Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Photo Goal

I have quite a few blogger friends taking the 365 day photo challenge... which is posting at least 1 photo a day. One of the goals I have for myself this year is to take at least 1 photo I love each week but if I get more than yaaa! I know posting every day will be setting me up for failure so I wont say every day but at least 1 I love every week.
I love this photo. Rich yelled down to me the other day and said bring the camera... I ran up and saw this! The kids were cracking up and Malia was just having the best time. It was funny because the day before at the store a very sweet older lady was playing with Malia in line at a store and told her O you just dont have very much hair.. but we'll keep ya! I thought WHAT she has a ton of hair crazy lady! If she could only see this photo LOL cuz girlfriend that is some serious hair!


Becki said...

She has a ton of hair ... maybe the lady couldn't see well!! Poor baby with all of the pokes, I can't believe that she said "oh crap" but then didn't say why. Maybe you should've just kicked her and said "oh crap" and acted like nothing happened!!! LOL