls from the ref that really ended up costing us the game by 1 point GRRR but it was a fun one to watch.
So a huge thanks to Rich for being so thoughtful and bringing out Becki! I just love my sis and dont know what I would do without her... also thanks to Randy for going along with it and to Becki thanks so much sis I love you so much and always have the best time with you! I love getting together and talking about the old days, your the best!

Malia, feeling sassy on Friday right before our social worker came for our 3 month PP.
Reading some mags with Aunt Becki

I LOVE this pic... Becki your eyes are so blue Im so jealous!

And heres the rest!