Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yes can you see those curls!! OMGosh I had the best time with her hair today.. Maddie and I were just cracking up with each added curl. And yes she sat there for about 10 minutes while I curled and sprayed and curled and sprayed. I am very lucky to have 2 girls who enjoy some hair time with mom! She got a lot of compliments today in church about her hair, I dont know how often I will do it but I love it and will try to do it at least once a week I think!
Malia has been home with us for 3 months. I cant believe how quickly the time is flying by. We have our 3 month post placement apt on Friday so Ive got some work to do getting some stuff ready for the social worker. I also need to get my butt in gear with some paper work that needs to go to the agency for finalization but every time I sit down to fill it out I get so overwhelmed... not sure why. So my goal for the week is to FINISH that paper work and make phone calls on the stuff I dont understand! But we are 1/2 way to having this sweet girl legally ours!
She has added some new words this week that I want to jot down.. shoes (of course right!) whatever, no touch (I swear clear as day), and started saying no no in a very sweet voice but not appropriately (I dont tell her no very often mostly no touching) pretty and dizzy. I love her voice, she uses tones to copy the words she cant say well so it sounds just like I say it.. to cute!
We have a fun week ahead of us.. so stay tuned for some fun oldie but goodie photos!


Alison said...

when k was that age i used sponge rollers early in the morning and then by the time we left for church her hair would be dry and curly.

i have faith in you that you can finish the paperwork!

Erica said...

I just loved those curls when I saw them!! She looked so cute. I am still amazed that she sat still that long for you to curl her head with a curling iron. What a good little girl!!

Good luck with all the paperwork. I can't believe you are half way to having that little Malia sealed to your family!!

Jolayne said...

Her hair WAS pretty adorable.

Kristen has been getting her hair "done" from the get-go, so it is no big deal for her now.

Brigit said...

When I saw her at church I about died. She looked adorable!!!